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In the great city of Menaphos we find a Sunken Pyramid. Here is the home of The Order of the Slayer Masters; within the pyramid, it is possible to become Faiza's apprentice and a Slayer Master yourself. All it takes is having at least level 99 Slayer to begin. To fully become a Slayer Master though, that will take some time and effort.


In order to find the Sunken Pyramid, you can get there a couple different ways:

  • The first time you travel there, you must speak with Portmaster Kags and choose "Travel to sunken pyramid".
  • Once you have obtained a Slayer codex and collected at least 50 souls (more on this later), you will be able to teleport to the pyramid using the codex.


Chest of Souls

Upon entering the Sunken Pyramid lobby, you will notice a Chest of Souls. After clicking it for the first time, Faiza will appear. She was once a Slayer Master and is now bound to the Sunken Pyramid.

In order to speak with her, you will need to wear a Ghostspeak amulet or have completed the hard Morytania task set. If you accept her offer to start on the path toward becoming a Slayer Master, she will explain how the Pyramid can become your own slayer dungeon, as well as give you a Slayer codex and Ushabti. The amount of Ushabti you will be given depends upon your Slayer level. At level 99 you will receive 25. For each level above 99 you will receive an additional one, totaling up to 50.

Chest of Souls

The Ushabti are used to capture slayer creature souls and the Slayer codex can help you keep track of how many of the 160 souls you have obtained. While it does increase the likelihood of obtaining a soul if you are on task, it is not required nor does it guarantee you will obtain a soul. To capture a soul, you will need to have at least 1 empty Ushabti in your inventory when killing one of the creatures. Upon its death, there is a chance that it will capture the soul. It is possible to collect more than 1 soul of a creature if you bring more than 1 Ushabti and continue to kill them. Note that use of a Cursed ushabti (empty) will increase your likelihood of capturing a soul by 50%.

When you have captured a soul within an Ushabti, you can take it to your Sunken Pyramid lobby and add it to your Chest of Souls. Adding it to your Chest of Souls will mark it off in your Slayer codex as a known creature, as well as award you Slayer experience and 250 Reputation for your active district. Each additional soul of a specific creature added will only award you 25% of the experience gained from the first one. Once a full Ushabti has been added to your Chest of Souls, it is nonrecoverable. Because all Ushabti souls for a particular creature will be added at the same time, you will need to use caution if you were wanting to add that creature to your dungeon, more on this below.

In order to capture all of the creatures within your Slayer codex, you will need to have at least 115 Dungeoneering and 117 Slayer. Or, if you wish to boost your level using Wilder pies, it can be achieved at level 111 Slayer. Completing the Slayer codex and turning in each soul at least once, you will obtain 1,786,125 Slayer experience and 40,000 Reputation.

Because you will need to collect 160 souls to complete your Slayer codex, not including any you catch for your Sunken Pyramid rooms, and Faiza will only give you up to 50 Ushabti, a time will come when you need to get more. To do this, you will need to purchase them from a Slayer Master for 20 Slayer points.

Buying Ushabti


Within your Sunken Pyramid, you will notice 3 rooms. Within these rooms you are able to bring full Ushabti to create creature spawns, 1 soul filled Ushabti is required per spawn. Each room can hold up to 5 creatures, giving you a total of 15 individual spawns. The Southern room can only hold smaller creatures, while the 2 Northern rooms can hold large or small ones.


In order to add the creatures, you will need to enter the Sunken Pyramid with building mode activated and 1 or more full Ushabti in your inventory. Building mode can be activated when you left click to enter the tomb, a window will appear asking where you wish to go and you will select building more, or by right clicking and choosing the building mode. Within this mode you will notice hotspots within each of the rooms. Using your Ushabti on these hotspots will create a spawn in that location. Note that you can choose to remove a creature from a spawn location, but you will NOT retrieve the soul used; thus, you will need to obtain another if you wish to add them again.


Note that some creatures cannot be added to your dungeon due to their native environment. These monsters include:

Creatures that have restrictions, such as the necessity to be on task to kill or to pay gemstones for each kill if not on task, will still have these restrictions placed upon them within your dungeon. These creatures include:

Placing a creature where there are multiple styles of them, will randomly generate one type of that creature. As a few examples:

Similar to your Player-owned home, it is possible for friends to enter and interact with your dungeon as long as you have at least 1 creature within it. You are not required to be within your dungeon for a friend to visit it. You must simply be logged on to the same world and have the friend settings turned on. Due to the restrictions on Ironman accounts, they will be unable to enter any dungeon other than their own.


To learn more about the creatures that you will need to obtain the souls of to fill the Slayer Chest fully, please see our Slayer Codex Creature special report.


When you have filled several Ushabti and used them on your Chest of Souls, you will begin to gain special benefits. Including murals that decorate the walls of your Sunken Pyramid. Note that you must look at each of the murals for them to progressively appear after the first one, as well as to mark that task complete for your Master quest cape. Below is a view of the South Western mural, and below that, a table of all possible rewards.


Souls Captured Reward
10 New mural in dungeon lobby.
20 1% extra slayer experience when wearing a Slayer helmet .
30 New mural in dungeon lobby.
40 2% extra slayer experience when wearing a Slayer helmet.
50 New mural in dungeon lobby and ability to teleport to the pyramid via the Slayer Codex.
60 3% extra slayer experience when wearing a Slayer helmet.
70 New mural in dungeon lobby.
80 4% extra slayer experience when wearing a Slayer helmet.
90 New mural in dungeon lobby.
100 5% extra slayer experience when wearing a Slayer helmet.
110 New mural in dungeon lobby and Master quest cape requirement completed.
160 Golden Slayer Master title and Trimmed completionist cape requirement completed.

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