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Museum Characters:

There are many different personalities in the Museum, and many of them offer rewards if you help them out.

Name Image Description
Curator Haig Halen Curator Haig Halen The Curator can be found walking around the ground floor. He will welcome you to the Museum and tell you any recent news. During The Golem quest, you'll have to pickpocket a key from him (used to steal from Case 30).
Information clerk Information clerk The Information clerk is found in the northwest corner of the ground floor. She can answer your questions about the Museum, give you a map and she will reward you with experience when you reach certain amounts of Kudos.
Museum guard Museum guard (Inside) They stand guard at the entrances to the Digsite cleaning area.
Archaeologists (Sinco Doar, Tinse Torpe, Caden Azro, Thias Leacke, Marius Giste, Barnabus Hurma) Archaeologists The archaeologists are found on the ground floor, in the Dig Site cleaning area. You can show them items that you find while cleaning Digsite rocks. You can trade them the Jewelery you find for 5 gp each. See the Museum Kudos section for more details.
Historian Minas Historian Minas He can be found on the second floor, right beside the stairs. Talk to him to tell stories of your quests. See the Museum Kudos section for more details.
Orlando Smith Orlando Smith He can be found in the basement of the Museum, near the stairs. Talk to him to begin the quiz, and once you've completed it, talk to him for 1000 xp in Hunter and Slayer.
Natural historian Natural Historian These are found walking around in the basement. Talk to them for more information on the exhibits.
Jacques Jacques Jacques is an art critic found on the top floor of the Museum, examining a painting of King Lathas.
Torrcs and Marfet TorrcMarlek Torrc and Marfet are two adventures that can be found on the second floor.
Teachers, Pupils, and Schoolchildren Teacher and pupil You can find these walking around the Museum, enjoying the many exhibits.
Mr. Mordaut Torrc Mr. Mordaut is a dragon who also happens to be the museum's Professor of Unnatural History. He is found in his office through the door in the back of the basement stairs.

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Museum Kudos:

Museum Kudos are the reward for helping out the Museum. In recent months the Museum's specialist field archaeologists have discovered an ancient island, largely untouched since the God Wars, positively littered with the remains of long-dead species. If your Kudos are high enough (100+) when they finish building a safe passage to the island, you may well find yourself invited to share your expertise. To see how the construction of the barge and canal is getting on, head over to the land just north of the Dig Site.

There are five ways to earn Museum Kudos:

  • Archaeology: Add to exhibits on the first floor by cleaning rocks brought from the Digsite. (50 Kudos)
  • History: Give Historian Minas (2nd floor) information about past quests. (95 Kudos)
  • Natural History: Talk to Orlando Smith in the basement and answer the quizzes at each display stand. (28 Kudos)
  • Dahmaroc Statue: Complete the Dharmaroc statue on the ground floor by collecting all 15 pairs of Strange Rocks through skilling and add them to the Statue plinth. For more information, see our Shattered Heart guide. (10 Kudos)
  • Talk to Mr. Mordaut after completing Dragonkin related quests and tasks. (15 Kudos)

The current maximum amount of Museum Kudos is 198. Your Kudos are displayed in the top right corner of your screen when you're inside the Museum. The Information clerk on the main floor will reward you in certain skills after you receive Kudos. (Smithing, Hunter, Crafting, Prayer, and Slayer.)


In order to earn kudos by means of archeology, you need to have completed The Dig Site quest. Get Leather boots, Leather gloves, a Trowel, a Specimen brush, and a Rock pick from the tool case in the Dig Site cleaning area. Take an Uncleaned find (you may only hold one at a time) from the Dig Site specimen rocks and use it on a specimen table.

Uncleaned find

Doing this will reveal the item inside. Certain items, listed below, are valuable and when shown to the archeologists they'll tell you to add them to a display case.

ArrowheadsJewelleryOld chipped vase

Most items aren't valuable and you can either give them to an archaeologist for 5gp or put in a Storage crate for a random item (ores, bones, fletching items, weaponry, coins). Putting items in the Storage crate might also reward you with an Antique Lamp that gives 500xp.

You will be rewarded with 10 Kudos for rare specimens. The specimens considered rare are:

Item name Image Case number
Pottery Pottery 39
Old symbol Old symbol 36
Ancient symbol Ancient symbol 37
Ancient coin Ancient coin 44
Old coin Old coin 45

While cleaning specimens, you may also find a Clean necklace. Show this to one of the archaeologists and they will teach you how to enchant Ruby Necklaces, giving them 5 teleports to the Dig Site.

Clean necklace

You may also accidentally destroy the rock. If this happens just take another from the pile.


After completing certain quests, you can give Historian Minas information about them. He'll reward you with Museum Kudos (5) and sometimes an Antique Lamp. In total you will receive 75 Kudos and 13k XP from the History section of the Museum.

Quests that you can earn Kudos from are:

Mr. Mordaut:

Mr Mordaut is found in his office through the door behind the basement stairs. Talking to him about the Dragonkin will award Kudos. To receive the full amount of Kudos, you must have done the following:

Upon providing Mr. Mordaut with the related Dragonkin information, he will give you a Dragonkin lamp which awards 25,000 Slayer XP.

Natural History:

Speak to Orlando Smith in the basement of the Museum, and agree to help him by taking the quizzes. Now, read the plaque beside each exhibit and answer the questions on each creature. You'll need to get 3 questions right to earn Kudos. Don't worry, if you a question wrong you can simply be asked another one. Answering all the quizzes will reward you with 28 Kudos. The natural historians walking around in each area can tell you more about each creature. Once you have answered all the quizzes, go back and talk to Orlando Smith for 1000xp in Slayer and Hunter.

Question Answer
How long do dragons live? Unknown.
Approximately how many feet tall do dragons stand? Twelve.
What is the favoured territory of a dragon? Old battle sites.
Which of these is not a type of dragon? Elemental.
What is the best defence against a dragon's breath attack? Anti dragon-breath shield.
What is considered a delicacy of dragons? Runite.

Question Answer
What is the ambient temperature of wyvern bones? Below room temperature.
What are the wyverns' closest relations? Dragons.
How did the wyverns die out? Climate change.
Where have wyvern bones been found? Asgarnia.
What genus does the wyvern theoretically belong to? Reptiles.
How many legs does a wyvern have? Two.

Question Answer
How do Morytanian snails capture their prey? Spitting acid.
How do snails move? Contracting and stretching.
What does 'Achatina Acidia' mean? Acid-spitting snail.
What is special about the shell of a giant Morytanian snail? It is resistant to acid.
Which of these is a snail byproduct? Fireproof oil.
What is the 'trapdoor', which snails use to cover the entrance to their shells called? An operculum.

Question Answer
If some snakes use venom to kill their prey, what do other snakes use? Constriction.
Lizards and snakes belong to the same order - what is it? Squamata.
If a snake sticks it tongue out at you, what is it doing? Seeing how you smell.
Which habitat do snakes prefer? Anywhere.
Aside from their noses, what do snakes use to smell? Tongue.
What is snake venom adapted from? Stomach acid.

Sea slug
Question Answer
We assume that sea slugs have a stinging organ on their soft skin - what is it called? Nematocysts.
In what way are sea slugs similar to snails? They have a hard shell.
What do we think the sea slug feeds upon? Seaweed.
Why has the Museum never examined a live sea slug? The researchers keep vanishing.
Off of which coastline would you find sea slugs? Ardougne.
What are the two fangs presumed to be used for? Defense or display.

Question Answer
What color mohawk do Karamjan monkeys have? Red.
Which have a lighter colour: Karamjan or Harmless monkeys? Harmless.
What have Karamjan monkeys taken a deep dislike to? Seaweed.
Which type of primates do monkeys belong to? Simian.
Monkeys love bananas. What else do they like to eat? Bitternuts.
There are two known families of monkeys. One is Karamjan, the other is...? Harmless.

Kalphite Queen
Question Answer
What are kalphites assumed to have evolved from? Scarab beetles.
Are kalphites carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores? Carnivores.
What are the armoured plates on a kalphite called? Lamellae.
Name the prominent figure in kalphite mythology? Scabaras.
What is lowest caste in the kalphite society? Worker.
Kalphites are ruled by a...? Pasha.

Question Answer
How many claws do terrorbirds have? Four.
What is a terrorbird's preferred food? Anything.
How many teeth do terrorbirds have? 0.
Who use terrorbirds as mounts. Gnomes.
What do terrorbirds eat to aid digestion? Stones.
Where do terrorbirds get the most of their water? Eating plants.

Question Answer
When do penguins fast? During breeding.
What is the preferred climate for penguins? Cold.
Which skill seems unusual for the penguins to possess? Planning.
Which sense do penguins rely on when hunting? Sight.
How do penguins keep warm? A layer of fat.
Describe the behaviour of penguins. Social.

Question Answer
Why are moles considered to be an agricultural pest? They dig holes.
Which family do moles belong to? The Talpidae family.
Who discovered giant moles? Wyson the Gardener.
What habitat do moles prefer? Subterranean.
What would you call a group of young moles? A labour.
What is a mole's favourite food? Insects and other invertebrates.

Question Answer
Which camel byproduct is known to be very nutritious? Milk.
Camels: herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore? Omnivore.
Where would you find an ugthanki? Al Kharid.
What is produced when feeding chilli to a camel? Toxic dung.
What is the usual mood for a camel? Annoyed.
If an ugthanki has one, how many does a bactrian have? Two.

Question Answer
What contributed to the giant growth of Morytanian leeches? Environment.
Which of these is not eaten by leeches? Apples.
How does a leech change when it feeds? It doubles in size.
What is the favoured habitat of leeches? Water.
What is special about Mortyanian leeches? They attack by jumping.
What shape is the inside of a leech's mouth? 'Y'-shaped.

Question Answer
What order do lizards belong to? Squamata.
How does a lizard regulate body heat? Sunlight.
Lizard skin is made of the same substance as? Hair.
How many eyes does a lizard have? Two.
Who discovered how to kill lizards? The Slayer Masters.
What happens when a lizard becomes cold? It becomes sleepy.

Battle tortoise
Question Answer
Which race breeds tortoises for battle? Gnomes.
What is the name of the oldest tortoise ever recorded? Mibbiwocket.
Name the explorer who discovered the world's oldest tortoise, Admiral Bake.
What is the tortoise's favourite food? Vegetables.
If a tortoise had twenty rings on its shell, how old would it be? Twenty years.
How does the tortoise protect itself? Hard shell.

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When you reach certain amounts of Kudos, speak to the Information clerk for a reward.
51+ Kudos: 1000 experience in Mining
101+ Kudos: 2500 experience in Crafting and Mining
151+ Kudos: 4000 experience in Crafting, Hunter, Prayer, Slayer, and Smithing

Also, once you reach 100 Kudos, the Museum promises to invite you to the recently discovered island, once the canal barge is complete.

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Completionist Cape

On the top floor of the Museum, you will find a Mysterious cape surrounded by a red rope and guarded by a Museum guard. This is the Completionist cape. You can investigate the cape to see how many of the requirements you have left to complete and if you have completed them all, you can purchase the cape from the guard for 5,000,000 coins.

Completionist cape

The full list of requirements for the cape is as follows:

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