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Within the throne room there are 3 different activities that can be performed. Each one requires at least level 65 in the associated skill. It is only possible to gain up to 800,000 experience in each one of the skills offered here. These skilling methods are suggested for those between level 65-75. Skill rocks can be found while skilling with these methods.

At each of the skill areas, you will notice 1 node that is highlighted with a glowing purple swirl beneath it. This node is empowered and will grant about 10 times the amount of experience for skilling at that specific node. Be aware that the node will move regularly to a new spot within its respective skilling area.

It is also important to be aware that the skilling areas work with each other. The Mining area supplies rocks to the Agility area, which in turn moves them along to the Divination area. On a slower world you should not face any caps, up to 500 crystals can fit in the Refinatrix at one time for example, or run out of any supplies to move/transmute. If you do hit a cap and you want to continue with that specific skill, you can simply hop worlds as the caps are world specific.


This is the first skilling area which you will encounter as you enter the throne room. Just East of the door is a Crystal storage bin; you can right-click the bin to see how many crystals it currently holds. Celia Diggory can be found slightly South of this bin. You will need to withdraw Senntisten crystals from it and transmute them into red, blue, green, or orange crystals; you can choose to transmute and deposit any color at any time but choosing the empowered crystal color will provide the most experience. You will gain 1.9 experience for each normal crystal transmuted and deposited, and 19.8 experience for each empowered one.



Climbing down the stairs, you will find 4 Dark animica formations. Two on the center dais on the East side of the room and one on each side of it. These rocks can be mined and used for Smithing just like any other rock. Note that this is the ONLY location where Dark animica can be found>



On the ground floor, near the Refinatrix machine, you will notice 6 Manual Auto-cycles. By hopping on one and peddling, carts full of the crystals are taken to the crystal storage bin at the entrance of the throne room. Approximately every 2 seconds you will receive an experience drop of 3.8 experience on a normal node. On an empowered one, you will receive 38.2 experience instead. You will notice that the center 2 machines are powered by workers, this does not affect your ability to use them as well.



As you are skilling at any one of the nodes, you may obtain a Senntisten scroll. These should be taken to Celia Diggory, found near the crystal storage bin or just outside the throne room. She will be able to translate them and give you a copy of what it says. Finding 4 of these scrolls and giving them to Celia will complete the “Sentient Letters” requirement for the Master Quest Cape.

You are able to obtain all 4 scrolls before taking them to Celia. They will always be gained in a specific order:

  1. Letter signed 'Pontifex Madromurt'
  2. Letter signed 'Pontifex Nabor'
  3. Letter signed 'Pontifex Bilrach'
  4. Damaged digsite letter

Simply speak to Celia with 1 or more scroll within your inventory. She will remark that you seem to have found something and offer to take them to the museum where they belong. She will spend a moment translating them before offering you a copy of the scrolls. These scrolls describe various events that occurred during the Second Age. If they are lost or destroyed, you can obtain another copy from Celia.

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