Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to the Grand Exchange
2. Getting Started in the Grand Exchange
3. The Basics of Trading Items
- Selling and Buying Items
- Armor Sets
4. Your Trade History


Welcome one and all the Grand Exchange of RuneScape! Located to the west of Varrock Palace, the Grand Exchange (also called GE) is a way for players, F2p and P2p alike, to trade their wares in a safe and fair environment. Having to go to over-populated worlds, like world 2, is now a thing of the past. The GE makes it easy for users to submit their items for a predetermined price, set by Jagex, in any world and any user looking to buy the items submitted can then buy without the hassle of being scammed.


Getting Started in the Grand Exchange:

Before you can start all of your trading with the Grand Exchange you must first go through a tutorial to see how everything works. You can take this tutorial by speaking to either the Grand Exchange Tutor or Brugsen Bursen, both of whom are by to the south entrance of the Grand exchange. We shall go over how to use the GE later in this guide.

Brugsen Bursen:
Brugsen Bursen

Grand Exchange Tutor:
Grand Exchange Tutor

Around the central fountain of the exchange you will notice some other people who you can talk with. These people are the expert traders and know all about the prices of their area of expertise. Each person can tell you of the ever changing prices of their corresponding area. The traders are as follow:

Hofuthand - Weapons and Armour Prices
Armour prices

Bob Barter - Herb Prices
Bob Barter
Herb prices

Relobo Blinyo - Log Prices
Relobo Blinyo
Log prices

Farid Morrisane - Ore Prices
Farid Morrisane
Ore prices

Murky Matt - Rune Prices
Murky Matt
Rune prices

* Note: The prices for any item able to be sold here always changes, so the picture prices are not necessarily correct!

In the corners of the Grand Exchange are four booths with a number of people - those in blue are the Grand Exchange clerks, and those in grey are Bankers. In the center is a fountain surrounded by a garden useful for filling buckets, vials, or other containers.

Basics of Trading Items:

Trading items through the Grand Exchange is simpler than you may at first think. All you have to do is have those items you wish to sell, or the cash you wish to spend. Even if you do not have them, don

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