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Some of these shortcuts require the use of a Mith grapple and compatible crossbow in addition to a Strength and Ranged level and these will be listed in the table below. It's also worth noting that most of these grapple shortcuts have a nearby Hidey-hole which allow you to store a crossbow and grapple for future use of the shortcut; marked with an asterisk (*) in the list below. Alternatively, you can add the Enhanced grappling hook to your toolbelt to traverse these obstacles.

Click maps for a larger view of the area.

Shortcut Location Requirements
Mos Le'Harmless stepping stones Mos Le'Harmless shortcut thumbnail None
Fred the Farmer's sheep field stile Fred the Farmer stile thumbnail None
Falador Cabbage patch stile Cabbage patch stile thumbnail None
Falador agility shortcut Falador west wall shortcut thumbnail 5 Agility
Yanille climbing wall shortcut Yanille Climbing Wall thumbnail 5 Agility
River crossing to Al Kharid shortcut* Al Kharid shortcut thumbnail 8 Agility
19 Strength
37 Ranged
Mith grapple
Moss Giant Island rope shortcut Moss Giant shortcut thumbnail 10 Agility
Falador wall shortcut* Falador wall shortcut thumbnail 11 Agility
37 Strength
19 Ranged
Mith grapple
Karamja Dungeon stepping stone shortcut Karamja dungeon shortcut thumbnail 12 Agility
Varrock South fence shortcut Varrock south fence thumbnail 13 Agility
Edgeville Dungeon monkey bar shortcut Edgeville Dungeon monkey bar thumbnail 15 Agility
Cairn Island rocks Cairn Island Rocks thumbnail 15 Agility
Cairn Island bridge Cairn Island Bridge thumbnail 15 Agility
Yanille underwall shortcut Yanille underwall thumbnail 16 Agility
Watchtower wall climb shortcut Watchtower wall climb thumbnail 18 Agility
Grand Tree rock scrabble shortcut Grand Tree rock scrabble thumbnail 19 Agility
Coal truck log balance shortcut Coal truck log balance thumbnail 20 Agility
Varrock agility shortcut Grand Exchange thumbnail 21 Agility
Karamja Dungeon pipe shortcut Karamja Dungeon pipe thumbnail 22 Agility
Kalphite King shortcut Kalphite King thumbnail 23 Agility
Eagles' Peak agility shortcut Eagles' Peak thumbnail 25 Agility
Falador wall crawl shortcut Falador south wall thumbnail 26 Agility
Draynor Manor railing shortcut Draynor Manor broken railing thumbnail 28 Agility
Oo'glog agility shorcut Oo'glog thumbnail 29 Agility
South-East Karamja stepping stone shortcut South East Karamja stepping stones thumbnail 30 Agility
Catherby cliff shortcut* Catherby cliff thumbnail 32 Agility
35 Strength
35 Ranged
Mith grapple
Fishing Contest
Ardougne log balance shortcut Ardougne log balance thumbnail 33 Agility
Karamja Dungeon pipe shortcut Karamja Dungeon pipe thumbnail 34 Agility
Water Obelisk Island shortcut* Water Obelisk Island thumbnail 36 Agility
22 Strength
39 Ranged
Mith grapple
Fishing Contest
Gnome Stronghold shortcut Gnome Stronghold thumbnail 37 Agility
The Grand Tree
Speak to Femi first
Al Kharid mining pit cliffside shortcut Al Kharid mining pit thumbnail 38 Agility
Yanille wall shortcut* Yanille wall thumbnail 39 Agility
28 Strength
21 Ranged
Mith grapple
Rope climb South-East of the Agility Pyramid Agility Pyramid thumbnail 40 Agility
Rope on first trip
Trollheim easy cliffside shortcut Trollheim easy cliffside thumbnail 41 Agility
Dwarven mine narrow crevice shortcut Dwarven mine narrow crevice thumbnail 42 Agility
Trollheim medium cliffside shortcut Trollheim medium cliffside thumbnail 43 Agility
Trollheim advanced cliffside shortcut Trollheim advanced cliffside thumbnail 44 Agility
Poison Swamp shortcut Poison Swamp thumbnail 45 Agility
Mith grapple
The Path of Glouphrie
Isafdar log balance shortcut Isafdar thumbnail 45 Agility
Cosmic temple medium walkway shortcut Cosmic temple medium narrow walkway thumbnail 46 Agility
Trollheim hard cliffside shortcut Trollheim hard cliffside thumbnail 47 Agility
Log balance to the Fremennik Province Log balance to the Fremennik Province thumbnail 48 Agility
Yanille Dungeon contortion shortcut Yanille contortion thumbnail 49 Agility
Grotworm Lair shortcut Grotworm Lair thumbnail 50 Agility
Edgeville Dungeon to Varrock Sewers pipe Edgeville Dungeon to Varrock Sewers pipe thumbnail 51 Agility
Shortcut to Taverley Dungeon Taverley stones thumbnail 52 Agility
Karamja crossing, South of the volcano* Karamja crossing thumbnail 53 Agility
21 Strength
42 Ranged
Mith grapple
Red Dragon Island shortcut Red Dragon Island thumbnail 54 Agility
Kalphite lair tunnel to soldiers Kalphite soldiers thumbnail 55 Agility
Port Phasmatys ectopool shortcut Port Phasmatys ectopool thumbnail 58 Agility
Elven overpass easy cliffside shortcut Elven overpass easy cliffside thumbnail 59 Agility
God Wars Dungeon access God Wars Dungeon entrance thumbnail 60 Agility
60 Strength
God Wars Dungeon escape to the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon escape to the Wilderness thumbnail 60 Agility
Monastery of Ascension: Statue shortcut Monastery of Ascension: Statue thumbnail 60 Agility
River crossing to Tree Gnome Stronghold Tree Gnome River thumbnail 61 Agility
Slayer Dungeon crevice shortcut Slayer Dungeon crevice thumbnail 62 Agility
The Islands That Once Were Turtles shortcut Turtles thumbnail 63 Agility
Trollheim Wilderness route Trollheim Wilderness route thumbnail 64 Agility
Paterdomus Temple to Morytania shortcut Paterdomus Temple to Morytania thumbnail 65 Agility
Cosmic Temple advanced narrow shortcut Cosmic Temple advanced narrow thumbnail 66 Agility
Yanille Dungeon rubble climb shortcut Yanille rubble thumbnail 67 Agility
Elven overpass medium cliffside shortcut Elven overpass medium cliffside thumbnail 68 Agility
God Wars: Saradomin Encampment wall climb Saradomin Encampment thumbnail 68 Agility
Taverley Dungeon pipe squeeze shortcut Taverley Dungeon pipe squeeze  thumbnail 70 Agility
Monastery of Ascension: Chasm jump shortcut Monastery of Ascension: Chasm jump thumbnail 70 Agility
Slayer Tower Plank crossing Slayer Tower Plank thumbnail 71 Agility
Skeletal Wyvern shortcut Asgarnian Ice DG thumbnail 72 Agility
Polypore Dungeon extra access Polypore Extra thumbnail 73 Agility
Shilo Village stone shortcut Shilo Village stone thumbnail 74 Agility
Elite Karamja Achievements
Shilo Village wall shortcut Shilo Village wall thumbnail 74 Agility
Elite Karamja Achievements
Kalphite lair tunnel to guardians Kalphite Queen thumbnail 79 Agility
Cross cave, South of Dorgesh-Kaan Cross cave, south of Dorgesh-Kaan thumbnail 80 Agility
80 Strength
80 Ranged
Mith grapple
Taverley Dungeon spiked blade shortcut Taverley Dungeon spiked blade shortcut thumbnail 80 Agility
Monastery of Ascension: Chasm leap shortcut Monastery of Ascension: Chasm leap thumbnail 80 Agility
Slayer Dungeon chasm shortcut Slayer Dungeon chasm shortcut thumbnail 81 Agility
Elven overpass advanced cliffside shortcut Elven overpass advanced cliffside thumbnail 85 Agility
Kuradal's Dungeon wall climb shortcut Kuradal's Dungeon wall climb thumbnail 86 Agility
Kuradal's Dungeon wall run shortcut Kuradal's Dungeon wall run thumbnail 90 Agility
Monastery of Ascension: Extra area access Monastery of Ascension: extra area thumbnail 90 Agility
Port Phasmatys low wall Port Phasmatys low wall thumbnail 92 Agility
Ghosts Ahoy
Gemstone dungeon crevice shortcut Gemstone cavern thumbnail 94 Agility

Run Energy and Restoration

Run energy

An important mechanic for getting around quickly is the ability to run. Doing so requires energy which will slowly drain the longer you run for and is indicated by the icon shown above on your minimap. A yellow border indicates that running is turned on, while a grey border indicates that it is turned off. To toggle this you simply need to click on the icon.

The higher your Agility level, the slower your energy will drain and therefore you'll be able to run for longer. However, once you reach 0%, you'll stop running and need to either wait for your energy to slowly restore on its own, right-click on the icon and choose the "Rest" option to restore both your Life points and Run energy much faster, or use one of the items listed below to instantly restore a percentage of your energy.

Item Effect
Papaya fruit Papaya fruit Restores 10% energy
Winter sq'irk juice Winter sq'irkjuice Restores 10% energy
White tree fruit White tree fruit Restores 16% energy
Spring sq'irk juice Spring sq'irkjuice Restores 20% energy
Purple sweets Purple sweets Restores 20% energy per sweet
Energy potion Energy potion Restores 20% energy per dose
Energy mix Energy mix Restores 20% energy per dose
Summer pie Summer pie Restores 20% energy; +5 to Agility
Autumn sq'irk juice Autumn sq'irkjuice Restores 30% energy
Summer sq'irk juice Summer sq'irkjuice Restores 40% energy
Super energy Super energy Restores 40% energy per dose
Super energy mix Super energy mix Restores 40% energy per dose
Explorer's ring Explorer's ring Restores 50% energy 1-3 times per day depending on the tier of the ring
Strange fruit Strange fruit Restores 60% energy
Gout tuber Gout tuber Restores 100% energy
Mint cake Mint cake Restores 100% energy
Tireless run scroll Tireless run scroll Restores a portion of your run energy based on your Agility level
Oo'glog's Salt-water spring Restores run energy and stops it from depleting for a short period of time

It should also be noted that the rate at which your energy drains is affected by the amount of weight you're carrying. To help reduce weight and run for longer, there are a number of items you can wear which can be found here.

Other Skill Bonuses

Having a high Agility level provides benefits when training Fishing, Thieving, and Hunter which are explained below.

Multiple Catching (Fishing)

When Fishing for Tuna, Swordfish, or Sharks, there is a chance that you will catch two fish at a time if your Agility level is equal to or higher than the required Fishing level. This chance increases with your Agility level up to a level limit which is shown below:

Level Fish Begin Multiple Catching Limit (Highest chance)
35 Fishing Raw tuna Raw tuna 35 Agility 70 Agility
50 Fishing Raw swordfish Raw swordfish 50 Agility 80 Agility
76 Fishing Raw shark Raw shark 76 Agility 99 Agility

Multiple Pickpocketing (Thieving)

Agility allows you to occasionally steal double, triple and quadruple loot when Pickpocketing NPCs as long as you also have a high enough Thieving level:

  • Double Loot - Thieving level must be at least 10 levels higher than the level required to pickpocket the NPC and your Agility level must be at least equal to the required Thieving level.
  • Triple Loot - Thieving level must be at least 20 levels higher than the level required to pickpocket the NPC and your Agility level must be at least 10 levels higher than the required Thieving level.
  • Quadruple Loot - Thieving level must be at least 30 levels higher than the level required to pickpocket the NPC and your Agility level must be at least 20 levels higher than the required Thieving level.

Barehanded Butterfly Catching (Hunter)

Agility allows you to catch Butterflies without the need for a Butterfly net and Butterfly jar. Although this means that you can't keep the butterfly as it is immediately released, you are instead awarded with significantly more Hunter experience and a small amount of Agility experience:

Butterfly Hunter Level Required Agility Level Required Hunter Experience Agility Experience
Ruby harvest Ruby harvest 80 75 300 50
Sapphire glacialis Sappire glacialis 85 80 400 70
Snowy knight Snowy knight 90 85 500 100
Black warlock Black warlock 95 90 650 125

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