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Life on Iaia

The Ilujanka were once a peaceful community on Iaia, until something changed the anima of the planet, causing the Ilujanka to have infertility issues. Leaving them to face possible extinction, many Ilujanka fled Iaia to try and prevent their doom. If only they knew what was coming.

How To Get There

You can use the 'Dream of Iaia' teleport option on the Enriched pontifex shadow ring to teleport to the Effigy Incubator area, where you can use the Hibernation pod to enter the dream or you can use the Anachronia Lodestone and run north to the laboratory, entering the laboratory then using the Hibernation pod next to the exit.


In order to access the Dream, you must have completed Extinction and Sins of the Father, spoken to either Hannibus or Vicendithas, and have level 75 in any one of the following skills.

Skilling Stations

Within the Dream there are 6 skilling locations. These stations must be built using resources collected at Anachronia Base Camp. For each one, you will need 50,000 resources of the type listed in the table below. Once created, you will have 135,000 Stored Experience. See the Training section below for more details.

Station Resource Skill NPC Image
Stonemason Stone stone Construction Stonemason Stonemason
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Tannery Hides hides Crafting Tanner Tanner
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Fishery Clay clay Fishing Fisher Fishery
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Fletcher's hut Wood wood Fletching Fletcher Fletcher's Hut
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Apothecary Leaves leaves Herblore Apothecary Apothecary
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Hunting lodge Vine vine Hunter Hunter Hunting lodge
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The experience can be gained by clicking on the station to start skilling, if you wanted to contribute more resources to the given station, you can right-click the NPC within the station and contribute resources with them. You can right-click the station to check how much experience is stored within, but you must have built the station to use this option.

Each experience point costs 2 resources, maxing out the station with 350,000 experience will cost you a massive 700,000 resources at EACH station, a grand total of 4.2 million if you filled each of the 6 stations. You are not obligated to fill the stations with maximum experience, this is just an option for storing experience for any of the given skills.

If you filled a station's experience fully, it would take 1 hour to empty, but this does not mean it will take you 1 hour exactly, the hour is based on experience tick drops but there can be many variables that cause experience gain to stop or be delayed (Your inventory gets full, Your connection drops or you get busy In Real Life Ect).

Each experience tick will use 175 experience from the stations store, using experience boosts will boost your overall experience but will not use any more experience from the station. It is recommended to use as many experience boosts as possible (Only the ones that stack with each other) while also having bonus experience to maximize the amount of experience you can obtain. You do not NEED to use experience boosts but we recommend that you do. A couple of examples,

You can get Blessing from the Gods, Seren spirit's and catalysts of alteration* whilst skilling at the stations, You can also obtain the respective skilling pets, along with Strange/Golden rocks. Additionally you can also can fill each of the respective Urns whilst skilling. Augmented tools (Augmented Crystal fishing rod or Fishing rod-o-matic) will not gain any experience whilst skilling within the dream.

*Requires the Scripture of Bik to obtain.


The following stories are unlocked by contributing resources and training at each of the 6 skilling stations, each stations NPC gives a story. There is 1/1000 chance of progression but using a Lorehound will increase your chances. There are 'levels' of dialog that come from each NPC, the dialog 'levels' go as followed.

  1. Thank you for the (Resource depending on which NPC). If you keep supplying me with more, I can teach you much about Ilujankan (Skill depending on which NPC) techniques.
  2. You are learning much of our ways. Keep on as you are, and I will share a story with you.
  3. You have learned much. I shall soon share my tale with Pastkeeper Sharrigan.
  4. I have recounted my tale to Pastkeeper Sharrigan. Thank you for all of your efforts. Perhaps you should train at one of the other stations for a time.

Stonemason's Story

Pride is a virtue. We should always have pride in ourselves and what we do. But like so many things, too much or a virtue can become a vice. Pride can so easily twist into vanity or hubris. Lamilos was a very prideful man. Lamilos had scales that were as bright as the moons during a conjunction. They glistened in the morning light and they reflected the gentle glow of twilight in a dazzling array of colours. People were in awe of his beauty, but none quite so much as himself. So enamoured with his own beauty was Lamilos, that he decided he needed to live somewhere where he could properly admire himself.

He consulted with the village architects and masons and he commissioned from them a house so magnificent that it would be the envy of all. He wanted a house with inner walls made of glistening glass and outer walls made from polished stone. So that he could gaze upon his reflected beauty whenever the mood struck him. The masons and architects warned him that such a house was folly, but Lamilos would hear none of it. He demanded that they make him this house of mirrors and begrudgingly they obliged.

For many days and nights, Lamilos delighted in a house that showed himself wherever he turned. He revelled in his reflections and he conversed with his countenance with a relish so profound he barely slept. But pride comes before a fall and before the fall comes the summer. This summer was the brightest and hottest summer of them all. A heat so strong that the crops wilted and the swamp began to dry. The sun's rays were so bright and so strong, but when they entered the house of glass and mirrors they became a blazing inferno of radiance. In an instant, Lamilos - and all his beautiful scales - became motes of dust in the summer air.


Tanner's Story

Trouble follows some people. No matter what they do, or where they go, it stalks them like a varigun beast hunting its prey. Poor Eldibras was one such person. Eldibras had trained all his life as a potter, longing to craft beautiful works of art from Iaia's rich and colourful clay. But his pots always wobbled and his cups always cracked. He tried and he tired, but it was as though the olun'dai had decided his work was never going to be of the quality he worked for. Then one day a strange visitor arrived in the town. He was tall and smelled of exotic spices and flowers that no one has ever smelled before. He wandered through the shops in search of something unique, but with each perfect piece of craftsmanship he turned away disgruntled.

Until finally he come upon Eldibras's meagre market stall and spied the lopsided, warped and imperfect creations that the sheeping potter offered for sale. 'such wonders!‘ spoke the man. His voice was like a bellowing wind and it shook all the pieces of the table. The pots wobbled. The cups jiggled. But their warped imperfections stopped them from falling. 'Never have I seen such unique works. Each of them different. Each of them a tale of struggle and survival. I must have them!' He handed Eldibras not a bag of gold, nor a precious stone, but a small box that rattled and wobbled. 'Inside this box is a beautiful imperfection. A piece of time that got lost and unstuck from the rest. Keep it with you, so you will always have the time you need.' and with that the stranger took the misshapen pots and cups and he walked out of this story and into another.

From then on, Eldibras had all the time in the world - and he knew it. He focused on his craft and in time he could make pots, bowls, plates and cups that were without blemish. Though he always kept the ones that weren't perfect. Because he knew that their imperfections made them unique, made them beautiful.


Fisher's Story

I shall tell you the tale of the Omisha the fisher. Omisha was not the master of her trade, nor was she a novice. Her life was a monument to mediocrity and that was the way she liked it. She had a few aspirations of greatness, and no desire for power, fame or wealth. She simply wanted to live a comfortable life and be happy. But the Olun'dai is a fickle thing and her Olun'det had other plans for her. One day, as she fished for shellfish in the warm light of summer, she came across a brightly coloured shell unlike any she had seen before. Carefully, she shucked the shell, prying it open to see what sort of creature lay inside. But no creature did she find.

Instead she found only a single pearl, nested perfectly in the shell. The pearl was a beautiful thing. When she looked at it one way, it seemed to be a beautiful silver, but as she turned it round it seemed to change first to red, then to purple then once more to silver. She took the pearl home with her and wondered how best to use it, when she heard a knock on the door. Answering it, she was greeted by a woman, with scales of beautiful silver and long robes to match. 'I have come for my pearl' she said.

Omisha was confused, for the woman could not possibly claim to own a shell and she dismissed her rudely. On the next night a knock fell upon her door again. At the door was a woman who looked identical to the first, except her scaled were a deep crimson. She too asked for the pearl and was turned away. On the third night, as before, a knock fell upon the door. This time the woman had scales of a deep and vibrant purple. She asked for the pearl and was denied as the others had been. 'We have asked only for what is ours,' she said. 'As you have taken it from us, we shall take back what is also ours. Until you return the pearl to us.' And with that, she left. Content that she had nothing that they had given her, Omisha went about the next day as normal.

But when night fell the entire village was plunged into the deepest darkness. Frantically, Omisha looked for moonlight between the clouds, but there was no sign of the moons in the sky. For three weeks there was nothing but darkness in the night and she could no longer escape the effects. The fish, requiring the light, began to die and so only the stronger fishers claimed them. The crops began to wilt and perish and a famine fell across the land. Omisha wept at her greed and chastised herself for her hubris. With regret in her heart, she returned the pearl to the waters and added her tears as an apology. That night, the moons shone once more.


Fletcher's Story

Once, a long time ago, a seed fell from the sky and landed in the garden of a young woman called Fridal. Fridal was poor and her family's farm was failing. Suffering from a terrible blight that caused all their crops to fail and their animals to become sick. Fridal found the seed and marvelled at its colourful hues and shimmering textures. Fearing that it too would fail to the blight if she planted it in her fields, she planted it in the dark part of the swamp where no one dared to go. She hoped it might grow into something beautiful, so that the swamps would be less frightening. For thirteen days and fourteen nights, she watched as the seed sprouted and grew. To her dismay, it was not a thing of beauty.

But a twisted and wicked-looking tree, with long white branches that reached out like claws, and a knot in its trunk that looked like an angry gurh's face. Feeling that all things have their place, even as firewood, she cut down the wicket tree and returned to her home. But the wood was damp and would not burn. To vent her frustration, Fridal chose to instead to shape and carve the wood, so that something ugly might become beautiful. She carved the wood into an elegant - if angry-looking - gurh, and she set it out in the garden so that it might watch over her crops.

The next day, she discovered her fields were overflowing with crops and her sick animals were healthy. The carved gurh had not moved, but its expression from one of anger to one of gentle contentment. Fridal smiled and laughed. The tree had been ugly, but as she had always thought, deep down it was truly beautiful. From that day on, Fridal's harvests were bountiful and her animals healthy. She kept looking into the sky to see if another seed would fall. After all, no gurh should be alone.

who wood know?

Apothecary's Story

Once, long ago, there was a young man in love and as so often the case, his beloved had no idea. Even we Ilujanka can suffer from the cruel affliction of shyness and Aliranna had it worse than most. He wanted nothing more than to have the courage to speak to her, to tell her how he cared for her. But the words were like thorns in his throat and he could not get them out. There are few foes so powerful as the foe within ourselves and Aliranna's inner nemesis hated him. His shyness made him fade from the view of others and he became as silent as a mouse. He could cross the village in the middle of the night and no one would know he were there. If his heart had been cold he could have made an excellent thief, but the thought never crossed his mind. He was so quiet and so easily forgotten that he became as a ghost. He didn't mind. As long as he caught sight of her from time to time, he felt life was worth living. But then one day the beast came.

A huge angry thing, with a mau so wide it could swallow a whole herd of gurh and with eyes so fierce that anyone who met its gaze became frozen in terror. As it stalked across the village, eating and destroying as it went, it would whistle a strange tune that made the fins on the back of people's necks stand on end. By day it would raid the village, consuming stores of food and terrifying the families. By night it would curl itself around the great tree in the town centre and fall into a strange whistling slumber. The village warriors would try and sneak up to the creature to scare it away, but each time the beast saw them coming. One day the beast's tastes took a darker turn. One night, it stole the light of Aliranna's life and dragged her away to its nest.

Though his shyness screamed at him, Aliranna could not let her become food for the beast, and so he went to the marshlands and there he collected three leaves of the jabracat plant. The leaves were deadly to the touch, but Aliranna's fingers were nimble and they were no danger to him. He snuck back in the dead of the night and crept up to the creature. His footsteps were silent and each breath no louder than an insect's heartbeat. The world had forgotten him and he used that to his advantage. As the beast slept he placed the tree leaves of the jabracat plant upon it. One lay across its eyes, so the poisons would blind it. One lay across its nose, so that the toxins would rob it of its sense of smell. The final he laid at its lips, so that its deadly coating might force the beast to slumber deeper. When the beast was subdued, Aliranna crept into its nest and rescued his love. In the morning, the warriors chased the beast out of the village, and one week later Aliranna finally plucked up the courage to court his love.

leaf me alone

Hunter's Story

Gather then and listen of Radti the Red, who journeyed into the heart of the world in search of secrets. A long time ago, as these stories begin, was a young warrior named for her scaled, which were a deep crimson, unlike any other. The villagers took her red scales as a sign that she was chosen by Akash, the great red moon and was therefore destined for great things. When she came of age, the young warrior set out across the world to seek her destiny. Knowing that something wonderous must be waiting for her. She journeyed across mountains, but found no treasure above or below.

She swam across the mightiest rivers, but no spirit stopped to ask her riddles. She even braved the great fire lakes, yet all she found were crackling flames and harmless plumes of smoke. For years she wondered the world in search of destiny, until she came, one day, upon a great chasm that seemed to fall down into the very heart of the world. 'Hello!' She cried out into the darkness. But only silence answered. Having journeyed everywhere else, this was the only place left to her, so she tied a rope around a nearby tree and descended down into the darkness. The heart of the world is a dark place, where the walls are close and the air hangs heavy and thick. As Radri climbed each breath grew harder and harder, until she felt she would not have the strength to return.

But she knew that destiny was down there, at the bottom of the world, so she steeled herself further and descended. After what seemed like days, she finally reached the bottom of the chasm. All around her there was only darkness, with the only source of light being the flickering torchlight in her hands. Even the sun and moons had abandoned this place. At the heart of the world she found a clam like she had never felt. Though the air was thick and heavy, it did not burn her throat, nor stifle her breathing. As she wandered the catacombs beneath the earth, she came across a great cave illuminated by glittering stones that rested within the walls. In the heart of the room sat an ancient Ilujanka with scales as crimson as Radri's own. 'Ah, you have come to me then? At long last.' the ancient woman asked. 'Come to seek destiny?' Radri nodded, pleased she had finally sought what she had looked for all these years. But the old woman simply laughed, a cold and hollow laugh. Then come little Radri, take my hand and see what destiny looks like. Radri stepped forward, hand stretched out in triumph and as she moved forward her hand touched the waters surface and the old woman shattered into rippling colours.

Moments later, she returned and faced Radri with her hand outstretched to match Radri's own. It was then that Radri recognised the old woman, for in her eyes she saw the eyes of her youth. She had spent so long searching for destiny, that she had grown ancient and old. She had forsaken every joy in life in search of a dream and now she was too late to seek another. For it is not wise to dwell on dreams at the cost of living. Destiny, after all, does not like to be hunted.


Potential Drops

Amphibious jadinko (unchecked) Anachronia resource pack Aquatic jadinko (unchecked)
Arcane apoterrasaur (unchecked) Arcane apoterrasaur iratum (unchecked) Arcane apoterrasaur natura (Unchecked)
Asciatops (unchecked) Asciatops acta (unchecked) Asciatops aurum (unchecked)
Bagrada nemus (unchecked) Bagrada purpura (unchecked) Bagrada rex (unchecked)
Beach dinosaur (unchecked) Black salamander (unchecked) Blowpipe chitin
Blowpipe feather Blowpipe fins Bone blowpipe
Brutish dinosaur (unchecked) Buggy mush (50-150) Camouflaged jadinko (unchecked)
Cannibal jadinko (unchecked) Carrion jadinko (unchecked) Common green frog (unchecked)
Common jadinko (unchecked) Compacted clay Compacted hides
Compacted leaves Compacted stone Compacted vines
Compacted wood Corbicula gelum (unchecked) Corbicula malum (unchecked)
Corbicula rex (unchecked) Dinosaur rib bone Dinosaur tooth
Diseased jadinko (unchecked) Draconic jadinko (unchecked) Essential oils
Feral dinosaur (unchecked) Fishy mush (50-150) Flowery mush (50-150)
Forest dinosaur (unchecked) Fruity mush (50-150) Golden poison frog (unchecked)
Green salamander (unchecked) Igneous jadinko (unchecked) Laboratory relic (common)
Laboratory relic (uncommon) Laboratory relic (rare) Malletops (unchecked)
Malletops palus (unchecked) Malletops purpura (unchecked) Meaty mush (50-150)
Mushy mush (50-150) Necklace of Salamancy Oculi apoterrasaur (unchecked)
Oculi apoterrasaur glacies (unchecked) Oculi apoterrasaur oceanum (unchecked) Orange salamander (unchecked)
Pavosaurus desertum (unchecked) Pavosaurus nemus (unchecked) Pavosaurus rex (unchecked)
Phantasmal poison frog (unchecked) Red salamander (unchecked) Reinforced dinosaur pelt
Ripper dinosaur (unchecked) Scimitops (unchecked) Scimitops blavum (unchecked)
Scimitops palus (unchecked) Seedy mush (50-150) Shadow jadinko (unchecked)
Sky-blue poison frog (unchecked) Spicati apoterrasaur (unchecked) Spicati apoterrasaur purpura (unchecked)
Spicati apoterrasaur tilia (unchecked) Variety mush (50-150) Veggie mush (50-150)
Venomous dinosaur (unchecked)


While in the Dream, there are 2 achievements you can complete. These are:

  • Out of the past - Obtained by giving Sharrigan the Pastkeeper amulet.
  • To Dream, Perchance to Keep - Help Pastkeeper Sharrigan to remember all stories within the 'Dream of Iaia'.

Once you have completed the achievements, you will unlock the "Pastkeeper" title and 2 new skyboxes: Amber Haze and Iaia (Surface).

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