Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
You will receive a certain amount of Coins per task, depending on how many tasks you have completed.
Starting Point:


These tasks are designed to be done in a linear order along with the game tutorial, however you can turn the tutorial off and do them in any order.

# Task Description Notes
1 Drive Back The Trolls Stop the trolls attacking through the tunnel!
2 Bring Him Down Defeat the troll general with Ozan.
3 We're Done Here Ozan wants to talk to you.
4 Fire In The Troll! Fire the cannon on the roof of Burthorpe castle to block of the troll attack.
5 Take Your Pick Get a bronze pickaxe so that you can make metal armour and weapons.
6 Fine, Fine Axe Put the bronze pickaxe in your tool belt to save inventory space.
7 Are You In Rubble? Somewhere in the mine you can hear someone calling for help!
8 Jack Of Some Trades Put a hammer, chisel and needle in your tool belt so you can work with metal and leather.
9 Arm The Militia Help Isold the militiaman get geared up for war.
10 A Farmer In The Making Put a rake, dibber and spade in your toolbelt so you can plant crops.
11 Dibs On The First Batch Plant some potato seeds so they grow into potatoes.
12 The Circle Of Life Put weeds in the compost bin.
13 Two In The Bush Hunt a crimson swift for its delicious meat.
14 Fisherman's Friends Put a fishing rod and crayfish cage in your tool belt so you can catch fish.
15 Feed The Refugees Bring four pieces of cooked food to the refugees.
16 A Pocket Or Two Pickpocket a pompous merchant to put his money to better use.
17 Bank On It Talk to a banker in Taverley's bank and deposit some stuff to save space.
18 The Red Mist Descends Get a Slayer assignment so you can learn to slay bizarre monsters.
19 These Aren't Oven Gloves Wear spiked gauntlets so you can slay the abominations.
20 A New Threat Explore the enchanted cave and find out where the creatures are coming from.
21 No Stone Unturned Search for the source of the gelatinous abominations.
22 Mission Complete! Speak to Ariane now that the shaman is defeated.
23 All Fell Down Complete a Slayer assignment to improve your monster slaying abilities.
24 Pocket Wolf Make a spirit wolf pouch so you can summon a creature to aid you.
25 Heel, Boy Summon a spirit wolf to aid you in combat.
26 Spiritual Healing Recharge your summoning points at an obelisk.
27 Like A House On Fire Making a daring rescue from the burning house in Burthorpe.
28 One Thing After Another Talk to the distressed mother by the lake to find out what's wrong.
29 My Axe Is My Buddy Put a hatchet, knife and tinderbox in your toolbelt so you can work with wood.
30 On The Straight And Arrow Fletch a stack of bronze arrows.
31 Super Tuber Harvest potatoes from a farming patch.
32 Problem, Officer? Talk to Corporal Keymans about the baby troll.
33 Raising The Stokes Add a log to a fire for additional firemaking XP.
34 Bows Are For Violence Fletch a shortbow so you can use it to fire arrows.
35 Out Of Water Rescue Sophie from drowning in the lake.
36 Guam Fly With Me Clean some guam so you can make potions with it.
37 A Fresh Batch Brew an attack potion to increase your combat abilities.
38 Bottoms Up Drink a dose of attack potion.
39 Hammer The Anvil Defeat the troll berserker with Sir Owen.
40 Wicked! Get a wicked hood to help you with Runecrafting.
41 Lapping It Up Complete a lap of the Burthorpe Agility Course.
42 Make Them Feel Special Use a weapon's special attack in combat.
43 Arise, Hero Receive a reward for your heroic deeds.
44 Heimward Bound Teleport to Daemonheim with a Ring of Kinship.
45 Party On, Dudes Form a Dungeoneeering party.
46 Raiders Of The Frost Dark Raid the floors of Daemonheim.
47 Unreal Estate, Man Buy a house of your own.
48 Room To Manoeuvre Build a room in your house (such as a parlour).
49 About To Drop The Hammer Build an item of furniture in your house (such as a crude chair for the parlour).
50 Mind Out Of Manner Bind a mine rune at the Mind Altar.
51 Walking In The Air Altar Locate and enter the Air Altar.
52 There's No Place Like Burthorpe Use your Home Teleport spell to get back to Burthorpe.
53 Let Them Eat Pie Complete the Let Them Eat Pie quest.
54 Druidic Ritual Complete the quest.
55 Death Plateau Complete the Death Plateau quest.

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