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How to Get There

War’s Retreat is located in its own area of the world and currently is not visible on the World Map. The portal to reach this location can be found just North of the Draynor Village lodestone, next to the access to Death’s office. To enter the area, you will need to have at least level 60 Combat. To exit the area, you can either teleport away, leave through the exit portal (where you entered), or use a portal.



War’s Retreat offers several features that are key to making this PVM hub useful. These include: War himself, some Banks, a Bonfire, the Altar of War, several Portals, and a couple different Adrenaline gaining methods. See the sections below for more about each feature.



Just within the entrance of the retreat, you will find the big man himself, War. You can speak with him to learn about your battle status, to check out his shop, and to decant potions, flasks, or jellyfish.

Big Man


Within the Retreat, there are 2 bank chests. The first one is located North East of your entrance spot. The second chest is located East of the portals, with the combat dummies. These are full bank chests, permitting you to fully access your bank, costume room, and Diango’s storage as well as healing you when within range


Much like the bonfires in the Max Guild and Tower of Voices, this is an everlasting bonfire that can provide a Health boost of up to 5%. Unlike the afore mentioned fires though, this one cannot be used for Cooking food... well, most food. It is possible to cook a Raw chicken on the fire to create a Cooked chicken (sentient) for entertainment purposes.

This bonfire is also special in that you do not burn logs on it. In order to activate the boost, you simply need to warm your hands on it by interacting with it. Upgrades for the length of time your boost lasts can be obtained by purchasing them from War.

Let It Burn

Each successive unlock requires the previous unlock to have been purchased. As such, to purchase the Elder Campfire upgrade, you will need: 6,000 Marks of War, 1,000 logs from Oak through Elder (6,000 total logs), and Level 90 Firemaking.

Bonfire Level Marks of War Items Needed Firemaking Level Boost Duration
Basic 0 None 1 6 minutes
Oak Campfire 1,000 1,000 Oak logs 15 12 minutes
Willow Campfire 1,000 1,000 Willow logs 30 18 minutes
Maple Campfire 1,000 1,000 Maple logs 45 36 minutes
Yew Campfire 1,000 1,000 Yew logs 60 54 minutes
Magic Campfire 1,000 1,000 Magic logs 75 60 minutes
Elder Campfire 1,000 1,000 Elder logs 90 66 minutes

Altar of War

Near the bonfire is a large crystal held aloft by chains. Once you have made 200 boss kills, you can unlock the use of this altar. Praying at this altar will restore your Prayer and Summoning points as well as fully heal any Summoning familiar/legendary pet that you have active. You will also be asked if you wish to change between prayers and curses when praying here, unless you choose to only be asked at the Senntisten and Falador altars.

Note that you can kill ANY boss to unlock this feature and that bosses killed before the release of War’s Retreat count toward this tally.


Not including the entrance/exit portal to the hub, there are 4 portals in total. They can be found down the stairs, directly North of the entrance. From West to East, these include:

  • Reaper Portal – This portal attuned whichever boss your current Soul Reaper Task is.

  • Boss portal – There are 2 boss portals. These can be attuned to the boss of your choice if you have killed them at least once. The initial attunement is free, however, each reattunement will cost 100,000 coins (or 50,000 if you have killed the boss at least 100 times).

    • West – At first, this is the only Boss Portal available for use.

    • East – This Boss Portal is unlocked when you have killed at least 100 of ANY boss (before or after the release of War’s Retreat).
  • Fateful Portal – This portal is always attuned to the current active Seasonal Event. If no event is active, it will default to the most recent boss added to the game.



As many PVMers like to enter their boss battles already hyped up, there are 2 handy features that the Retreat contains to help build up your adrenaline.


To the East of the Portals is a dummy area similar to that in Lumbridge. Here you will find 3 training dummies (North) and 3 dummy dispensers (South). These can be used to build up your adrenaline, as previously mentioned, or to perfect various combat rotations. Along the far East wall, you will also find the second bank chest.

Get Smart


Located near the Boss Portals are 2 large adrenaline crystals. As one would guess, these can be interacted with in order to gain adrenaline; 25% roughly every 2 seconds. Once you have reached 100%, you will stop siphoning it from them automatically.

Siphon Baby!

Marks of War

For all your hard work of killing bosses, you will be rewarded with Marks of War. These are a currency which is automatically deposited in your currency pouch when you kill a boss. Each boss will drop a certain amount of marks per kill. Once you have killed your first boss, a timer will begin. This timer will last for 1 hour and you will only be able to collect up to 1,000 Marks of war within this time frame regardless of which boss(es) you kill; killing more bosses within this hour will not earn any Marks of War. Once the timer has ended, your Marks of War counter will reset and a new timer will begin if you kill a boss.

The table below lists how many Marks each kill produces as well as how many kills it takes to obtain 1,000 Marks of War.

Boss Normal Hard Mode
Marks per Kill Kills to Reach Cap Marks per Kill Kills to Reach Cap
Araxxi 180 5.56 X X
Astellarn 120 8.33 150 6.67
Barrows Brothers 50 20 X X
Barrows: Rise of the Six 100 10 X X
Beastmaster Durzag 400 2.5 X X
Black stone dragon 400 2.5 500 2
Chaos Elemental 20 50 X X
Commander Zilyana 20 50 25 40
Corporeal Beast 40 25 X X
Crassian Leviathan 120 8.33 150 6.67
Dagannoth Kings (Prime, Rex, Supreme) 10 100 X X
General Graardor 20 25 50 40
Giant mole 20 25 50 40
Gregorovic 80 12.5 125 8
Har-Aken 290 3.45 X X
Helwyr 80 12.5 125 8
Kalphite King 70 14.29 X X
(Exiled) Kalphite Queen 30 33.33 X X
King Black Dragon 10 100 X X
Kree'arra 20 50 25 40
K'ril Tsutsaroth 20 50 25 40
Legiones (Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus) 25 40 X X
Masuta the Ascended 240 4.17 300 3.33
Nex 150 6.67 X X
Nex: Angel of Death 200 5 X X
Queen Black Dragon 50 20 X X
Seiryu the Azure Serpent 400 2.5 500 2
Solak 400 2.5 X X
Taraket the Necromancer 240 4.17 300 3.33
Telos, the Warden (below 100% enrage) 160 6.25 X X
Telos, the Warden (above 100% enrage) 200 5 X X
The Ambassador 400 2.5 500 2
The Magister 100 10 X X
The Sanctum Guardian 120 8.33 150 6.67
Twin Furies (Nymora & Avaryss) 80 12.5 125 8
TokHaar-Jad (TokHaar Fight Kiln) 500 2 X X
TzTok-Jad (TzHaar Fight Cave) 30 33.33 X X
Verak Lith 240 4.17 300 3.33
Vindicta 240 4.17 300 3.33
Vorago 400 2.5 500 2
Yakamaru 600 1.67 X X

Because in Elite Dungeons you face a series of Bosses where you earn Marks of War, the list below details the number of Marks obtained per completion of each Elite Dungeon.

  1. Temple of Aminishi
    • The Sanctum Guardian - 120
    • Masuta the Ascended - 240
    • Seiryu the Azure Serpent - 400
    • TOTAL - 760
  2. Dragonkin Laboratory
    • Astellarn - 120
    • Verak Lith - 240
    • Black stone dragon - 400
    • TOTAL - 760
  3. Shadow Reef
    • Crassian Leviathan - 120
    • Taraket the Necromancer - 240
    • The Ambassador - 400
    • TOTAL - 760


By speaking with War, you can open his shop, War’s Wares, and spend your Marks of War on various upgrades and consumables.


Item Cost Members Description
Hub Teleport 10 boss kills F2P Access to a spell that can teleport you to War's Retreat.
Portal 100 boss kills F2P Access to the eastern portal.
Altar of War 200 boss kills F2P Access to the altar of War which restores Prayer and Summoning points.
Adrenaline crystal 1,000 boss kills F2P Access to the crystals throughout the garden which generate adrenaline.
Oak campfire 1,000 marks of War F2P An upgrade to the campfire (requires 1,000 Oak logs, and 15 Firemaking).
Willow campfire 1,000 marks of war F2P An upgrade to the campfire (requires previous upgrade, 1,000 Willow logs, and 30 Firemaking).
Maple campfire 1,000 marks of war F2P An upgrade to the campfire (requires previous upgrades, 1,000 Maple logs, and 45 Firemaking).
Yew campfire 1,000 marks of war F2P An upgrade to the campfire (requires previous upgrades, 1,000 Yew logs, and 60 Firemaking).
Magic campfire 1,000 marks of war F2P An upgrade to the campfire (requires previous upgrades, 1,000 Magic logs, and 75 Firemaking).
Elder campfire 1,000 marks of war P2P An upgrade to the campfire (requires previous upgrades, 1,000 Elder logs, and 90 Firemaking).


All items within this tab are members only.

Item Marks of War Description
Vampyrism aura 5,000 Unlocks the vampyrism aura which when active lets you gain life points equal to 5% of any damage you deal.
Dark magic aura 12,500 Unlocks the Dark magic aura which when active has a chance on attacking an opponent to inflict corrupting damage.
Berserker aura 25,000 Unlocks the Berserker aura which when active boosts your Attack and Strength, but at the cost of your Defence.
Reckless aura 25,000 Unlocks the Reckless aura which when active boosts your Ranged, but at the cost of your Defence.
Maniacal aura 25,000 Unlocks the Maniacal aura which when active boosts your Magic, but at the cost of your Defence.


All items within this tab are members only.

Item Marks of War Description
Aura refresh (tier 1) 1,000 This can be used to reset the cooldown of a tier 1 combat aura.
Aura refresh (tier 2) 2,000 This can be used to reset the cooldown of a tier 2 combat aura.
Aura refresh (tier 3) 3,000 This can be used to reset the cooldown of a tier 3 combat aura.
Aura refresh (tier 4) 4,000 This can be used to reset the cooldown of a tier 4 combat aura.
Life refresh 2,500 This can be used to reset the cooldown of signs and portents of life or death, or the Defence skillcape perk.

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