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Far off the shores of Gielinor lies the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. Here, there are several different methods to gain Fishing experience. Some which gain you items to Cook and others that don’t. Prepare your sea legs and join us as we explore all the Hub has to offer!



As can be expected the main activity on the Hub is Fishing itself. See below for the varieties offered in order of Fishing level required.

Swarms – Level 68:

Located in the South West corner of the Deep Sea Fishing Hub is a long net. Here, you can click once to catch fish ranging from Mackerel to Sailfish without the fishing spot moving. Occasionally a fish will get snagged on your net, however, and you will need to start fishing again. The specific fish caught here will depend upon your Fishing level. While a level 85 COULD catch sailfish (level 97) they will catch far fewer of them than other fish closer to their level.

Slightly North of the swarm is a Magical fishing net that can act as a safe deposit box.

Swarms Of Fish

Minnow Shoal – Level 68:

Just South of the entrance to the Deep Sea Fishing Hub are 2 fishing spots. These spots contain shoals of Magnetic minnows that do not require bait to catch. Magnetic minnows stack in your inventory, making them a great AFK skilling option. Unlike other fish caught, these are made into bait for Magical fishing spots. Each bait conversion requires 300 Magnetic minnows, which can be caught in up to groups of 3 at a time. Be sure to Right-click the Minnows and choose "gut" as Left-clicking will cause you to eat one instead of creating bait.

The boat you arrived on can act as a bank chest if for some reason you need to access your bank.


Jellyfish – Level 68/91:

In the central North area of the Deep Sea Fishing Hub are 9 Jellyfish fishing spots. Of these 9, some will be Green blubber jellyfish (level 68) and others will be Blue blubber jellyfish (level 91). On occasion, jellyfish of either color may become electrified. When catching electrified jellyfish, you will acquire a debuff stack. If/when this stack reaches 10, you will be stunned (cleared with freedom) and unable to catch fish from an electrified spot until your cooldown timer finishes. Note that this timer is typically about 2 minutes long, however, it will reset and stun you once again if you attempt to catch another electrified jellyfish before it fully clears. If your debuff stack has not reached 10, it is possible to reduce it by 2 stacks for each normal jellyfish caught; this will not help lower your cooldown timer after being stunned.

There is both a bank chest, at the Southern end of the area on a boat, and a Magical net, West of the area, where you can deposit your caught jellyfish.

Peanut Butter

Magical Fishing Spot – Level 79:

Located in various places around the Deep Sea Fishing Hub, you can find Magical fishing spots. Here you will need to throw bait, created by the Magnetic minnows, into the water. This will cause it to become a temporary fishing spot of choice, dependent on the bait used. Choices include Manta ray (bait), Sea turtle (bait), and Great white shark (bait). The spot will last for about 50 fish before resetting to a Magical fishing spot ready for bait once again.

Pick A Spot, Any Spot

Fishing Frenzy – Level 94:

On the far West side of the Deep Sea Fishing Hub is where you can partake in the Fishing Frenzy activity. You will not receive any items in your inventory while participating, but you will earn a hefty bit of experience; earning you the highest possible xp/h in game.

The idea of the activity is to continually fling fish from the nearby fishing spots into the large net. You will earn 1 streak for every fishing spot cleared (it will vanish). Fishing continually will earn you bonuses of +1% experience for every 10 streak points. Note that you only need to click the fishing spots to achieve this. Click one, wait for it to disappear, click another, repeat. While your streak can far exceed 200, your boost will max out at 20%. If you stop fishing for 6 seconds, your streak will be cut in half and your bonus reduced accordingly; this will not reduce any more unless you fling fish and become inactive again, however, it will fully reset if you lobby. The higher your Fishing level, the higher your success rate of flinging the fish. Gaining a streak of 200 will complete the "Frenzied" achievement.

Crazy In Here

Sailfish – Level 97:

To the North East side of the Deep Sea Fishing Hub are 3 Sailfish spots. Typically, one of these spots is a Swift sailfish location. This means that you catch them at a higher rate and experience than normal sailfish spots, however, the spot will move more often. On occasion you will find a Calm sailfish spot that will do the opposite – the spot will last longer and you will catch fish at a slower rate. The Magical net just West of the Jellyfish spots offers a moderately convenient location to bank what is caught.

Sail Away


During your time at the Hub, several random events may occur. Interacting with them often will earn you experience, titles, and objects, though some of them come at a price. These all take place in the large area of water between the Jellyfish, fishing Swarms, and the Crow’s nest.


A giant sailfish may spawn and swim around briefly. You cannot interact with it in any way and do not need to. At the end of almost a minute, Arkaneo will leave and grant all on the Hub with the deep sea Fishing boosts. These boosts will last 15 minutes; note that this will reduce to 5 minutes if you change worlds.

Deep Sea:

These events rely on specific actions being completed to gain a Fishing boost. More people participating in one of these events is more likely to garner success. Using world 116 (official world for the Deep Sea Fishing Hub) is your best chance at success.

Jellyfish Invasion:

A large jellyfish will spawn in the open patch of water. Around the docks, multiple jellyfish will be found on the walkways. You will need to repeatedly click jellyfish to clear them off the docks in 2 waves. Successfully removing the jellyfish invasion will earn you a 5% Fishing experience boost for 30 minutes; this time will reduce to 10 minutes if you change worlds.

Alien Attack

Sea Monster:

A sea monster will spawn and you will need to either throw raw fish (from your inventory/bank) or Crates of rotten fish (from the nearby barrels) to the Sea monster to feed it. It is best to feed the Sea monster the Crates of rotten fish as they heal 2,000 and are free, however, they will not always be available. WHen having to use your own fish, higher level fish will fill the Sea monster more, so throwing Tuna will only feed it for a few hundred points while throwing a Sailfish will feed it over 2,000. Successfully feeding it enough will earn you a 10% chance of gaining an extra catch for 30 minutes; this time will reduce to 10 minutes if you change worlds.



A whale will spawn and hold its mouth open. Your mission is to help rescue a fisherman that was swallowed by the whale. To do this, you will need to fish Magnetic minnows from the whale’s mouth. Successfully freeing the fisherman will earn you a 10% Fishing rate boost for 30 minutes; this time will reduce to 10 minutes if you change worlds.

Nom Nom

Travelling merchant:

On occasion a ship will appear in the open area of water. Interacting with it will enable you to purchase things from their shop. There will always be 4 items which can be purchased. The first item will always be an Uncharted island map while the other three items change daily at reset. Note that you can only purchase each item once per day, even if you encounter the merchant again.

Purchasing any item will complete the "Up for Sail" achievement.

Items sold include:

Advanced pulse core Anima crystal Barrel of bait Broken fishing rod
Crystal triskelion D&D token (daily) D&D token (monthly) D&D token (weekly)
Deathtouched dart Dragonkin lamp Dungeoneering Wildcard Gift for the Reaper
Goebie burial charm Harmonic dust Large goebie burial charm Livid plant
Menaphite gift offering (large) Menaphite gift offering (medium) Menaphite gift offering (small) Message in a bottle
Sacred clay Shattered anima (Shattered Worlds) Silverhawk down Slayer VIP Coupon
Small goebie burial charm Starved ancient effigy Taijitu Tangled fishbowl
Unfocused damage enhancer Unfocused reward enhancer Unstable air rune

Buy Our Wares


A whirlpool may spawn in the open area of water. You can interact with it in 2 ways. Firstly, you can fish from it, obtaining various catches depending on your Fishing level. Secondly, you can right-click and toss coins in. These will be removed from the game and earn you one of 5 titles depending on how much you have donated in total. If 10 million coins or more are donated, everyone will receive a deep sea Fishing buff for 30 minutes; this time will reduce to 10 minutes if you change worlds. Titles earned include:

Donation Title
1-10 million [Name] the Wishful
10 million – 100 million [Name] the Generous
100 million to 1 billion [Name] the Millionaire
1 billion-5 billion [Name] the Charitable
5 billion+ [Name] the Billionaire

Throwing in at least 1 coin will complete the "Make A Wish" achievement.


Other Activities:

In addition to the Fishing and random events that take place on the Deep Sea Fishing Hub, there are a few smaller activities that can be participated in. A few will earn you experience while others are just for fun.


There is a total of 7 different achievements that need to be completed at the Hub. These include:

Task Description RuneScore Points Notes
Boosted animal Have all deep sea boosts active at the same time. 20 See our Boosts section of the guide for how to attain these.
Fancy Turtle-Back Interact with the deep sea treasure turtle 5 See our Turtle section of the guide for more information about the Treasure turtle.
Frenzied Obtain the highest boost available in the 'Fishing Frenzy' activity. 20 Highest boost available at a streak of 200 when doing Fishing Frenzy.
Make a Wish Throw coins into the deep sea whirlpool. 5 Any amount of gold thrown into the Whirlpool will complete this achievement, though various amounts award various titles.
My Precious! Find and return Gregg 'Groggy' Herring's lost ring 10 Gregg 'groggy' herring's ring can be found randomly while fishing and Greg can be found in the Crow’s next just West of the entrance boat to the Deep Sea Fishing Hub.
Ruler of the Sea Successfully complete all deep sea encounters. 20 See our Deep Sea section of the guide for more information about these activities.
Up For Sail Purchase an item from the deep sea travelling merchant. 5 See our Merchant section of the guide for information about the Merchant and what items he sells.

For information about other Fishing Achievements, or Skill Achievements in general, see our Skill Achievements guide.


While skilling in the Deep Sea Fishing Hub, you can come across various items which will grant you a boost for several minutes when activated. Keep in mind that activating all 3 boosts at one time will complete one of the achievements listed above.

Item Boost Duration
Barrel of bait 10% chance for an extra catch 3 minutes
Broken fishing rod 10% bonus catch rate 3 minutes
Tangled fishingbowl 5% extra Fishing experience 3 minutes
Message in a bottle (Deep Sea) Your choice of boosts above 5 minutes

Captain Deathbeard:

From time to time, Captain Deathbeard will row by asking for directions. Interacting with him will earn you a small amount of experience when he leaves.

Oh Captain, Where Is Our Captain

Fishing notes:

When Fishing, you may come across a page of Fishing notes. Investigating them will cause the page to disappear and you will get up to 9,703 Fishing experience.

Gregg’s ring:

Once, when Fishing, you will obtain Gregg 'groggy’ herring’s ring. You will need to return this ring to Gregg. He can be found in the Crow’s next just West of the entrance boat to the Deep Sea Fishing Hub; you will need to look up to see him, but can bang on the ladder to get his attention. Returning his ring will unfortunately not encourage him to drink less, though he will change why he is drinking and you will complete the "My precious!" achievement.

Gives Me Precious


The Minnowman will occasionally spawn near the entrance to the Deep Sea Fishing Hub and walk South toward the Minnow shoals. As he is walking, he will ask for any spare minnows; the amount will differ each time. Giving him the appropriate number of Magnetic minnows will earn you an experience reward of up to 1,940 when he leaves. The minnowman will last for about 2 minutes.

Free Fish?


Sometimes a Pelican will spawn somewhere on the Hub. You can feed it a fish from your inventory to earn a small amount of experience.


While seagulls exist all over the dock, occasionally a special one will spawn. This Seagull can specifically be clicked to shoo it away, it is best identified by its squawking. Be aware that you cannot get too close to it, or it will fly away like all other seagulls. Shooing it away will earn you a small amount of experience.

Shoo Birdie


On occasion a Seasinger will spawn and begin serenading one of the people on the docks. This person may be you, it may be another player, or it may even be the nearby fishermen. If she is singing to you, you may click on her to listen to her song. She may then begin to serenade another nearby person. When she leaves you will gain a small amount of experience, up to 1,940. Be aware that she may not spawn super close to you and her singing will not be seen in your chat window.


Treasure turtle:

Occasionally, in the open area of water, a turtle with a treasure chest on its shell will spawn. Interacting with the turtle will reward you with a Treasure Trail reward up to Elite level. If you were on the world when it spawned, you can also earn a sealed clue scroll. Interacting with the turtle will complete the "Fancy turtle-back" achievement. Note that wearing luck enhancing items will improve your chances of receiving better loot.

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