- - Newcomer's Guide
- - Tutors
- - Price Guide
- - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
- - Wilderness
- - Scamming
- - Quest Suggestions
- - Level Suggestions Before Becoming A Member

After You Become A Member

- - Essential Member Items
- - Attacking With Member Items
- - Member Armor
- - Making Money As A Member
- - Your New Varrock
- - New Skills
- - Member Quest Suggestions

Newcomer's Information

This guide will help you if you are new to Runescape and aren't familiar with alot of things. Also it is a good idea to check out the Preventing Scams and Hacking guide here on Rune HQ's Special Reports section. It may greatly help you from getting scammed out of money or items. Also, this is a must-have: a Bank PIN. Please see our Bank PIN Guide for details.

First off, before you start your runescape adventure please go over the rules of runescape and make sure you understand every one. If you see someone breaking the rules, at the bottom of your chat is a report button, click that and select the person's name from the chat history shown. Once you found the person's name then hit next and then click on which rule was broken. Congratulations! You've taken a step towards making Runescape a better game for everyone. If someone is caught breaking rules, action may be taken against their account. Please thoroughly read the RuneScape rules before playing again.

Report Abuse Button

Report Abuse Screen

Report Abuse screen

Secondly, begging or asking for free stuff is considered rude in the RuneScape world. You won't make very many friends if you beg. It usually doesn't work either so you're just wasting your time.

Thirdly, if you are a little lost you should go to the General Store just a little north of the castle you started the game in (Lumbridge castle). You can buy a Newcomer Map for 1gp. It will help you when you are lost. Just click on it and it'll show you your location and the nearby towns.

Newcomer's Map

The General Store's Icon looks like this on the mini-map.

General Store position

This is the Lumbridge area. The General store will buy and sell various things. You can kill cows if you are a low level so you can gain experience, and chickens give good exp too. The windmill can be used to create flour for whatever you might need it for. Draynor village is another small town you can visit for woodcutting, farming and other things. Be careful when entering the Draynor Manor, it's a little dangerous for a low leveled player. If you decide to check it out, bring some food and don't stray from the walkway out in the front yard, the trees and vines have minds of their own...

Lumbridge Map


If you'd like some information on basic combat styles, you should speak to the tutors in Lumbridge.

Tutors Positions

Melee Combat Tutor:

This tutor will tell you about the most common form of combat: Melee, which is the art of beating your target up close.

Melee Tutor

Ranged Combat Tutor:

This tutor will tell you about Ranged combat, which is the using of bows and other distance weapons to attack from a safe distance.

ranged Tutor

Magic Combat Tutor:

This tutor will tell you about Magical combat, which is attacking enemies with a series of spells to do different effects.

Magic Tutor

Lumbridge Guide:

Phineas isn't really a tutor, but he does have some very helpful things to say, being an experienced ex-adventurer. He can tell you about Banks too.

Lumbridge Guide

There are other Tutors out there too that can teach you about exciting skills! For total details of them all, please explore the Knowledge Base on the official website and type "tutors" in the search bar.

Price Guide

Here is a small price guide for some of the first items you'll find in runescape. Please note that the street prices for these items may shift slightly every now and then. This guide may help prevent you from getting ripped off out of a trade:

  • Bones: worth about 15-25gp each (burying them gives you 4.5 prayer xp.)
  • Big Bones: worth about 150-200gp each (burying gives you 15 prayer xp.)
  • Copper Ore: worth about 1gp each (used with 'tin ore' at a furnace to make bronze bars.)
  • Cooked Beef: worth about 2-7gp each (Heals 1 HP.)
  • Cowhides: worth about 120-150gp each (trade to Ellis in Al Kharid for tanned hides which are used for crafting.)
  • Feathers: worth about 5-10gp each (used on incomplete arrows for fletching and required for fly fishing.)
  • Goblin Mail: worth about 1gp each (Goblin Mail is used in the quest Goblin Diplomacy. It is not something many players need.)
  • Iron Ore: worth about 80-120gp each (used on a furnace to make iron bars, or on a furnace with coal for steel bars.)
  • Runes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Mind and Body): worth about 10 gp each (used for basic magic) Talismans: worth about 100gp each (Fire Talismans are worth about 500gp each. Talismans are used to enter runecrafting temples. Please see the Runecrafting Guide in the Skill Guides section for more details.)

For other items not listed here, check Rune HQ's Item Database. Just enter the item you want to look at in the search bar.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions from new players and the right answers:

"What is a noob?"
"What is a newb?"
The words "noob" and "newb" are 2 totally different words. A "newb" can be a 'new player' or someone that may not be fully oriented with the game yet. A "noob" is someone that is rude, immature or just plain dumb. Someone that you would cross the street to avoid.

"I'm poor! How can I make money?"
There are several ways to make money in Runescape. You just need to make a little effort. Killing goblins or people can sometimes reveal some coins. Or you could kill cows and sell their hides, kill chickens and sell the feathers, doing quests sometimes rewards you with good amounts of money. Get your skills up quickly and each skill can be turned into a money-maker. For more details, check out our official Guide to Money-Making in the Special Reports section of the site.

"Wow! This one guy has a cool cape! Is there any way I could buy it from him or trade?"
Yes. First, out of common courtesy, ask him if you could offer something for it (If he does not want to trade, just let it go, remember that begging is rude in Runescape). If he agrees, right-click him and a mini menu will come up. Select Trade-With {player}. On his screen a message will appear in purple saying "{Your name} wishes to trade with you." To accept the trade, all he needs to do is click on that message or click on you and trade with you. A trade screen will appear on both players' screens. You and him will now be able to offer money or items to each other. You can also negotiate by typing just as you would when you want to talk, the words would appear in the chat box under the screen. After both players have accepted the trade, a second screen will come up asking you to confirm the trade. Quickly but carefully look at what will be traded. Alot of people have been scammed in trades because they did not carefully look at all that will be traded. When both players accept the trade again, your new items will appear in your inventory. Don't forget to say Thank You!

Trading Someone

"What does it mean when someone has a skull with crossbones over their head?"
When someone has this mark above their heads, it means that they have intentionally attacked another Runescape player in the wild or have recently returned from the abyss.

"What do the different colors in peoples' levels mean?"
The levels are color-coded to show how higher or lower they are than you. When it's red that means they are quite higher than you, when it's a bit orange it means they a near your level, if it's yellow it means they are exactly your level, and if it's green that means they are quite lower than you. Please remember that just because you may be much higher than someone doesn't give you the right to treat them with disrespect.

"What does a double sword thing at the bottom right corner of my screen mean?"
Areas that have that icon are called Multi-Combat Zones. When you're in a multi-combat zone, battle isn't limited to 1 on 1. Several enemies on the same team can attack a single target. If you get careless in a multi-combat area, it could mean problems for you, especially if you are at a low level. Be careful!

Multi-Combat Zone

"What happens when I die?"
Your character will respawn in front of the Lumbridge Castle allowing you to continue playing the game and A gravestone will appear where you died. If you manage to reach that spot before the gravestone crumbles, then you can recover your items. The amount of time your gravestones lasts depends on what type of gravestone you purchased. The time can also be lengthened if a different player repairs it (2 prayer points needed) or blesses it (70 prayer needed). Dying also has its drawbacks, because when you die you will lose all of your things except for your 3 most valuable items (or 4 if using the prayer "Protect Item", which requires level 25 Prayer. The game determines the value of an item based on what the General Store would buy it for. All items in your bank account will NOT be lost, they are safe in there.

"Training is hard. I keep getting killed! What is the easiest way to train?"
A good creature to train on at a low level would be chickens. They have 3 hp and they can hardly do any damage to you. Since you gain 4 xp for each 1 damage you deal out, chickens will give you 12 xp per kill. Another good thing would be cows, they've got 8 hp but they do damage more often than chickens. Cows will give you 32 xp per kill.

"I can't wear my goblin mail. What Defence level do I need to be to wear it?"
Actually, Goblin mail isn't wearable by any player. It is an item used in the quest Goblin Diplomacy which is started in the goblin village far north of Falador. It might be a good idea to keep 3 goblin mails in your bank for whenever you decide to do the quest, you'll need them to complete it. For more detail on this quest, please refer to the Quest Help section and click on Goblin Diplomacy(free player's quest).

"What is a K?"
The letter K stands for thousand. If someone is selling something for 1K, he/she means 1,000gp.

"What is a note?"
Items can be withdrawn as notes to carry large amounts of things in a single slot. Think of it as a bank check. When you redeem in some notes at the bank, the items printed on it will appear in the bank and you can withdraw them anytime.

"How do I withdraw things as notes?"
When you access your bank account, look at the bottom of the bank screen. You'll see an button that looks like a piece of paper and a sword - click on that and you will start withdrawing items in notes. This method is commonly used when buying or selling very large amounts of items such as ore, bones, food, etc...

Withdrawing in Notes

"There are some areas that are blocked off by gates and when I try to open it, it says 'You need to be playing on a member's server to open this gate.' How do I become a member?"
Go to Runescape's Home page ( and click on the option "Benefits of Membership". It will describe all of the awesome things you gain access to for being a member. Being a member includes access to a huge world map to explore, full Bank space, new skills like Thieving, Herblore, Agility and more, new quests, new weapons and armor, minigames... there are too many things to list. For more details, check out that page for yourself. We strongly recommend becoming a member if you play the game frequently, you like it and you think you'll play it alot more often. It doesn't matter what level you are, you can join anytime. The sooner the better actually. In the member's worlds, the amount of jerks and scammers are significantly lowered! People are generally nicer, compared to free worlds though. And with the world map being much larger than free worlds, there are much less people to bug you when you're mining ore, chopping trees or training on monsters. To go to the RuneScape homepage now, click here.


or Wildy for short...
The Wilderness is a dangerous place. It is located just north of the cities of Varrock, Edgeville and Ice Mountain. Do not worry about wandering in there by mistake, as there is a ditch you must jump over. Your character will not automatically cross the ditch, on the contrary you must select the option to cross. The first few steps north of the ditch, are also a safe zone.

Wilderness Entering Warning

While you are in the wilderness, an icon will appear at the bottom-right corner of your screen. It shows a skull and what level of danger there is. Moving deeper (more north) into the wilderness raises this level. As this level rises, a wider range of players are able to attack you.


Watch out for players trying to scam you. Below you will find a bit of advice to prevent yourself from getting scammed by others.

  • Never get discouraged if something bad happens.
  • Always check the Trade Confirmation Screen carefully before accepting.
  • Never Say your password for any reason.
  • Moderators are only moderators if they have a crown next to their names, all others are imposters.
  • Anyone saying they are in some way related to a moderator is lying and is trying to scam you.

Quest Suggestions

We suggest Free Players to do the following quests:

Level 3-10 Combat:
Imp Catcher
Cook's Assistant
Wolf Whistle
Rune Mysteries
The Blood Pact
Gunnar's Ground
Myths of the White Lands

11-20 Combat:
Stolen Hearts
Demon Slayer
Goblin Diplomacy
Dorics Quest
Pirates Treasure

21-30 Combat:
Restless Ghost
Ernest the Chicken

31-40 Combat:
The Knights Sword
Vampyre Slayer
Shield Of Arrav

50+ Combat:
Dragon Slayer

Level Suggestions Before Becoming A Member

Att, Str, Def, Hits min 65
Magic 66
Ranged 50-60
Mining 60
Craft 40
Smith the level you get with mining.
Woodcutting 60, maybe even 75.
Fishing 68
Cooking the level you get with fishing.
RuneCrafting 44
Prayer 45-50
Firemaking doesn't matter; I'd suggest save the logs or sell them. (Save for a good Fletching start).
All free quests done.
And if possible, a good stock of essences, and logs for Fletching and RuneCrafting

After You Become a Member

Essential Member Items

There are many new items for members! You will still need essentials from free playing, but now more items are common and useful. Knives exist in free playing, but they are much more widely used in Members. They are used for fletching logs into bows or arrow shafts. We suggest getting one of these if you don't have one.

Another type of item that is good to have in your bank account is anti-poison. As a member, certain monsters can poison you. Especially on Karamja.

Always try to keep one anti-poison. Also, i suggest having other potions in your bank. We suggest an attack, strength and defence potion. You never know when something may come up.

Essential Member Weapons

Member Weapons can be very useful for training. Halberds can reach over a short wall. That allows you to attack monsters, when they cant touch you. A good place to put halberds to use is in East Ardougne. You can attack Heroes and Knights Of Ardougne in this manner. Spears can be poisoned with weapon poison. This will damage your opponent every so often the same way you are damaged when you are poisoned.

You can get some member weapons through doing quests. The Priest in Peril quest rewards you with a very cool looking, though rather week, wolfbane dagger. Other quests that reward weapons include Roving Elves which rewards you in a Partially used Crystal Bow and Underground Pass which rewards the Iban Staff.

Member Armor

There are many types of armor for member players. Aside from dragon and dragon hide, there are sets like Initiate and Khazard. These are obtained by quests. Many sets of armor are obtained during quests for members. If you do not have much money and you want to get a member set of armor, i suggest getting Initiate, which is obtained in the Recruitment Drive Quest.

Making Money As A Member

Although there is many ways to make money with member skills, we will focus on one that does not require any skill levels. Nature running is done on Karamja island. If you know what you are doing, you can make 150,000gp in an hour. You look on forums for someone who is hiring Nature Runners. In quick, you run from the karamja general store to the nature temple un-noting rune essence. You get paid 10k gold a trip from a crafter.

Another good way for members to make money is smithing with rings of forging. You can buy 1k iron ore for 100k cash, and if you use 7 rings of forging, you can get 1k iron bars. Those can be sold for 200k cash.

If all else fails you, an easy way to get easy money is flax bowstringing. All you need is level 10 crafting. You go to Seers Village flax fields and pick flax until you have a full inventory. Then walk north-northwest until you see a small house with a ladder. Go up the ladder and spin all your flax into bowstrings. Bowstrings are worth 100-150gp ea. About 2.8k to 4.4k cash in one load. If you do not have level 10 crafting, the flax itself will sell for 100gp, but no more than that.

Your New Varrock

The members only version of varrock is East Ardougne. You can do many things here like train thieving, mining and combat skills. This map shows what the city looks like. It is located just southeast of Seers Village.

Beginning Some Member Skills

Now That You are a member, there is a lot more you can do. You have access to skills such as fletching,herblore, agility, slayer, thieving and farming.


To begin as a fletcher, i suggest making arrow shafts. Make about 5000. That will bring you up to level 12. To make arrow shafts, use a knife with normal logs and select arrow shafts. You get 15 shafts per log.


Herblore isn't as easy to start as fletching. You need to complete the quest Druidic Ritual. This quest is not difficult, but makes the skill have some challenge to begin.


Agility can be started in Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility course northwest of Ardougne. You will have to cross a river as well. Simply just click on the obstacles and your player will perform them.


Now, depending on your combat level, where you begin slayer will vary. If you have a combat in the 40s or 50s, which most of us do, go into the Edgeville Dungeon. Speak to Vanakka, he is a slayer master. He will give you an assignment. Then, you kill your assignment and gain slayer experience. As you gather Slayer experience your Slayer Level will obviously go up, as you get higher you will be able to visit different Slayer Masters for harder and longer assingments.


The best place to begin a life as a thief is in Lumbridge or Al-Kharid. Steal from Men and Women. Do this until level 5. At level 5, go southeast of Varrock west bank and steal from the tea stall.

When you have a thieving level of about 51 a great and fast way to train is doing the Pyramid Plunder Mini-Game.


You can start farming north of Port Sarim, north of Ardougne, north of Catherby, which is just west of White Wolf Mountain and in Port Phasmatys. Once you are there, get all the tools available in the shop. You will need potato seeds as your first plant. Weed your patch, and then you can begin planting. Just remember to water it.


You start Construction by buying a house from any of the Estate Agents Located around RuneScape. A house will cost you 1,000 coins (1k). You will be able to enter it in Rimmington which is south of the Crafting Guild and west of Port Sarim. You will be able to fully build your own house, when your level is high enough you will even be able to relocate your house and changing its style, both these things can only be done at certain level's and by speaking to one of the Estate Agents.


This skill comprises the trapping animals and using what they drop (e.g. feathers), or adopting them as pets. This skill can be started by setting up a bird snare in the Feldip hunting area and catching birds.


This skill may be expensive to train, but it is one of the easiest to start. You must complete the Wolf Whistle quest to start the skill. With this skill you can summon creatures to aid you in combat or in training skills.

For more information about each of the Members skill mentioned above please visit RuneHQ's Skill Guides.

Member Quest Suggestions

Right when you become a member:

Druidic Ritual
Dwarf Cannon
Elemental Workshop
Gertrudes Cat
Priest In Peril

Level 51-60 Combat:
All the free player quests, if they are not finished.

Diamond in the Rough
Lost City
Grand Tree
Plauge City
Fishing Contest
Jungle Potion
Fremmnik Trials

Level 61-70 Combat:
Shilo Village
Heroes' Quest

Level 71+ Combat:
Roving Elves
One Small Favour
Legends' Quest
Monkey Madness
Zogre Flesh Eater Quest
Desert Treasure

End Notes:

Free player skills are used in Members in ways they are not in Free player. All of the skills are expanded when you become a member. Becoming a members means you will have the majority of the game updates geared towards you. You will always have something new to do.

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