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The Artisan's Workshop can be found in South East Falador, next to the Mining Guild. The Workshop offers a variety of ways to train Smithing. Upon entering Aksel will give you a tutorial and recommend what to do in the workshop at your level. You should aim to gain as much respect as possible in the workshop as this can be used to buy rewards.


When training in the workshop, a large amount of coal is recommended because it is needed to make most types of ingots. As such, training in the Workshop, while a great source of experience, is quite expensive and offers no return value in coin for items created. Note that a hammer is necessary for all types of Smithing here, the one on your toolbelt will suffice.

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All four training methods in the workshop also require the use of ingots. To create ingots, use your ores on the smelter in the center of the workshop (noted ores work), then withdraw some ingots in your choice of grade. The Grade IV variant being the purest, granting the most experience but also costing the most ore to create, and the Grade I type being the least pure. You can store up to 4,000 of each ore type in the smelter and up to 8,000 coal. Free players can smelt iron and steel ingots of Grades I to III while Members can smelt ingots of any metal from Grades I to IV.


The table below shows the amount of ores you will need to create 1 of each type ingot.

Metal Level Ore Coal
Grade I ingot
Iron 30 1 Iron 0
Steel 45 1 Iron 2 Coal
*Mithril 60 1 Mithril 4 Coal
*Adamant 70 1 Adamant 6 Coal
*Runite 90 1 Runite 8 Coal
Grade II ingot
Iron 30 9 Iron 0
Steel 45 4 Iron 7 Coal
*Mithril 60 3 Mithril 12 Coal
*Adamant 70 3 Adamant 14 Coal
*Runite 90 2 Runite 16 Coal
Grade III ingot
Iron 30 12 Iron 0
Steel 45 9 Iron 17 Coal
*Mithril 60 6 Mithril 24 Coal
*Adamant 70 4 Adamant 22 Coal
*Runite 90 4 Runite 30 Coal
Grade IV ingot
*Iron 70 75 Iron 0
*Steel 75 40 Iron 80 Coal
*Mithril 80 30 Mithril 120 Coal
*Adamant 85 25 Adamant 150 Coal
*Runite 90 18 Runite 144 Coal

*Members only items

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Burial Armor

Creating burial armor is a great way to earn Smithing experience. It can be done in the Eastern section on the main floor. You will need a hammer (the one on your toolbelt will suffice) and as many ingots of any type as possible. If you want a tutorial, speak to Suak, found on the stage shouting instructions. A cut-scene will then play and explain how to create the armor.

You will notince that Suak calls out which piece of armor to Smith (also found in a box at the top of your screen). Listening to him is highly advised as it lets you gain extra experience if done correctly.

Burial armor

Using Grade I ingots will produce burial armor for Miners, Grade II for Warriors, and Grade III for Smiths. Once your inventory is full of burial armor, you can deposit everything in the chute next to the anvils.

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To make tracks, go down the stairs at the Eastern end of the room. Down here you will find Sten, whom you can speak to if you want a tutorial on making tracks.


Free players can create bronze and iron cart tracks, whereas members can also create steel cart tracks. You will need a hammer in order to assemble tracks, the one on your toolbelt will suffice. Near the tracks are containers full of ingots. Take whichever type you like and build the five components of the tracks: some rails, a base plate, some spikes, a joint, and some ties.

Every piece of track shows the percentage of completion within its name, indicated by 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. If you create a complete section of track (100%), you can earn extra Smithing experience per piece of track if you head through the nearby tunnels and lay it yourself. Any unfinished track (40%, 60%, 80%) will be automatically dumped into the mine carts on your way back out.

To make a complete section of bronze track requires a Smithing level of 12; iron track sections require 35 Smithing; and steel tracks require 60 Smithing.

Rails Base Plate Track 40% Spikes Track 60% Joint Track 80% Ties Track 100% Lay Track Total Experience
Level 1 2 3 5 6 8 9 11 12 12 45
Experience 1.4 1.4 6 1.4 7 1.4 9 1.4 10 10
Level 15 19 20 24 25 29 30 34 35 35 84.5
Experience 5.1 5.1 10 5.1 11 5.1 12 5.1 13 13
Level 39 44 45 49 50 54 55 59 60 60 145
Experience 8.8 8.8 13 8.8 16 8.8 22 8.8 25 25

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Ceremonial swords (Members only)

Ceremonial swords are a quick and easy way to gain Smithing experience. However, you must be a Member, have a Smithing level of 70+, as well as having a hammer and a pair of tongs, both of these items on your toolbelt will work. If you do not have a pair of tongs, one can be found on the desk as you enter the Artisans Workshop.

Ceremonial Swords Area

Talk to Egil and you can get two chances to practice with bronze ingots. After these practice ingots, you must use Grade IV ingots to create swords; each sword needs 1 ingot to create. Collect your ingot(s) from the furnace, then get a plan from Egil or Abel and click on the anvil to open up the interface.

The picture at the top of the interface shows the plan. You need to try to create the same shape below. The closer you are, the more experience you will earn. Select a hit strength (Careful, Soft, Medium, or Hard) and click one of the 16 hammer buttons to create a dent at that position.

Strength Cool-down Indent Range Typical Depth
Careful 2 1 1
Soft 1 0-2 1
Medium 1 0-3 2
Hard 1 0-5 3

For every hit, the cool-down number decreases. When this number reaches zero, the sword is no longer workable. Speak with Egil or Abel to gain your experience. A dent larger than 8 for the tip of the sword, or 6 for the rest of the sword, will shatter it. If this happens, no experience is awarded and you've lost the sword.

Ceremonial Sword Creation

When perfectly creating a Ceremonial Sword you have a 1 in 25 chance of receiving one of the Blacksmith skill outfit pieces. For anything less than a perfectly created Sword you have a 1 in 100 chance of receiving an outfit piece. These pieces include:

Name Bonus
 helm Blacksmith’s Helmet 1%
 robe Blacksmith’s Top 1%
apron Blacksmith’s Apron 1%
gloves Blacksmith’s Gloves 1%
boots Blacksmith’s Boots 1%
Full Set Bonus 1%
Total Bonus 6%

Suggestions when creating Ceremonial Swords:

  • Start with the tip, but finish it last. It will take the most hits to make perfect.
  • After the tip, go around the Sword applying HARD hits where needed, followed by MEDIUM, then SOFT to save time switching strength.
    • Use the HARD hit where you need a dent of 4 or more.
    • Use the MEDIUM hit where you need a dent of 2 or more.
    • Use the SOFT hit where you need a dent of 1 or more.
    • SOFT hits are more likely to dent the typical depth than HARD hits.
    • Only use CAREFUL when you have excess cool-down time or when hitting more than 1 could break the blade.
  • Avoid shattering the Sword at all costs, as you will be awarded no experience for this!
  • Don't worry if you over-dent a Sword, complete it focusing on symmetry instead of accuracy. Symmetry awards more experience if you cannot get both sides perfect.

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Cannon repair (Members only)

Repairing cannons is a cheap and easy way to earn respect in the Workshop. It gives a bit less experience per hour than Ceremonial swords do. For this method you need to be Member, have level 62+ Smithing, and have some Coal and Iron ore to create Steel ingots II, it will take 2-12 ingots per cannon. You will also need: a hammer (the one on your toolbelt will suffice), a cog mould, a pipe mould, and a cannonball mould. These moulds can all be found on the desk in the South East corner of the cannon repair chamber along with a hammer if needed.

To begin repairing cannons, you will need to climb down the stairs at the Eastern end of the Artisan's workshop. Once in the basement, head South West and enter the doors that lead to the Cannon repair chamber. If you want a tutorial you can talk to Isak, found next to the door. You can find 2 smelter conveyors in this room, so you don't have to run up and down the stairs to get ingots.


Repairing cannons is fairly easy. Just follow this step-by-step plan:

  1. Base:
    • Take the Broken cannon base from the desk next to Isak.
    • Empty it to get 10 Broken cannon cogs.
    • Use these on an anvil to repair them.
    • If you happen to break some of them, use Steel ingots II on a furnace to make replacements. Make sure you have a cog mould or you will be unable to make them.
    • Once you have all 10 Cogs, fill the base and put it on the rock in the center of the chamber.
  2. Stand:
  3. Barrel:
    • Pick up the Broken barrel from the next desk.
    • Use it 3 times with an anvil to repair it.
    • Attach the Barrel to the cannon.
  4. Furnace:
  5. Testing:
    • Make 8 Cannonballs by using 2 Steel ingots II on a furnace.
    • Load them in the cannon and it will start firing.
    • If it stops, click on it to repair.
    • Once the cannon has fired all 8 shots, it will be towed off and another broken cannon will be brought in.

Note that if you leave the area with cannon pieces in your inventory, they will be removed and you will need to speak with Isak to find out about any possible replacements.

Action Amount of Experience
Repairing or smelting a cog 38.5
Fixing a pipe 3.5
Repairing the barrel 23.1 (3 X 7.7)
Repairing the fuse box and flint 15.2
Smithing 4 cannonballs 38.3
Adding a part to the cannon repair stand 403.7
Testing the cannon 1,731
Full cannon repair and test 3,871.4

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While Smithing in the workshop, there are 3 possible events that may occur and distract you from what you're working on.

  • Burst pipes
    • Level 50 Smithing is required to fix them. This can be boosted.
    • Earns 0.25% Respect.
    • Earns your Smithing level X 2 experience for each pipe fixed.
      • For example level 50... 50 X 2 = 100 experience per pipe.
      • This can be increased by 50 if you purchase the Repair Expert reward.
      • So for the same level... (50 X 2) + 50 = 150 experience total per pipe.
    • Burst pipes are instanced and can last for a long time if not repaired. At most, 6 can be active at any given time.
    • Burst pipes can be found on the main floor of the workshop around the furnace where you deposit ore and withdraw ingots; the burst pipes will have steam coming out of them.
  • Animated suits of armor
    • No level requirement.
    • Earns 0.1% respect per kill.
    • Earns 0 experience.
    • Three different ancestors:
    • You can world hop to find a steady supply of warriors to lay to rest as they will only become animated when all 6 suits of armor are on the walls.
    • Up to 2 Ancestors can be active at one time.
  • Bronze ceremonial swords
    • No level requirement.
    • Earns 0.1% respect per instance.
    • Earns varying amounts of Smithing experience dependent on perfection.
      • A cut diamond is awarded when 90%+ is achieved on a blade.
      • One time 5,000 Smithing experience awarded for first 91%+ on a blade.
      • One time 15,000 Smithing experience awarded for first 100%+ on a blade.
      • Creating a blade with 100% perfection awards your Smithing Level X 5.
        • For example level 50... 50 X 5 = 250 experience.
    • Started by Askel appearing in a puff of smoke and you speaking with him.
    • Must have at least 1 empty inventory slot to accept the task.

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Rewards can be bought using 'Respect', which is earned by working in the Workshop. Respect can be gained by completing diversions or simply by completing activities for experience. Players can buy these rewards from Elof in the workshop's basement. To buy every reward, you will need a combined total of 440% respect, although you can only have 100% respect at a time.

Reward Price (Respect) Effect Notes
Quick Repairs 5% Learn how to quickly fix the burst piped about the workshop. Repairing burst pipes become 50% faster.
Repair Expert 15% Gain more experience for fixing the burst pipes about the workshop. +50 experience gained when repairing pipes.
Quick Learner 20% Earn more experience for keeping up with Suak, the taskmaster's, instructions. +2% experience gained when making armor as instructed.
Budding Student* 40% Gain even more experience for keeping up with Suak, the taskmaster's, instructions(requires Quick Learner). +4% experience gained when making armor as instructed (Stacked with Quick Learner).
Master Student* 60% Gain even more experience for keeping up with Suak, the taskmaster's, instructions(requires Budding Student). +5% experience gained when making armor as instructed (stacked with Quick Learner and Budding Student).
Ceremonial Sword Plans I-V* 30% each (150% total) Unlock a new set of plans in the ceremonial sword are. Complete this plan perfectly to earn a sword in that type metal. Allows you to keep a perfectly created ceremonial sword that looks similar to the sword of the plans purchased (from any metal).
Golden Cannon* 50% Gain the ability to trade in your dwarf multicannon for a golden dwarf multicannon with Elof that can hold up to 60 cannonballs(requires a dwarf cannon). Cosmetically turns the Dwarf multicannon to the Golden version and increases how many cannonballs it can hold.
Royale Cannon* 100% Gain the ability to trade in your dwarf multicannon for a royale dwarf multicannon with Elof that can hold up to 90 cannonballs(requires a dwarf cannon). Cosmetically turns the Dwarf multicannon to the Royale version and increases how many cannonballs it can hold.
Restocking Cannon* 100% Grants your cannon the ability to reload when out of ammunition. You must have cannonballs in your inventory and be within sight(requires a dwarf cannon). Allows your cannon to automatically reload when you are within 15 squares of your cannon. Requires Royale cannon unlock.
Ceremonial Sword Orders* 50% Increase the amount of orders the workshop receives for ceremonial swords, occasionally letting you choose which sword to make. Only works if you are choosing to keep your swords. More orders are received by the workshop and you can sometimes choose your sword design.
Sword Polishing Kit* 10% Contains 10x Sword Polishing Kit. When held in your inventory the kit can be consumed to prevent a ceremonial sword being broken. You need 1 inventory space free to claim this reward. Sword polishing kits must be held in your inventory to prevent swords breaking.
Bonus Package* 100% 15 inventory spaces required. Contains 8x Mithril Ingot IV, 4x Adamant Ingot IV, 2x Rune Ingot IV, 50,000x bonus Smithing XP and 10x Sword Polishing Kits. The ingots in this package cannot be converted to ores. Ingots cannot be converted to ores with the smelter. Sword polishing kits must be held in your inventory to prevent swords breaking.

*Members only rewards.

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