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Tormented Demons are the strongest demons in game, but if you’re willing to take the risk, you can get some nice rewards… They're level 450 combat, so they're quite a bit stronger than their Imp cousins. Not only do these demons require good combat skills, you also need timing, strategy and a lot of nerve. We can only teach you as much as the strategy, the rest is up to you!


  • Finished While Guthix Sleeps.
  • High combat levels.
  • Good food (sharks or better) and prayer restore potions.
  • Stat boosting potions are recommended.
  • A means to remove the fire shields (Darklight or Holy water)


Solo, tanking

Soloing these guys is the most profitable way, as you don’t have to share your drops, but it’s also the hardest.

Solo tank worn

Solo tank inventory

As Tormented Demons (often referred to as "TD’s") can use protection prayers against your attacks, you have to change your combat style every so often.

You will have to use Darklight to weaken the demon, and use a Rune c’bow and a Dragon halberd as your main weapons. You do not need to bring a shield, as that will take up an extra inventory spot and gets unwielded every time you wield the halberd.

Here is a comprehensive list of alternative equipment:

Important: You always need Darklight to hunt these demons successfully!

* In some safe spots Ava’s accumulator does not work as there is an obstacle in the way. In that case, it would be better to use a cape that gives stat bonuses, like the Skillcape (t) or Fire cape.

Summon a Bunyip or other healing familiar before leaving, then withdraw an extra piece of food or potion, so you get the above inventory. If you use a better familiar as the Unicorn Stallion, you can take less food and more Prayer potions to make your trip longer. You can bring a Beast of Burden at first, to carry more food and later summon a healing familiar too. Use the Culinaromancer's Chest for banking, as it’s the closest bank to Lumbridge dungeon.

Solo, Void

You can use Void armor here, but you will get hit harder than with normal armor, so think it through carefully!

Here’s what to bring if you’re using void:

Solo void worn

Solo void inventory

TD killing in a group

Killing these demons in group will get you faster, easier, and more kills probably, but the profit will be less. There are 2 ways to successfully kill TD’s in a duo: 2 hybrids or 1 melee’er and 1 ranger. As these trips can last longer and you will take less damage, you may want to substitute some food for extra Prayer potions.

Group, hybrid

If you’re hybriding, you can take the above outfit and inventory as you will both switch attack styles according to the demon’s prayers. You will change combat styles very often, as you can do twice as much damage as soloing.

Group, melee'er

This is a variation on the solo and hybrid equipment. The melee’er of the team should only take a melee weapon and Darklight. They can leave the crossbow and bolts behind and take some extra food or potions with them instead.

Group, ranger

As the melee’er, this is a variation on the solo and hybrid equipment. Leave all the melee equipment in the bank, and take instead extra food or potions or Enhanced excalibur for the healing special attack.

Getting there

To get to TDs, you just follow the same path as during While Guthix Sleeps. Use your Sapphire lantern with a Light creature, and go into the chasm. Then go south until you see the wall skulls, and climb up. Enter the cave opening and follow the path to the main room. There, take the south tunnel (the one where you see a darker line on your mini map), and follow it until it opens into a bigger room.

Dungeon map

Safespots and Luring

When a demon first spawns, he will be using his magic attack and protecting from your melee attacks, so put on Protect from Magic and find one of the safespots listed below. Even though these are called safespots, you’re not 100% safe. In most cases, the demon can still hit you with his range or magic attack, so prayers should be used.

Southwestern safespot

This safespot is close to the entrance, so it’s easy to reach. It’s a good spot to use your halberd and range, as he can’t reach you with his melee attacks. Ava’s accumulator will not work here, by the way, so use a Skillcape (t) or Fire cape. If multiple demons attack you, you can trap western demons just north of the rock, and if you stay directly south of it, the northern demon can’t attack you either.

South of rock

To lure the demon that spawns near this spot, just run to the spot between the wall and the pillar, and back to the safespot.

Northwestern safespot

Another safespot that’s close to the entrance. You will have to trap the demon behind the wall to safely hally him. Ava’s accumulator does work here.

Northwestern safespot

Change your range attack style to Longrange and attack the closest Tormented Demon, then run behind the pillar and wait for it to come closer.

Northern safespot

You cannot use a halberd from this spot, so it’s less suited for solo or hybrid duo trips. And even though it’s a short run from the entrance, you can meet 3 demons on the way. However, the demon cannot even use his range or magic attacks on you if you stand in this spot! Only his multiple target spell will reach you here. This spot is very good for non-hybrid duo trips.

Northern safespot

To lure the demon, run west between the pillars. When he’s near you, run back behind the big rock.


As these demons are a bit stronger than their imp cousins, they require a bit of a strategy to fight them. They are level 450 combat and should not be underestimated.

Prayer switching

Tormented demons attack with all 3 combat styles, so to minimize damage taken, you should switch your protection prayers accordingly.

When you first enter, they will use their magic attack unless someone has been fighting them recently. This attack looks like a ball of fire, and it’s easy to recognize.

Magic attack

Their range attack looks like they’re throwing bolts at you, and it makes a clicking sound.

Range attack

They can only use their melee attack when you’re standing next to them, which should only happen if you’re using Holy water or Darklight to lower their shield (unless you’re using another melee weapon as the halberd). This attack looks like most other demons’ attacks.

Melee attack

They also have a multiple-target magic attack, which is very dangerous as they often switch to another combat style at the same time. When they do this "Rage" attack, they roar out loud and shoot a fireball in your direction, which will hit the ground and hit everyone around it. It can be evaded completely by using the Protect from Magic prayer, but there’s a chance he changes to ranged attacks immediately after, so be prepared! If you see them preparing for this attack, you can run out of range and turn on Protect from Magic, so they cannot hit you with another attack. This attack even hits over the big rocks scattered throughout the dungeon, making even those spots unsafe.

Attack style switching

You can use prayers against these demons, but they can also use protection prayers. Not only do they use prayers, they also have a magical fire shield which can be lowered using Holy water and Darklight, the magical sword.

When you enter, they will be protecting against melee attacks, so make sure you’re wielding your crossbow and start ranging them. After about 50-80 damage, he will change protection prayers to ranged attacks.

Now, either wield Holy water or Darklight (and Void melee helm if using Void armor), run out and start fighting him. Using super attack and strength potions and the Piety prayer may help. Once you land a successful hit on him with Darklight or Holy water, its shield will drop and you can use normal weapons against him.

Weakened demon

When they regain their shield, you will get a similar message:

Regains strength

Tormented demons change protection prayers after every 300 damage, or after 10-15 unsuccessful hits. If their shield is up, they will change after about 7 damage. It will Rage when it changes attack style, so it's best to change your prayer then.

Extra information

You can use Piety or Eagle Eye prayers to improve damage done, but you will need to switch prayers together with combat style. To compensate the extra prayer pots you’ll use, you can use the "Prayer toggling" technique: turn your prayer on right before you attack, and turn it off afterwards. This will drain your prayer a lot slower, and still give the extra offensive boosts. Keep your special attack bar for Dragon halberd, Saradomin godsword, or Enhanced Excalibur specs - do not waste it on Darklight’s Weaken. Drinking and eating in between fights will make you lose less time while fighting them. Use super potions to speed up the kills.

Group strategy

You can use the same strategy as soloing if you’re going in a group. If you’re all hybriding, you can just follow the same steps as above. If your group is split up in melee'ers and rangers, the people not fighting the demon can run out of range (e.g. behind a rock) and even turn off prayers while the rest fights. Watch out for the Rage attack though!

Advanced Strategy

If you have a bit more experience killing these guys, you will probably want to stay for as long as possible to increase your chances of getting even better loot. These tips can help you kill those few more demons and get you that extra pair of Dragon claws!

Outfit and Inventory

In your inventory, you should take something like this:

You basically use the same strategy as above, but "advanced" is all in the details. The timing of prayers is essential, so stay alert!

First, find one of the safespots described above. When the demon has its fire shield up, range it without Eagle Eye. When it switches protection prayers, switch to Darklight and turn Piety on. As soon as it's weakened, move back to the safe spot and continue hallying until you need to range.

While ranging, always use Eagle Eye (unless his shield is up). While hallying, always TOGGLE Piety - only enable it just before you attack, and disable as you attack. The halberd has a huge recovery time, so you don't want to waste all that prayer. While using Darklight, always have Piety on permanently.

Use your Unicorn Stallion to heal as soon as you need to, so its spec bar can recharge for later heals (if you're 99hp, heal from 84). Re-pot range and attack when range returns to your base level (e.g. 99/99 range and 106/99 attack or so, repot both).

When the demon Rages, there's a simple process to determine what to do. Assuming you're using a Dragon halberd, you shouldn't be in melee range when he Rages, which means you can almost guarantee safety from the Rage and very rarely take any damage.

  • If he was ranging you before he Raged, use Protect from Magic. He'll either start maging you or try to melee you (and fail). If he starts Maging, leave Protect from Magic on. If he tries to melee, wait until the Rage hits then turn off the prayer.
  • If it was maging you, it's almost guaranteed to start Ranging you. Turn on Protect from Range, then half a second later, Protect from Magic (Range needs to be protected at the start of the attack animation, Rage is at the end of it). Then when the Rage hits, swap back to Protect from Ranged immediately. This stops the ranged attack hitting (Protect from Range at the start), then the Rage attack will miss (Protect from Magic in the middle) and their next ranged attack will fail too (Protect from Ranged at the end).
  • If it was meleeing you (i.e. doing nothing), it's a bit more likely to range you next. Follow the drill above, but be ready to flip to Protect from Magic if you need to. This is the only time you can't guarantee safety.

Be aware that Tormented demons can throw a wobbler, and start as maging, Rage, then continue maging or similar. This is very much the exception to the rule, so you're unlikely to have it happen, but you need to be aware of it.

Power Killing Strategy

If you don't care about money at all and purely hunting for Dragon claws (or perhaps blue charms), you will want to kill the demons as fast as possible, rather than staying there for hours with slow kills.

Required and Recommended Skills and Quests:





Lure the demon first with Magic prayer. Remember it will always use Magic first. Once you lure the demon, keep your prayer on until the demon changes to the Melee attack. From there, activate Turmoil and Soul split. Don't forget to drop your Sapphire lantern. You might want to 'flash' Soul split as you get more experienced.

If more than one demons are on you, do not take this as a bad sign. That is infact a good one. Lure the other one again and kill the just lured one. Don't kill the one that you were already attacking, since it will respawn close to you if the demon belongs to that spawn spot.

Note: ALWAYS keep your EXP counter ON!

General Tips

Usage of Summoning:

First of all, Select your first-click option as the Special attack. Steel titan is the most effective familiar. The Titan can hit really high with Ranged attacks, making you more comfortable when the Melee prayer is up. WATCH your EXP Counter! When you hit more than 166 EXP with Melee, use the Titan's special attack as fast as possible and change to your crossbow.

Usage of Herblore:

Overloads: An Overload potion lasts 5 minutes. Repot whenever you have to. The reason why Overloads are really good is, one potion will boost your Attack, Strength, and Defence by 26, your Ranged by 23, and your Magic by 7 and it won't go down.

Saradomin brew: The reason why you are taking Saradomin brews without any Super restore potions is purely because of Overloads. Overloads will continue to boost your stats if they ever go down every 15 seconds. You will want to decrease the amount of Saradomin brews you take per trip as you get better with them.

Super prayer: You can also use normal prayer potions instead of supers.

Usage of Prayer:

Turmoil: Turmoil, when used while in combat with a Tormented demon, will boost your Attack, Strength, and Defence by 29%, 32%, and 29% respectively, making your Melee attacks really powerful.

Soul split: Soul split heals you for 1 lifepoint for every 5 you deal. For example, if you were to hit 500, you would heal 100 lifepoints.

Usage of Dungeoneering:

Dungeoneering will allow you to buy Chaotic weapons. A Chaotic maul along with a Chaotic crossbow will let you kill the demons very fast. Combining the crossbow with a Steel titan will make it even better.

Usage of Special attacks:

You should use your special attacks only after drinking a dose of Overloads. (The bar will be refilled by then) Even though you could use other weapons, a pair of Dragon claws or an Excalibur (After Elite Seers Diary) look like your best options. Dragon claws should be used with Soul split and are recommended more, since you will hit AND heal at the same time, making you kill them faster.

Usage of imbued rings:

Onyx ring (i) is your best option. It will give +6 to all of your combat bonuses. (Both Attack and Defence) Berserker ring could also be an option, but it only gives +8 Strength and none to Ranged.

Usage of Infernal urns:

An urn will hold at least 25 infernal ashes, meaning you can loot the infernal ashes from Tormented demons.


Even the best of us can die there, so you should be prepared! Always have a second Sapphire lantern in your bank, in case you need to get back fast and you lost your other lantern when you died. Your grave will spawn inside the dungeon, so it may be worth it getting a 50k gravestone that lasts 5 minutes without repairing, or even the Angel of Death gravestone for 500k, which lasts 6 minutes.


I suppose you’re wondering “Why should I be bothered killing them?”. Well, Tormented demons are the only monster in RuneScape that drop Dragon claws and Dragon armor shards (Ruined dragon armour lump, Ruined dragon armour shard, and Ruined dragon armour slice). These armor pieces can be smithed into a Dragon platebody.

Picture Name Requirements Stats
Dragon claws Dragon claws 60 Attack to wield Attack: Stab +41, Slash +57, Crush -4, Magic +0, Range +0
Defence: Stab +13, Slash +26, Crush +7, Magic +0, Range +0, Summoning +0
Other: Strength +56, Prayer +0
Dragon platebody Dragon platebody 60 Defence to wear Attack: Stab +0, Slash +0, Crush +0, Magic -30, Range +0
Defence: Stab +109, Slash +107, Crush +97, Magic -6, Range +106, Summoning +50
Other: Strength +0, Prayer +0

Good luck!

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