Skill Levels Required:
Easy Tasks:
15 Fishing and 16 Thieving.

Medium Tasks:
39 Agility, 47 Farming, 50 Firemaking, 3 Fishing, 51 Magic, 46 Mining, 21 Ranged, 38 Strength, and 38 Thieving.

Hard Tasks:
57 Agility, 57 Farming, 59 Hunter, 71 Magic, 59 Slayer, and 65 Thieving.

Elite Tasks:
81 Fishing, 69 Fletching, 75 Runecrafting, 91 Smithing, 93 Summoning, and 82 Thieving.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Easy Tasks:
Unlimited teleports to the monastery south of Ardougne (East), better chance at successful thieving in Ardougne, twice as many Death runes when trading a cat to a citizen in Ardougne (West), more drops in the Tower Of Life will become noted, 10% boost of Prayer on entry to Castle Wars, and 1,000 experience lamp.
Item Image Bonuses
Ardougne cloak 1 Ardougne cloak 1 Armour Bonus: 4
Critical Bonuses: 1.1%
Prayer Bonus: 2

Medium Tasks:
Teleport to Ardougne (East) Farm once per day, better chance at successful pickpocket in Ardougne (East), better chance at getting more runes at Ourania Altar, even more of the drops from the Tower of Life will be noted, 100 Pure essence per day from Wizard Cromperty, 10 second immunity from attack once teleporting to the Wilderness from the Ardougne Lever, toggle Ring of Life teleport to Ardougne, and 7,500 experience lamp. It as well gives all the benefits of Ardougne cloak 1.
Item Image Bonuses
Ardougne cloak 2 Ardougne cloak 2 Armour Bonus: 8
Critical Bonuses: 1.3%
Prayer Bonus: 3

Hard Tasks:
Better chance at stealing and pickpocketing anywhere in RuneScape, magical traps on chests will teleport the player to Ardougne's North Bank instead of a random location, even more drops from the creatures in the Tower of Life will be noted, ability to toggle the Watchtower Teleport to inside Yanille, Wizard Cromperty will give you 150 noted Pure essence per day, and a 28,000 experience lamp. It as well gives all the benefits of Ardougne cloak 2.
Item Image Bonuses
Ardougne cloak 3 Ardougne cloak 3 Armour Bonus: 11
Critical Bonuses: 1.5%
Prayer Bonus: 4

Elite Tasks:
Unlimited teleports to the Farming patch north of Ardougne and 4x 50,000 Experience lamps. It as well gives all the benefits of Ardougne cloak 3
Item Image Bonuses
Ardougne cloak 4 Ardougne cloak 4 Armour Bonus: 16
Critical Bonuses: 1.9%
Prayer Bonus: 4
Starting Point:
Speak to Doctor Orbon in the East Ardougne Church, Ardougne's Town crier in the East Ardougne marketplace, or Aleck in Yanille.


Easy Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs.
1 The Essence of Magic Have Wizard Cromperty teleport you to the essence mine. Speak to Wizard Cromperty in the house northeast of the market and ask him to teleport you to the essence mine. Rune Mysteries None
2 Yoink! Attempt to steal from any stall in Ardougne Market, or from any guard. Just click on a "steal-from" stall or pickpocket a Guard. Even if you fail you still get the achievement. None 5 Thieving
3 Silky Smooth Sell silk to the silk trader in Ardougne for 60gp. Talk to the silk trader about selling Silk. Select the option of selling at 120 gp and proceed. If you stole silk from his stall, you'll have to wait for a while or he orders his guards to attack. None None
4 Preaching to the Infected Use the altar in West Ardougne's Church. Just pray at the altar in West Ardougne. Plague City None
5 Playing the Waiting Game Enter the Castle Wars waiting room. Go to Castle Wars. Recommended to teleport there with Ring of dueling, or hot air balloon. Enter the waiting room by going inside a game. None None
6 Gone Fishing Go out fishing on the fishing trawler. Go to Port Khazard and do The Fishing Trawler minigame. You will need a team of people. None 15 Fishing
7 Boot Camp Enter the Combat Training Camp north of Ardougne. Go to the Combat Training Camp and enter it. Biohazard None
8 A Cat is For Life... Talk to a civilian in West Ardougne about selling a cat. Go to West Ardougne and talk to a civilian about a cat, whilst having a Pet cat in your inventory. You don't need to sell it to complete achievement; you just have to talk to them. Gertrude's Cat
Plague City
9 Creator and Destroyer Kill a unicow in the Tower Of Life. Go to the Tower of life located to the southeast of East Ardougne, and kill a Unicow. To make one, you need a Cowhide and a Unicorn horn. Use them all on the Symbol of Life in the northwestern part of the dungeon in the Tower. Tower of Life None
10 Red Revolution Get a civilian to throw a tomato at the army recruiter in West Ardougne. Just talk to the Recuiter. The people will throw tomatoes at him. Plague City None
11 Going on a Summer Holiday Sail from East Ardougne to Karamja. Get a boat from the East Ardougne docks (need 30 gp or Ring of Charos (a) to go for free) and go to Karamja. None None
12 Breaking and Entering Attempt to picklock a certain door east of the gem stall in Ardougne's marketplace. The building is next to the gem stall. Right-click it and choose "pick-lock door". None 16 Thieving
13 P-P-P-Pick Up Some Prizes Spend some penguin points with Larry (or Chuck) at Ardougne Zoo. Just spend some penguin points with Larry (or Chuck the polar bear) for xp or coins. You need to have at least 1 Penguin Point by spying on penguins. None Talk to Larry in Ardougne Zoo
14 A Gift from Khazard Use the Summoning Obelisk to the east of the Fight Arena. Go to the Fight Arena and replenish your summoning points by using the obelisk. Wolf Whistle None
15 Party Pooper Pop a balloon in the monastery south of Ardougne. Go to the monastery located south of East Ardougne. Speak to Brother Omad to get balloons released, and pop a balloon. Monk's Friend None
16 Vial Deeds Buy a water-filled vial from the general store run by Aemad and Kortan. Go to the General Store in East Ardougne and buy a water-filled vial. You will need 10 gp. None None
17 Star Seeker Use the noticeboard near the Observatory to gather information about shooting stars. Teleport, or walk, to the Observatory and read the noticeboard. Recommended to bring a Ring of dueling for Castle Wars teleport, and go north. None None
18 Dukes of Khazard Kill something on the Khazard Battlefield. Go to the battlefield, which is south of West Ardougne, and kill either a gnome or a guard. None None
19 Don't Eat the Pointy Bit Buy a skewered kebab from the Poison Arrow pub. Go to the Poison Arrow Pub, located near the boat dock, and buy a Skewered kebab. You will need 25 gp. None None
20 Bargain Hunter View the Hunter Equipment in Aleck's shop in Yanille. Go to Yanille and trade Aleck in his shop to see the hunter equipment he is selling. None None
21 Are You Being Served? Talk to the Chief servant at the servants' guild to find out about servants for your house. Go to the servants HQ in Ardougne and talk to the chief servant. It is located to the north of the market. None None
22 No Time to Lose Use a ring of dueling to teleport to Castle Wars. Use a Ring of dueling and click on the option to teleport to Castle Wars. None None
23 They're Long and Pointy Talk to the Tindel Merchant about identifying swords. Go to Port Khazard and talk to the Tindel Merchant near The Fishing Trawler minigame. None None

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Medium Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs.
24 A Visit to Charlie Enter the unicorn pen in Ardougne Zoo using the fairy rings. Enter the Fairy Rings located anywhere to be taken to Zanaris, then enter the code B I S to be teleported to Ardougne Zoo. You must be wielding a Lunar staff or a Dramen staff. Must have at least started A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen. A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen None
25 I Wonder What This Does Teleport to the Wilderness using the lever in Ardougne. The Lever is located south of the Ardougne Rat Pits, just before the gates to West Ardougne. Pull the Lever and then pull it again to return back to safety. None None
26 Sandy's Secret Getaway Grapple over Yanille's south wall. Requires a Mithril grapple and a Crossbow. Use it on the spot of the wall that says "Grapple". None 39 Agility
21 Ranged
38 Strength
27 I Know a Shortcut Craft some runes at Ourania Altar. The Ourania Altar is located north of Castle Wars. The fastest way to get there is by using the Ourania Teleport on the Lunar Magic spellbook or by running from Castle Wars. Taking the long route will take you more time but is the safest route. Taking the short route will require Food and Armor due to the high level monsters. None A high combat level is recommended
28 Volatile Valuables Sell some rubium to Ezekial Lovecraft in Witchaven. Speak to Ezekial Lovecraft in the fishing store and offer to sell him some Rubium ore. If you do not have the Rubium, head over to Witchaven Dungeon located west of Witchaven. Enter the Opening in Wall and follow the path until you arrive at an entrance. Enter and go through the following door. Run along the track and enter the door and the doors following that and mine some Rubium Ore. Kennith's Concerns 46 Mining
29 What, a Melon? Pick watermelons from the farming patch north of Ardougne. Plant some Watermelons in the Farming Patch just north of the East Ardougne marketplace. Once they have fully grown, harvest them. None 47 Farming
30 Ardougne Express Cast the Ardougne Teleport Spell. Requires 2 Law runes and 2 Water runes. Plague City 51 Magic
31 Arriving in Style Travel to Castle Wars by hot-air balloon. Travel to Castle Wars from any Balloon location. Requires 1 Yew log. If you have not unlocked this route before, it will cost you 10 Yew logs. Read our Transportation Guide for more information on Balloon travel. Enlightened Journey 50 Firemaking
32 By the Bucketload Claim buckets of sand from Bert in Yanille. Speak to Bert in Yanille. Bert will deliver Buckets of sand into your bank. Hand in the Sand None
33 Meeting History, Again After Meeting History, return to the past and talk to Sarah about Herblore. Bank everything in your inventory and worn equipment and withdraw your Enchanted key used in the Meeting History quest. Head over the bridge just north of Ardougne market and south of the Fishing Guild. Rub the Key and travel to "Part B" and speak to Sarah who is in the back garden. Meeting History None
34 Fearless Fishing Catch a fish at the Fishing Platform using either a net or rod. Head east of East Ardougne to Witchaven and speak to Jeb or Holgart (only before the Slug Menace and after the Salt in the Wound. Ask him to take you to the Fishing Platform. Once there, either catch a fish with a Fishing rod or a Fishing net. Sea Slug 3 Fishing
35 Water Logged Cross the River Dougne using the log balance. Go to the northern East Ardougne bank and walk over the log shortcut. This is shown by a Shortcut sign on your minimap. None 33 Agility
36 Green Fingers Pickpocket the master farmer north of Ardougne. The Master farmer is located near the potato field north of East Ardougne. None 38 Thieving
37 A Natural Thief Attempt to steal a Nature rune from a chest in Ardougne. Enter the house east of the East Ardougne marketplace. You can enter the house by picking the lock on the door. Do not open the chest, but instead search it for traps to complete the task. None 28 Thieving
38 The Coal Train Mine some coal from the rocks east of Ardougne. The mine is located east of the East Ardougne marketplace. None 30 Mining
39 Are You Chicken? Kill a swordchick in the Tower of Life. Go to the Tower of Life located south of East Ardougne. Enter the dungeon and use a Raw swordfish and Raw chicken on the Symbol of Life located south of the ladder and proceed to kill the Swordchick. Tower of Life None

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Hard Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs.
40 Brace Yourself Recharge a bracelet of combat or a necklace of skills at the Legends' Guild. Go to the Legends' Guild and recharge a Combat bracelet or a Skills necklace by using it on the totem pole. Legends' Quest None
41 Shadow Boxing Kill a shadow warrior in the Legends' Guild basement. Go to the basement of the Legends' Guild and kill a Shadow warrior that resides down there. Legends' Quest None
42 Just Like That Enter the Wizard's Guild in Yanille. Go to Yanille and enter the Wizards' Guild. None 66 Magic
43 Nice View Use the portal in the Wizard's Guild to teleport to Thormac's tower. Go to the top floor of the Wizards' Guild and click on the west portal to teleport to Thormac's tower. None 66 Magic
44 You're the Dirty Rascal Be in the winning side of a game of Castle Wars. Just win a game of Castle Wars! None None
45 Ourania Mania Cast the Ourania Teleport Spell. Need to be using the Lunar spellbook and cast the teleport spell. You can talk to Baba Yaga to unlock the Ourania Teleport Spell. Lunar Diplomacy 71 Magic
46 Not on My Watch Pickpocket a Watchman in Yanille while wearing gloves of silence. Wear Gloves of silence and pickpocket a Yanille watchman. None 65 Thieving
54 Hunter
47 It Just Croaked Kill a frogeel in the Tower Of Life. Go to the Tower Of Life, make a Frogeel, then kill it. To make it, you need Giant frog legs and a Raw cave eel, and add them into the Symbol of Life. Tower of Life A high combat level is recommended
48 Get Your Stinking Hands Off Me Have a zookeeper put you in Ardougne Zoo's monkey cage. Equip your Monkey gree gree (Karamjan) and talk to the Moneky minder. He will put you in the cage. Monkey Madness None
49 Vine-detta Kill your own jade vine after the Back to my Roots quest. Just simply kill the jade vine. Back to my Roots 59 Slayer
50 Living on a Prayer Use the Air Guitar emote near the musician outside the monastery south of Ardougne. Go to the monastery and do the air guitar emote near the Musician there. None Unlock 500 music tracks
51 Who Wants to Watch the Watchtower? Cast the Watchtower Teleport spell. Requires 2 Law runes and 2 Earth runes. Watchtower 58 Magic
52 Monkey Business Cross the monkey bars in the Yanille Agility Dungeon. Go to the Yanille Agility Dungeon, located just north of Yanille, and cross the monkey bars there. None 57 Agility
53 It's My Newt Catch a red salamander from the Hunter area outside of Ourania Altar. Go to the Hunter area outside the Ourania Altar and catch a Red salamander. You need a Small fishing net and a Rope to catch these. None 59 Hunter
54 A Taste of the Exotic Pick a papaya or coconut from the fruit tree patch near Tree Gnome Village. Plant either a Papya tree seed or a Palm tree seed at the fruit tree patch near the Tree Gnome Village. Pick a fruit from it once it is grown. None 57 Farming
55 Blood Bank Withdrawal Attempt to steal blood runes from the chest in the chaos druid tower's dungeon. Use a Lockpick to open the door to the chaos druid tower and go to the dungeon and attempt to steal Blood runes. If you fail, you still have completed this. None 59 Thieving
56 Artillery Strike Use a catapult in Castle Wars after gaining the knowledge from the Catapult Construction quest. After you do the quest stated in the diary, use the catapult in Castle Wars using the skills you have learned. Catapult Construction None

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Elite Tasks:

To unlock the Elite tasks to do, you will need to have done the Easy, Medium, and Hard tasks first.

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs.
57 Catching Some Rays Catch a manta ray in the Fishing Trawler minigame. Go play The Fishing Trawler minigame, and hope to catch a Manta Ray. None 81 Fishing
58 Abyssal Valet Have an abyssal titan familiar hold essence for you, while runecrafting at Ourania Altar. Pretty straight forward. Have the titan out, and Runecraft at the altar, with the titan holding Essence. Wolf Whistle 93 Summoning
59 You Could Just Knock Attempt to picklock the door to the basement in the Yanille Agility Dungeon. Try to picklock the door. If you fail, you will still get it completed. None 82 Thieving
60 Honestly, It's Not a Purse Remove pure essence from a giant pouch at Ourania Altar. Have Pure essence in a Giant pouch at the altar, and then remove it. Rune Mysteries
Abyss miniquest
75 Runecrafting
61 Almost Made in Ardougne Make a rune crossbow yourself, from scratch, performing each step within either Witchaven or Yanille. From scratch means you will have to smith the Runite limbs, attach the stock, and attach the Sinew.
(Note: Tree roots will not complete this task).
None 91 Smithing
69 Fletching

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