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*Includes Non-Members tablets

Player Made Tablets

Magic tablets can be created by using Soft clay and spell specific Runes on a Lectern in the Study of your Player-Owned House. Note that you will need to have a specific style (or better) of Lectern and a minimum Magic level in order to create these tablets. Specific Magic levels are not required to use the tablets, though some are locked behind various quests.

Standard Spell Tablets

These Tablets can be created using the Standard spellbook.

Tablet Lectern Magic Level Magic Experience Runes Needed Note Destination
Varrock Teleport
Varrock teleport
Oak lectern
25 35 1 Law Rune
1 Fire Rune
3 Air Runes
Teleport location can be changed to either Varrock square (shown), the Grand Exchange (after completion of the Easy Varrock Tasks), or to the church (after completion of the Elite Varrock Tasks). Varrock
Lumbridge Teleport
Lumbridge teleport
Eagle lectern
31 41 1 Law Rune
1 Earth Rune
3 Air Runes
N/A Lumbridge
Falador Teleport
Falador teleport
37 48 1 Law Rune
1 Water Rune
3 Air Runes
N/A Falador
Camelot Teleport
Camelot teleport
Teak lectern
Teak Eagle
45 55.5 1 Law Rune
5 Air Runes
You will always arrive as shown, even if wearing a Seer's headband 3 or 4 with the location changed. Camelot
Ardougne Teleport
Ardougne teleport
51 61 2 Law Runes
2 Water Runes
Completion of Plague City required to create/use. Ardougne
Teleport to House
Teleport to house
Mahogany lectern
Mahogany Eagle
40 30 1 Law Rune
1 Earth Rune
1 Air Rune
Teleports you inside your Player-Owned House so maps will vary. House
Watchtower Teleport
Watchtower teleport
58 68 2 Law Runes
2 Earth Runes
Completion of Watchtower required to create/use. Teleportation location can be changed to either the 3rd floor of the Watchtower (shown) or within the walls of Yanille (after completion of the Hard Ardougne Tasks). Watchtower
God Wars Teleport
God Wars teleport
61 70 2 Law Runes
2 Fire Runes
Completion of The Mighty Fall required to create/use. You will be in a hostile environment when teleported! God Wars Dungeon 1
The Heart Teleport
The Heart teleport
61 70 2 Law Runes
2 Fire Runes
Completion of Tales of the God Wars required to use. God Wars Dungeon 2
Mazcab Teleport
Mazcab teleport
70 35 2 Law Runes
1 Soul Rune
3 Cosmic Runes
Ability to create must be purchased from the Armoursmith. Mazcab
Varrock Teleport
Dagnnoth Kings teleport
This is a Monster Drop only, however, it did not fit elsewhere on the Guide. You will need to climb down the ladder and run West to the lair entrance. Dagannoth

Evil Dave's Tablets

After completion of Evil Dave's Big Day Out, you will be able to use his spellbook with various Tablets from above to alter your teleportaion destination.

Tablet Made From Destination
Chipped Varrock Teleport
'Chipped' Varrock teleport
Varrock teleport Varrock
Chipped Lumbridge Teleport
'Chipped' Lumbridge teleport
Lumbridge teleport Lumbridge
Chipped Falador Teleport
'Chipped' Falador teleport
Falador teleport Falador
Chipped Camelot Teleport
'Chipped' Camelot teleport
Camelot teleport Camelot
Chipped Ardougne Teleport
'Chipped' Ardougne teleport
Ardougne teleport Ardougne
Chipped Watchtower Teleport
'Chipped' Watchtower teleport
Watchtower teleport watchtower

Player-Owned House Tablets

After completion of Love Story, you will be able to use a Chisel (toolbelt works) on a Teleport to house tablet to enable it to take you to any Player-Owned House portal, even if your home is not located there.

Note that no experience is awarded for creating these tablets and no specific levels, other than those required for the quest, are necessary.

Tablet Destination Tablet Destination
Rimmington Tablet
Rimmington tablet
Rimmington Taverley Tablet
Taverley tablet
Pollnivneach Tablet
Pollnivneach tablet
Pollnivneach Rellekka Tablet
Rellekka tablet
Brimhaven Tablet
Brimhaven tablet
Brimhaven Yanille Tablet
Yanille tablet
Rimmington Tablet
Trollheim tablet
Trollheim Rimmington Tablet
Prifddinas tablet
Otot Tablet
Otot tablet
Otot Rimmington Tablet
Menaphos tablet

Menaphos Tablets

Access to these tablets is gained after completion of The Jack of Spades. Creation of these tablets each require 2 Law Runes and 1 Soft clay. They neither reward Magic experience nor require a specific Magic level to use.

Note that they can be worn in your pocket slot and/or used from your bank if activated from your Menaphos journal. Please see our Menaphos Reputation guide for assistance gaining Reputation.

Tablet Reputation To Create Destination
Imperial District Teleport
Imperial district teleport
Tier 4 Imperial District Imperial
Merchant District Teleport
Merchant district teleport
Tier 4 Merchant District Merchant
Port District Teleport
Port district teleport
Tier 4 Port District Port
Worker District Teleport
Worker district teleport
Tier 4 Worker District Worker
Sophanem Slayer Dg Teleport
Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleport
Tier 4 in any District Slayer Dungeon
Menaphos Shifting Tombs Teleport
Menaphos Shifting tombs teleport
Tier 4 in any District Shifting Tombs

Enchanting Tablets

While magic tablets are primarily used for transportation, a few can also cast specific enchantments.

Tablet Lectern Magic Level Magic Experience Runes Needed Works On
Enchant Sapphire
Enchant sapphire
Oak lectern
7 13.2 1 Law Rune
1 Cosmic Rune
Enchant Emerald
Enchant emerald
Demon lectern
27 27.8 3 Air Runes
1 Cosmic Rune
Enchant Ruby
Enchant ruby
Teak Demon lectern
Teak Demon
49 44.3 5 Fire Runes
1 Cosmic Rune
Enchant Diamond
Enchant diamond
57 50.3 10 Earth Runes
1 Cosmic Rune
Enchant Dragonstone
Enchant dragonstn.
Mahogany Demon lectern
Mahogany Demon
68 58.5 15 Earth Runes
15 Water Runes
1 Cosmic Rune
Enchant Onyx
Enchant onyx
87 72.8 20 Earth Runes
20 Fire Runes
1 Cosmic Rune
Bones to Bananas
Bones to bananas
15 25 2 Water Runes
2 Earth Runes
1 Nature Rune
Bones to Peaches
Bones to peaches
60 35.5 4 Water Runes
4 Earth Runes
2 Nature Runes

* Must have learned the Bones to peaches spell from Mage Training Arena to create.

Ancient Spell Tablets

The ability to create these tablets must be purchased from Mandrith with 300 Deathmatch points. In order to use the tablets, you will need to have completed Desert Treasure. All of these tablets are created on the Mahogany Eagle Lectern.

Tablet Magic Level Magic Experience Runes Needed Destination
Paddewwa Teleport
Paddewwa teleport
54 64 2 Law Runes
1 Fire Rune
1 Air Rune
Senntisten Teleport
Senntisten teleport
60 70 2 Law Runes
1 Soul Rune
Kharyrll Teleport
Kharyrll teleport
66 76 2 Law Runes
1 Blood Rune
Lassar Teleport
Lassar teleport
72 82 2 Law Runes
4 Water Runes
Dareeyak Teleport
Dareeyak teleport
78 88 2 Law Runes
3 Fire Runes
2 Air Runes
Carrallanger Teleport
Carrallanger teleport
84 94 2 Law Runes
2 Soul Runes
Annakarl Teleport
Annakarl teleport
90 100 2 Law Runes
2 Blood Runes
Ghorrock Teleport
Ghorrock teleport
96 106 2 Law Runes
8 Water Runes

Purchased Tablets

While many tablets in Gielinor can be created, some can only be purchased from specific locations.

Wushanko Island Tablets

Access to these Tablets requires completion of Impressing the Locals. They can only be purchased from Boni for 5 chimes each.

Tablet Destination Tablet Destination
Aminishi Teleport
Aminishi teleport
Aminishi Cyclosis Teleport
Cyclosis teleport
Goshima Teleport
Goshima teleport
Goshima Tuaileit Teleport
Tuai Leit teleport
Tuai Leit
Turtles Teleport
Turtles teleport
Isles That Once Were Turtles Waiko Teleport
Waiko teleport
Whale's Maw Teleport
Whale's Maw teleport
Whale's Maw

Runecrafting Altar Tablets

Note that in order to access these tablets, you must have at least level 50 Runecrafting. Altars that are locked behind quests, such as the Astral altar, must have the associated quest completed before you will be able to use that tablet; these will be noted with an asterisk(*) in the table and a list of quests necessary below it. As breaking these tablets will teleport you to outside the corresponding altar, or to the Runecrafting Guild, an appropriate talisman, tiara, talisman staff, or imbued Wicked hood is still necessary to enter.

These tablets are purchased with tokens from The Great Orb Project. Alternatively, all of the altar tablets can also be purchased (in packs of 10) for 2,000 Runespan points from Wizard Rinsit.

Tablet Tokens Members Only?
Air Altar Teleport
Air altar teleport
30 No
Mind Altar Teleport
Mind altar teleport
32 No
Water Altar Teleport
Water altar teleport
34 No
Earth Altar Teleport
Earth altar teleport
36 No
Fire Altar Teleport
Fire altar teleport
37 No
Body Altar Teleport
Body altar teleport
38 No
Cosmic Altar Teleport
Cosmic altar teleport
39 Yes
Chaos Altar Teleport
Chaos altar teleport
40 Yes
Astral Altar Teleport
Astral altar teleport
41 Yes
Nature Altar Teleport
Nature altar teleport
42 Yes
Law Altar Teleport
Law altar teleport
43 Yes
Death Altar Teleport
Death altar teleport
44 Yes
Blood Altar Teleport
Blood altar teleport
45 Yes
Runecrafting Guild Teleport
Runecrafting Guild teleport
15 No

*Required quests for specific altars include:

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