Salarin the Twisted is a level 70 chaos druid located past several agility obstacles in the Yanille dungeon. He is often killed for an item that he drops that unlocks a chest full of herbs - a Sinister key.


Skill Requirements: At least 67 Agility (or 64 Agility and an Agility potion, or 62 Agility and a Summer pie) is required to reach Salarin the Twisted.
Note: If you want to take a shortcut instead of going around the area the long way, then you must have at least 82 Thieving. If you want to kill Salarin using the Magic Dart spell, then you must have at least 55 Slayer and at least 50 Magic.

Required Items: Antipoison potions or Super antipoison potions, Magic armor, a Staff of fire, 200-500 Mind runes, 400-1000 Air runes, a little bit of food (tuna or better), a weapon, or a knife (unless you have 82 Thieving.)

Recommended items: If you choose to use the Magic Dart spell, then you need to bring along a Slayer's staff and a good amount of Death runes and Mind runes (The spell requires at least 1 Death rune and 4 Mind runes per cast.)


Salarin the Twisted is located in the Yanille dungeon. The dungeon is located just north of the city, however, there is a shortcut that you can use if you have at least 82 Thieving. The shortcut can be found in a room just south of the Yanille bank. If you take the route to the entrance above the city, you will need to use your knife or weapon to slash through the spider web at the entrance. These are the two routes to the dungeon from the bank:

Salarin Routes

Normal (Web) Route

If you take the normal route, you will pass through three obstacles: a balancing ledge, monkey bars and a pile of rubble. If you fail either the balancing ledge or the monkey bars, you will fall into a level of the dungeon below containing spiders that may poison you. If you take the 82 Thieving route, you only need to get over the pile of rubble.

Yanille Dungeon

First Obstacle

Second Obstacle

Pile of Rubble Obstacle

Once you reach Salarin the Twisted's lair, you will find a person named Sigbert the Adventurer. If you talk to him, he will tell you that only attacks to the mind will kill Salarin, who is just down at the other side of the room. This means that only Strike spells will damage him. Since Fire Strike is the strongest of all the Strike spells, it is recommended that you use this spell when killing him. Using any other spell, other than Magic Dart, or meleeing or ranging him, does no good. If you do this, you will keep hitting 0's on Salarin the Twisted.

Sigbert the Adventurer

On the other side of the room, you will find Salarin the Twisted and four other Chaos druids. Please be aware that Salarin the Twisted will automatically attack you if you get too close to him.
Note: Once you start attacking him, it is a great idea to keep auto retaliate turned on. It should only take a few spells before he is dead.

Attacking Salarin

Salarin the Twisted drops many items, but the main reason he is killed is because he drops a Sinister key. To see the list of other items he drops, please visit Salarin the Twisted in the Monsters Database.

Loot/Sinister key

Before you open the chest containing the herbs, you should go to the bank and store all of your items except for the keys. You can go out the 82 Thieving shortcut door even if your Thieving level is lower than 82. Make sure that you have Antipoison potions or Super antipoison potions with you. Make sure that you also have at least nine free inventory spaces per key. The maximum amount of keys you can bring to the chest at the same time is three. This is because you receive nine herbs per key, so three keys times nine herbs per key equals twenty seven herbs.
Note: If you want to use three keys at the same time, you MUST be wearing a weapon with which you can cut a web with, otherwise you will have to carry a knife and will not be able to fit all the herbs you get from the three keys into your inventory. Using 82 Thieving shortcut WILL allow you to carry three keys and fit all the herbs in your inventory because you will not need something to cut through the web with.

The Sinister chest is located past the obstacle pipe in a room full of Skeletons. (See the map above to locate then chest.)

Obstacle Pipe

The chest can be located on the west side of the room. Drink an antipoison potion before you open it, and then use your key on the chest. If you are under a certain combat level, you will be attacked by Skeletons (level 58) while you open the chest. After you use all of your keys on it, get out of the obstacle pipe. Every key you use on it yields you nine grimy herbs.

Closed Chest

The herbs you receive from the chest are as follows:

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