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- How To Obtain
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- Taking Care
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- Catspeak Amulet
- Rat Pits
- Cat Facts
- How To Obtain
- Taking Care
- Fish Facts
Dogs And Other Summoning Pets


This guide will show you the basics of taking care of pets. With the release of the Summoning skill the type of pets has expanded into Cats, Fish, Pet rock, Dogs, and other Summoning pets.


How To Obtain:

In order to obtained a cat from Gertrude for 100 gp, you must have completed the Gertrude's Cat quest. It is recommended that you complete the Wolf Whistle quest so that it will allow you to use the summoning button to monitor the growth of your cat. You cannot directly pick your kitten unless you have a Ring of Charos (a). However, there is way you get the one you want. If you don't get it it first time right-click your kitten and select "Shoo cat". The kitten will run away. Then talk to Gertrude again and repeat until you get the specific kitten. There are a few colors of kittens, none of which are better or worse than any other.

If you have a Ring of Charos (a) with you, Gertrude will to give you the option of choosing your own kitten. After selecting "Do you have any more kittens", an option will appear on the following screen, which will allow you to select what color cat you want. For more information on the Ring of Charos, refer to the Ring of Charos (a).

Cat pictures


Certain quests require you to have a kitten, while others might unlock additional items and abilities which may help you in taking care of your cat.

Taking Care:

Once you have a kitten, you must take care of it, as you do in real life. Your kitten will not grow if you keep it in your inventory or bank. If you want it to grow up, you need to drop it so it can follow you and spend a lot of time with you. Usually, it takes about 2 to 5 hours of game play for it to turn into a Cat, and about the same time for it to become Overgrown, depending on how well you treat it. If your cat is on the ground following you and you log into a free to play world, the cat will not be visible at all. It will return once you log back into a member world.


Once you drop your kitten/cat, there are quite a few things you can do with it.

  • Pick up: You pick up your kitty and put it in your inventory
  • Talk to: When you talk your pet, it will say 'Miaow!' or 'Purr'. Your kitty has much more to say if you have a Catspeak amulet.
  • Interact with: There are several options when you click this. "Stroke" to pet your kitten. "Chase vermin", and your kitten will chase small rats.
  • Shoo away: You shoo away your kitty and it will never comes back.


Similar to cats in real life, you will have to feed your kittens in RuneScape. Kittens are picky, and therefore only interested in certain types of food. You do not need to feed your kitten until you get the message: "I think it's hungry!". Feeding it at any other time than when you get this message is a waste of food. If you do not feed it the moment you receive this message, another message will pop u within a few minutes: "I think it's really hungry!". If you do not feed it now, the kitten will run away with this message: "Your cat has run off to look for food."

  • Raw anchovies
  • Raw shrimp
  • Raw salmon
  • Raw monkfish
  • Raw manta ray
  • Raw and cooked sardines
  • Raw and cooked trout
  • Raw and cooked bass
  • Raw and cooked tuna
  • Raw and cooked cod
  • Raw and cooked hering
  • Raw and cooked lobsters
  • Raw and cooked swordfish.
  • Raw and cooked sharks
  • Raw and cooked cavefish
  • Raw and cooked rocktail


Ball of wool - Your little Kitten will have some real fun with this thing. Simply use a Ball of wool on the Kitten/Cat.

Cat Stages:

Cats and Overgrown Cats:

If you feed and take care of your Kitten correctly, it will become a Cat. After a while, your cat will grow into a Overgrown cat. These cats no longer need your attention, and will no longer hunt Rats. You can get another Kitten from Gertrude while having an Overgrown cat. Both Cats and Overgrown cats can be sold to one of the Civilians of of West Ardougne for 100 death runes, if you have completed the Biohazard.

Wiley and Lazy Cats:

Once you have completed the Rat Catchers, you unlock both stages. To receive a Wiley cat, take your overgrown cat Felkrash at the Port Sarim Rat pits and she will train it into a Wiley cat. Wiley cats have a more chance of successfully catching rats than a regular cat. However, these cats required much more care than other cats. If you do not train you Wiley cat it will turn into a Lazy cat. Simply train it if you wish to turn it back to a Wiley cat


Upon finishing the Evil Dave subquest of Recipe for Disaster you unlock the ability to turn any stage of cat into a Hellcat. Besides its looks, a hellcat is quite similar to other cats. To turn your cat into a hellcat, you need to catch 7 Hellrats in the basement of Evil Dave's basement in Edgeville. This is random for every cat and every player in order to change it back into a normal cat, feed it milk or talk to Dorris, Dave's Mother.


While training your non-combat skills, it is advised to have one or two pieces of food in your inventory. That way you do not need to keep an eye on it while it gets the chance to grow. Just remember to feed it, and give it some attention when it asks for it. One of the great places to take care of your kitten and train skills is Catherby. This city Catherby is a great place to raise your kitten because you can fish almost anything that you can feed it.

Cat Training Medal:

Cat training medal
Many players believe that wearing this makes your Cat/Kitten grow faster, but this is not true. To receive this medal from Gertrude, your cat must have caught 100 Rats. One of the best places to chase for rats are the Varrock sewers or Evil Dave's basement in Edgeville. Kittens only have a 15% chance of getting the rat, whilst a Cat is a much better hunter with a 70% chance of catching them.

Catspeak Amulet:

Catspeak amulet

You can talk to your cat with the Catspeak amulet once you have completed Icthlarin's Little Helper quest. The first time you talk to it with the Catspeak amulet, there will be a fifth option. If you choose to say that, you will see a flashback from the quest. The second time you talk to it with the Catspeak amulet and chose the fifth, you and your kitten will talk for a bit and then the options will reduce to the following four options. If you bring your Kitten/Cat to Bob, the Jagex cat, while wearing your amulet, they will have some strange conversation.

  • How are you doing? Your kitten or cat will tell you how he/she is feeling.
  • How old are you now? At first your kitten will tell you it doesn't want to grow into a cat. Once it is close to becoming a cat, it will say it's getting quite old for a kitten.
  • Where do you want to go? Your pet tells you where it wants to go.
  • What do you want to do now? Your pet tells you what it wants to do.

Rat Pits:

The Rat Pits is a place for your cat, where he/she can train. All cats are allowed to enter the Rat pits, from kittens to Wily cats. However, Lazy cats cannot enter. The goal of the game is to get more rats that your opponents. Please see the Rat Pits mini-game guide for further information.

Cat Facts:

  • Do not forget to feed or stroke you kitten/cat. You will get 3 warnings before it runs away so pay attention!
  • You do not have to pick up your kitten/cat to go through gates and doors, climb ladders or to teleport. Although it will stay behind, it will reappear next to you once you have reach your destination.
  • If you get on a ship with your cat/kitten, it will reappear next to you once you reach your destination. Same goes for magical carpets
  • If you are fighting a monster and you die, you will lose your cat.
  • Your kitten should get hungry about every 25 minutes.
  • You can only have one cat/kitten at a time.
  • Overgrown cats of the same color are stackable in your bank.

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Beside the feline friends you can also adopt a fish. Follow the steps below to acquire a fish as a pet.

How To Obtain:

  1. Craft a Fishbowl (requires level 42 crafting) by using a Glassblowing pipe with Molten glass. You can also buy a Fishbowl from other players.
    Fish bowl
  2. Add water to the Fishbowl by using the Fishbowl with a sink or fountain. Alternatively, you may also use a Bucket of water or a Jug of water.
  3. Then add Seaweed to the Fishbowl.
  4. Head over to Harry's Fishing shop in Catherby. The owner will sell you a Tiny net for only 10 coins.
    Tiny net
  5. Use the Tiny net with one of the shop's aquariums to receive a pet fish.

    Harry's shop

There are 3 different types of fish you can get. The fish you get is completely random. To see which type of fish you have, examine the fishbowl. Below are the types of fish you can obtain.

  • Tiny Greenfish (Common)
  • Tiny Bluefish (Common)
  • Tiny Spinefish (Less Common)

Taking Care:


There are quite a few things you can do with your pet fish.
  1. Talk to: When talking to your pet fish, you tell your fish that he/she is a good fish.
  2. Play with:When playing with your pet fish, you tell it to "Jump". You will then throw your fishbowl in the air.


Just like pet fish in real life you need to feed your fish in RuneScape. To feed your pet fish, use fish food on the fishbowl.

Fish Food

Fish food spawns in Dranyor Manor. You also can obtain fish food by talking to Harry. He will give you an empty box, which you need to fill with fish food. Fish food is made by using pestle and mortar on a clean guam to make ground guam. Then, use seaweed with pestle and mortar to make ground seaweed. Then use both on the empty box to make fish food.

Making Fish Food

Fish Facts:

  • If you drop your fish at anytime, a warning screen will appear saying "If you drop it, it will break. Are you sure you want to break it?". If you click no, you will still have your pet fish. Click yes and you will lose your pet fish, as your fishbowl will be dropped onto the ground and break.
  • Your fish will never die unless you drop your fishbowl. If you do not feed your fish, it will still stay alive.

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Dogs And Other Summoning Pets:

For more information on how to acquire and feed dogs and a variety of other summoning pets, refer to the Summoning Skill guide.

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