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Finding the Giant Mole:

The Giant Mole can be found in the Mole Lair beneath Falador park. To access the lair, crawl down the plant roots found in the northwest corner of the park. (Note: The lair is instanced and you will first have to set up your instance by choosing the number of players that can access it and if you want to activate Hard Mode). Once inside, head south into the central chamber of the lair and you'll find the Giant Mole wandering around.

Plant roots

Fighting the Giant Mole:

Giant Mole

With a combat level of 75, the Giant Mole is the weakest boss monster in RuneScape, but should still not be taken lightly as it is still level 230 combat level. A combat level of 75 using at least level 60 equipment is recommended if you want to attempt to fight her in a team and a combat level of 95 is recommended to successfully solo her or attempt Hard Mode in a team.

The actual fight with the mole is split up into three phases. A breakdown of these is below.

Phase 1:

The first phase simply involves attacking the mole until she gets worried and tries to flee by digging underground to one of the outer chambers. When she does, follow the direction indicated by the arrow created by her movement (circled below) to find her and continue the fight.

Giant Mole Fleeing

Phase 2:

In each of the outer chambers, the mole uses a different special attack. These are as follows:

  • In the northwest chamber she will summon four level 85 moles to aid her and take reduced damage while they're alive. They only have 100LP, so you can quickly kill them or simply concentrate on attacking the Giant Mole until she digs to another chamber. In Hard Mode she'll summon up to 10 moles.

  • In the northeast chamber she'll occasionally become enraged and the damage her attacks deal will greatly increase. Use a stun ability to prevent her from attacking you when she is enraged. In Hard Mode her attacks are capable of hitting all players rather than just her target and are much stronger.

  • In the southeast chamber she'll occasionally stun you and cause rocks to fall from the ceiling, dealing rapid damage for several seconds if you don't move. This can be avoided by using the Anticipation or Freedom abilities. In Hard Mode all players will be stunned and hit with rocks rather than just her target. She also uses an additional attack that freezes one player until they're freed either by a team mate or an attack from the mole (deals up to 1,500 damage).

  • In the southwest chamber she'll dig underground and create a 3x3 square of unstable ground that deals rapid continuous damage to anybody stood on top of it. Simply move to avoid this attack.

Magic setup

Phase 3:

When the mole is at around 15% health, she'll return to the central chamber and use all of her special attacks from the outer chambers together. You now just need to survive and finish her off to get your loot.

The Rewards:

When the Giant Mole dies, she will always drop a Mole Claw, and between 1-3 Mole Hides. For a full list of all the items it drops, please refer to the Giant Mole in our Monster Database.

Nest Rewards:


You can take any Mole Claws and Hides you've obtained and trade them to Wyson the gardener for Bird nests.

If you have completed the Hard Falador Task Set, he will also reward you with an additional 1 White lily seed for every Mole Hide. If you have completed the Falador Elite Task Set, then you will also receive a Mole nose every time you kill the mole. This can be traded to Wyson for nests which have a higher chance to contain a high-level seed.

Below is a table that shows all the types of seeds and items you can get from these nests.

Item Type Item Name
Allotment Seeds Potato (14), Onion (11), Cabbage (9), Tomato (6), Sweetcorn (3), Limpwurt (2), Strawberry (3), Ranarr (1), Watermellon (2)
Rings Gold, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond
Tree Seeds Acorn (1), Willow (1), Maple (1), Yew (1), Palm (1), Magic (1), Spirit (1)

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