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Getting Started

The Hall of Memories is dedicated to containing the vast quantities of the energy from Guthix's memories. The entire hall is focused around Divination, and as such has great experience potential. To enter the hall, a player needs 70 Divination, but to unlock everything the hall has to offer, a player needs to have 95 Divination.

To enter the Hall of Memories, start by going to the Memorial to Guthix. This can fastest be done by using memory strands to teleport there. You can do the same thing by using a sixth age circuit, or by using the Eagles' Peak lodestone and running north of the mountain. Upon arriving, walk up to the pool and use the “enter pool" option to enter the Hall of Memories.


The Archivist

Once you have entered the Hall of Memories, the first thing you encounter will be a damaged automaton called The Archivist. Since you talking to it seems to convince it that you are a malfunctioning automaton (because irony), it will give you a basic rundown of what to do in the hall if you ask. It will also give you various memory-storage bots to restore.


Before you can make any experience, you will need something to store the memories. Unlike with wisp colony divination, divination within the Hall of Memories requires a vessel to store memories. Head over to the jar depot on the Eastern side of the chamber to fill your inventory with some memory jars. It is recommended to keep 3 inventory spaces free of jars for core memory fragments, memory shards, and a memory-storage bot.

Jars be found here

Once you have filled a memory jar, you can throw them into the unstable rift in the Northern end of the hall for 3,400 Divination expereince each.

There are several sources from which players can harvest their memories. Which sources are active change once every 25 seconds, signaled by memories encircling the sources. Each source will exclusively give you one type of memory when harvested, which is signaled by the color of the wisps encircling the source. The sources do require different divination levels to harvest them, and grant different experience rates, just like wisps of the same name:

Memory Type Active Source Divination Level Experience Rate
Lustrous Lustrous 70 16
Brilliant Brilliant 80 18
Radiant Radiant 85 20
Luminous Luminous 90 22
Incandescent Incandescent 95 24

The images shown in the table above are all pillars, but the potential sources include pillars, generators, and deactivated automatons.

Deactivated Automaton Generator Pillar
Automaton Generator Pillar

Should you so desire, you can also harvest your memories from the faded memories that spawn around the memory bud in the center of the hall. They merely require access to the hall to harvest, and grant an experience rate of 12 experience per tick.

Faded Memories

Aagi, Seren, Juna, Edicts, and Cres

While you are harvesting memories within the hall, you will be able to restore the memory to Aagi, Seren, Juna, Edicts, and Cres, along with many other unnamed, generic memory-storage bots. The named ones mentioned above are always received in that order, and require 200 memory data of a specific kind found within the hall to completely restore them. Each bot requires a higher divination level than the previous one to restore. Restoring and turning all five of them in to The Archivist will complete the “Data Recovery" achievement. In addition, for each one you successfully complete and turn in, you will gain a perk from the Hall of Memories, as well as 10,000 divination experience.

Storage Bot Memories Divination Level Perk
Aagi 200 Lustrous 70 Extra passive effect from the Memorial to Guthix fountain of energy.
Seren 200 Brilliant 80 Increased memory strand gain whilst in the Hall of Memories.
Juna 200 Radiant 85 Able to create three divine locations per day.
Edicts 200 Luminous 90 Increased memory gain when harvesting from faded memories.
Cres 200 Incandescent 95 Increased energy gain when converting memories.

Once the 5 unique memory-storage bots have been restored, it will give you generic memory-storage bots, which require 50 of each kind of memory data harvested within the hall. Whenever you turn a generic memory-storage bot in to The Archivist, you will be awarded 10,000 divination experience, just as you were with the unique ones. Turning in 50 of the generic bots completes “The Archivist" achievement, which unlocks the title “[NAME] the Archivist".

Butterfly of Recollection


Flying around the Hall of Memories are 2 Butterflies of Recollection. When a player is near one, they gain a buff that gives them a chance to receive memory shards when harvesting within the Hall of Memories. The buff lasts 60 seconds.

Odd Occurrences


There are some odd things that happen around the hall, but while they are not 100% predictable, they are always the same few things.

Guthixian Caches

Guthixian Caches occur once every hour at :00 game time. The Archivist will always notify you:

“WARNING: Unstable craters observed, intruders entering Guthixian Caches! Automaton, I can send you there."

Clicking The Archivist's “Enter-Cache" option will teleport you into the cache. When you leave the cache, you will be teleported back to the hall.

Knowledge Overflows

On occasion, the Hall of Memories will experience a knowledge overflow. When this happens, the room shakes briefly, and then knowledge fragments proceed to emerge from the rifts around the memory bud. Players can catch these memory fragments for a portion of divination experience equal to 5 times the player's divination level, maxing out at 495 experience at level 99.
Knowledge Overload

Core Memory Fragments


Every now and then, a core memory fragment will appear in the room. You will get a notice from The Archivist saying that it needs to be contained. When you have core memory fragments, they can be placed on the plinths in the Northern corners of the hall to gain 1,000 Divination experience. Upon all 6 plinths receiving core memory fragments, the memory bud in the center of the room will open for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


Each world has its own plinths with core memories potentially applied to them. As a result, there is a Friends Chat (“corehunting") dedicated to finding worlds with multiple core memories already set up, allowing for the players in the group to access the memory bud more consistently. Since harvesting from the memory bud gives experience at the same rate as incandescent memories but fills jars much faster, opening the memory bud consistently is a great way to gain Divination experience at a quick, consistent rate.

The Memory Bud

While the memory bud is open, it will display a core memory of Guthix's, each one regarding the person or item shown. Players can harvest from the core memory, which fills memory jars at a much faster rate, giving 24 Divination experience per tick. They can also inspect them to experience some words from Guthix firsthand. Inspecting all five major memories (Aagi, Seren, Juna, Sword of Edicts, and Cres) will unlock the achievement “Guthix and the Chamber of Secrets."

Aagi Seren Juna Sword of Edicts Cres

May your memories flower into Divination skillcapes!

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