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95 Slayer is required to enter the Ascension Dungeon laboratories and kill each Legio. You must also use Ranged equipment as Melee and Magic damage is greatly reduced to the point that it is completely ineffective.

Recommended Skills:

The following levels are recommended:

Recommended Equipment:


Getting There:

The Ascension Dungeon is found just northwest of the Oo'glog lodestone and this is the fastest and recommended method of reaching the dungeon.

Once inside the dungeon, you'll need to locate the laboratory of the Legio you want to kill and make your way there.

General Strategy:

During your fight with any of the Legiones, it is vital that you are constantly moving. They are all level 304 with 30,000 life points. The attack rotation of all Legiones goes as follows:

They will use two lightning strikes, followed by a magic attack. They repeat this cycle throughout but each respective boss may change during the fight. The best way to go about killing them is running in a circle around them. The order of your circle pattern should go as follows:

Start off with an ability/attack and then run over a few spaces to avoid the lightning strike. You're to repeat the very procedure while running in a circle around them. However, each of the legiones has their own special ability and which is explained below.

Note: A general rule that you need to follow is: whenever you see them throw their hands straight up, take it as the time to move over before the lightning strikes.

Following are the links between numerical lifepoints value and percentage based value.

  • At 75% they will have 22,500 lifepoints.
  • At 50% they will have 15,000 lifepoints.
  • At 25% they will have 7,500 lifepoints.
Image Name Keystone Signet Notes
Legio Primus Legio Primus Primus Signet I Legio Primus are considered as one of the easiest of the six due to his ability. When he reaches 75% lifepoints, his damage dealt from the lightning increases. It further gradually increases upon reaching 50% lifepoints, followed by the left over 25% lifepoints. His attacks will definitely give a tough time to the players, but it is extremely easier to avoid them as long as you keep following a circular pattern.
Legio Secundus Legio Secundus Secundus Signet II Legio Secundus also has a simple ability to counter. For every 25% of his lifepoints that you deplete, he will spawn lightning at a slightly increased rate. Once there are only 25% of his lifepoints left, he will only attack with lightning strikes. Although the rate of his attacks will be increased, however you will still have plenty of time to dodge the hits. The longer you fight him, the more you will be able to count out your pattern for running around the circle.
Legio Tertius Legio Tertius Tertius Signet III Legio Tertius are slightly toughest than the previous two, as they have an advantage of summoning Monastery of Ascension creatures as their lifepoints lowers. They can be difficult depending on your approach.

  • At 75% lifepoints: 3 Rorarius are spawned
  • At 50% lifepoints: 1 Gladius is spawned
  • At 25% lifepoints: 1 Capsarius is spawned
As long as you stick with moving in your circular pattern and close enough to Legio Tertius, the spawned monsters will stay under him and the damage will be minimal. Any erratic movement could cause the monsters to become visible, assuring a great possibility of misclicks, which could be fatal due to the Gladius that spawns. As long as you don't attack it directly, you're fine. But, in case you do happen to attack the Gladius: it will use its stun ability on you. This will increase chances of being hit by the lightning by almost 100%.

When the Capsarius spawns at 25% lifepoints, it will be the only monster to come out from under Legio Tertius as it's a healer. You will not be able to kill the Legio until you kill the Capsarius. While using the same circular pattern, just attack the Capsarius and then move onto Legio Tertius. Once you kill him, you can easily finish off the 3 Rorarius and 1 Gladius.

Note: Due to the monsters being spawned, in order to keep them under Legio Tertius, it is highly recommended to avoid using any chain or multi-target abilities.
Legio Quartus Legio Quartus Quartus Signet IV Legio Quartus has a special ability of teleporting the player next to him when he reaches 75%, 50% and 25% lifepoints, followed by a lightning strike on that spot. However, you will have sufficient time to click away and dodge this strike. As long as you keep an eye on his lifepoints, you can easily click away as soon as he teleports you. It is best to click multiple times to ensure that your character is moving. Other than the teleport, his attacks will follow the same pattern as usual (Lightning-Lightning-Magic).
Legio Quintus Legio Quintus Quintus Signet V Legio Quintus are considered the most difficult of the six due to tedious nature of their kills. At 75%, 50% and 25% lifepoints he will spawn "Lines of Ascension". These are basically lasers on the ground that will cause constant damage to the player if they are standing on them and at least one tick of damage if they walk through it. As long as you pay attention to its lifepoints bar, you can force the lines to spawn in areas that will allow you to follow a circle pattern without worrying about them. It is recommended spotting for lines as close to the walls as possible, but don't forget which direction they spawn in.

Each of the three lines will spawn in a specific direction as follows:

At 75% lifepoints

75% Lifepoints East West Line

At 50% lifepoints

50% North South Line

At 25% lifepoints

25% East West Line

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Legio Sextus Legio Sextus Sextus Signet VI Legio Sextus only attacks using the lightning strikes ability. For every 25% damage that you deal, his attacks will begin to stay on the ground longer. Due to the lightning strikes being on the ground for an extended time period, having a set pattern is the key to tackle the hits. If you begin to move all over the place, it can much likely result in being hit by the lightning.


Ascension crossbow

The main purpose of the dungeon is to hunt the Ascension crossbow, which is the most powerful crossbow available in RuneScape.

It can be made by taking one of each Ascension signet (I-VI), 100 Ascension shards and a Dragon crossbow to Ocellus at the Ascension Monastery. The crossbow lasts for 10 hours of combat before degrading. Bob in Lumbridge will repair it for 2,000,000 coins or you can repair it by using an Armor stand in a Player Owned House for a relatively less cost, depending on your Smithing level.

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