On Nov 05, 2007, Jagex released a new way to assist people without having to get a hold of their items. This system was known as the Assist Program, and it reduces many, many scams that have happened throughout RuneScape gaming.

Table of contents:

1. Getting started
2. How to use
3. Benefits to the users
4. Restrictions
5. Disclaimer

1. Getting started

To get started on this program, you will need to know what is what.

First off, find the Assist tab on your in-game menu screen right next to your Clan Chat tab. On this tab, you are allowed to set your settings to either On, Friends Only, or completely Off. Here's what it should look like: Tab

Next is the options displayed when you're going to request some assistance from a person. Getting to this option is easy, just simply right-click the player and go down to the Req Assistance button and press it. Then, he/she can either decline or accept it.

Requesting phrase:

Options of right-click:

Important information for the assistors/assistings:

When using this system, the player who is obtaining the items that they are needing assistance with will get the items, but absolutely no experience whatsoever.

You can only obtain a maximum of 30k experience total in one day, after that, you can't obtain anymore experience and you can't assist anyone for the next 24 hours.

The assisting program only works one way! The way it works is that if you are using a player's skills in-game, their skill level has to be a higher level than yours for it to have effect.

2. How to use

To use this program, when you're the assistant of a person, is to highlight (blue highlighting) the skill that they are allowed to use. Skills not able to be used will be black or blank screened on the menu. You only have a certain distance you can be from the Assistant until it won't work at all. If that happens, ask him/her to come closer to the spot you're in and request again.


When you are using someone else's skills, you will have an icon on the bottom right hand corner of your game screen. The icon will look like this:

Assistants: You CANNOT move from your spot or you will end the assistance between that player. Be sure to get into a Clan Chat or something before doing so, so you can be occupied.

3. Benefits to the users

Benefits to users vary from skill to skill. Not only will people be able to obtain items without the risk of having it taken away from scams, but you would obtain free experience for not doing that specific skill.

4. Restrictions

No raw materials or quest items can be obtained using the assist system.

Restrictions on skills listed
Skill Restriction
Cooking No Gnome delicacies or lava eel.
Construction Only flatpackable items.
Crafting No quest related items (demonic sigil, lightning rod, and silvthrill rods).
Farming No trees, bushes, calquat, or cactus.
Fletching No ogre arrows or blurite bolts.
Herblore No Sanfew serum, Guthix balance, blamish oil, Magic essence, or Relicym's balm. You cannot be assisted in making most untradeable potions. Eg Super Antifire, Extremes, and Overloads.
Magic No battle magic or teleportation magic.
Runecrafting Only able to craft multiple runes if player has the level to.
Smithing No blurite items and you must complete Tourist Trap to make dart tips and Death Plateau to make claws.

5. Disclaimer

Thank you for reading this short, but vital information about the Assisting Program. I hope you will enjoy this lovely update like many others have already.

This Special Report was written by Jakesterwars. Thanks to Saber Arrow2, Xander_7, Sundista, and Matt_Damon66 for corrections.
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