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Equipment and Inventory Recommendations:

The King cycles through phases three phases: Melee, Ranged and Magic. Each phase has a different weakness, so it may be beneficial to have all three attack styles present in your group.

Melee Equipment:

Example setup:

Melee setup


Magic Equipment:

Example setup:

Melee setup


Getting to the Kalphite King:

The easiest way to reach the Exiled Kalphite Hive is by Home teleporting to the Bandit camp lodestone and making your way southeast past the Jaldraocht Pyramid to the Hive entrance. Once there, enter the hive. Alternatively, you could use the Magic carpets to travel to Pollnivneach or the Bedabin camp and walk from there.

Hive route

If this is your first visit to the hive, you will need to follow the tunnel around until you reach the entrance to the King's chamber. Once there, clear the blocked tunnel to the west for future easy access. When you're ready, enter the tunnel and set up your battle instance. When done, you'll enter the King's chamber and he will spawn soon after.

King's chamber

Fighting the Kalphite King:

Kalphite King

The Kalphite King is currently one of the strongest monsters in RuneScape with a combat level of 2500. His attacks are deadly and easily capable of wiping out a team in a very short space of time. During the fight the King will cycle between three phases signified by the color of his wings. Each phase has a different set of attacks. Below is a breakdown of these phases:

Melee Phase:

The melee phase is signified by the King's wings turning orange. During this phase he is weak to fire spells. The King has four melee attacks, two of which are based around melee abilities the player has:

  • A standard melee attack capable of dealing very high damage.
  • Slaughter: If this attack successfully hits, the player will be hit for over 1k damage per game tick if they move.
  • Dismember - Similar to Slaughter, but deals less damage when the player moves.
  • The King will occasionally push players away from him dealing a small amount of damage.

Ranged phase:

The ranged phase is signified by the King's wings turning green. During this phase he is weak to stab attacks. The King has three ranged attacks:

  • Fragmentation shot: This attack causes damage over time and 3x damage if the player moves.
  • Stun dart: If this attack is successful it will stun the player for several seconds.
  • Incendiary shot: Identical to the ranged ultimate ability in that it explodes after several seconds dealing very high damage (up to 5,000 LP).

Magic phase:

The magic phase is signified by the King's wings turning blue. During this phase he is weak to ranged attacks. The King has two very powerful magic attacks:

  • Exploding yellow orb: The King launches several orbs which will hover for a few seconds before exploding, hitting anyone within range for up to 4,000 LP and stunning them. The player can be hit by multiple orbs at once making this an extremely dangerous attack.
  • Blue orb: The King fires blue orbs at anyone in close range, which stuns them before hitting up to 3,500 LP.
  • Yellow combustion orb: When the orb explodes, it also deals a combustion effect to the damage dealt to the player.

Special Attacks and Abilities:

  • Instant Kill: The King will target a player who then turns green and is stunned as well as been prevented from using any abilities. After several seconds, the King will kill them in one hit. The only way to avoid this attack is for a teammate to use the Provoke ability to switch the King's attention to them and then quickly use Resonance or Barricade(if they have a shield) or use Protect/Deflect from Melee and Devotion to negate the damage of the attack.
  • Marauder Spawn: The King will spawn a group of level 140 Exiled kalphite marauders to aid him. If you are standing on a spot where one spawns from the sand, you will be hit for up to 1,000 LP.
  • Dig: The King will dig into the sand and target a player. If the player doesn't move quickly, they will be stunned and hit for 4,000 LP.
  • Healing auras: The King will occasionally surround himself in a red or green aura. Any damage dealt while the red aura is active will instead heal him. The green is the same as the red, but if the King is stunned for 7 or more consecutive seconds while the green aura is active, he will instantly heal 24,000 LP.
  • Barricade: Using the Frenzy ultimate ability will cause the King to activate Barricade, negating all damage dealt to him for 10 seconds.
  • Immortality: The King is capable of activating the Immortality ability and will respawn with a small amount of Lifepoints remaining when killed.
  • Stomp: The King will stomp any player under him, hitting rapid 1,000s until they move.

Drygore Weaponry:

The King's most prized drops are the Drygore weaponry. These level 90 Attack weapons are the most powerful and valuable melee weapons in the game:

Name Image Bonuses
Damage Accuracy
Drygore longsword Drygore longsword 1102 2458
Drygore rapier Drygore rapier 1102 2458
Drygore mace Drygore mace 864 2458
Name Image Bonuses
Damage Accuracy
Off-hand drygore longsword Drygore longsword 551 2458
Off-hand drygore rapier Drygore rapier 551 2458
Off-hand drygore mace Drygore mace 432 2458

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