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Getting Started

Before you can begin these fascinating new high-level training methods, there are some simple things that you need to know. First off, there is no order you HAVE to complete the activities in. If desired you can do all of them, only 1 of them, or only a few of them. Note though that parts of each of the activities are required to Fletch the Dinarrows.



The majority of 'Accidental' Fletching and Firemaking activites are located at the Ranch Out of Time on the island just off the coast of Anachronia. There are two ways to reach the Ranch Out of Time.

  1. The first way will take you by the Eggsperimentation station. Walk from the Anachronia Base Camp West to the mystical tree on the coast by the Aquatic jadinkos and use that mystical tree to teleport there.
  2. The other is to walk into the Farming Guild Manor house, walk up the stairs, and out onto the North balcony to the use the mystical tree located there.

Taking either of these routes will put you on the South East corner of the island.

Area Map


Before beginning any of the activities, you will need to speak with specific people for information about the activities.

They will each walk you through the basics of their associated activity. Talking to them is not optional if you want to do the activity.

Basic Information

Processing the items received from the activities are the only things that can be completed away from Anachronia. All three of the base items obtained can be used to create Dinarrows or to do one other thing.

Item Activity Dinarrow Component Alternative Use
Sharp shell shard Seggregation Arrow tips Ignited to gain Firemaking experience
Tempered fungal shaft Zygomite Carestyling Arrow shaft 5 can be spun to create Fungal bowstring
Dinosaur 'propellant' Eggsperimentation Arrow flights 50 can be placed in a compost bin to create 1 Ultracompost

See the Fletching section for more info on how to create Dinarrows.


Requires: 87 Firemaking


This activity is located the closest to Prehistoric Potterington. Here you will collect eggs from the pile of dinosaur eggs. When doing so, you will collect Good and Bad eggs. Each type of egg is then taken to a specific location: Good eggs go North West to the fast incubator and Bad eggs go South to the fast compost bin.

Every egg collected, both Good and Bad, will earn 1 Farming experience and 6 or 7 Sharp shell shards. Depositing them into the appropriate receptacle will earn you 276.4 Firemaking each. Note that while collecting the eggs, you also have a chance to obtain unchecked dinosaur eggs.

Suggested Method:
Collect a full inventory from the Pile of eggs then go to either the incubator or the compost bin. Interact with it and ensure all of the appropriate type egg are deposited. Return to the Pile of eggs and top off your inventory. Once full, go to the opposite location (compost bin vs incubator) and interact with it. Return to the Pile of eggs and top off your inventory. Once full again, go to the first location you visited and deposit all eggs before returning to the Pile of eggs and repeating. This should continue with alternating between the incubator and the compost bin between visits to the Pile of eggs.

Note that you can use a Beast of Burden (Pack yak pouch or Pack mammoth pouch for example) in order to collect more eggs per trip. While this does allow you to obtain more eggs/Sharp shell shard per hour it makes the skilling method less afk-able.

Zygomite Carestyling

Requires: 82 Firemaking OR Fletching


For this activity, you will be styling the "hair" of the Zygomites along the Southern coast. Here there are 3 pedestals where Zygomites will stand for their styling after waiting in a queue to the East. Once on a pedestal, a Zygomite will wait between 1 and 2 minutes before getting fed up and leaving. If they are being styled, they will remain there for the same amount of time; this time is/not affected by more players working on the same zygomite.

Styling the Zygomites can earn you 6-7 Tempered fungal shaft as well as 249.6 Firemaking and/or 196.1 Fletching experience per action. To alternate between the types of experience earned, Right-click one of the Zygomites and choose the "configure" option. If you choose to receive both experiences while carestyling, it will alternate between the same previously mentioned experiences. Note that while styling the Zygomites you also have a chance to obtain unchecked zygomites.

Suggested Method:
Simply click any Zygomite and wait for your carestyling to complete. They will move off their pedestal when they are ready regardless of how many people are interacting with it or what style of xp you are gaining.

Using a Crystal knife give you a 5% chance to receive double shafts while styling and will not degrade here.


Requires: 95 Firemaking


This is the only activity located on the main Anachronia island. Here you are responsible for caring for the baby Rexes. To do this, you will interact with the Storm Barn to the South East in order to receive baby Rexes - 1 click will fill your inventory. Bograda Rex baby types include:

From here, you will need to interact with the feeding troughs located around the area to feed the babies. Each trough will feed one type of baby Rex and earn you 1 Farming experience per feeding. Once fed, a Rex will change what food it wants to any of the other 3 types. This will repeat until the baby has been fed 3 times. At this point the baby will hop out of your inventory and start walking back to the Storm Barn, leaving Potterington Blend #102 Fertiliser in your inventory. This can then be ignited to earn you 1,057 Firemaking and create 18-23 Dinosaur 'propellant'.

Suggested Method:
Collect an inventory from the Storm Barn. Run North to the Beany mush trough and feed your Rexes. Loop East to the Berry trough, then South to the Cerealy trough, feeding the Rexes at each trough you visit. Burn any Potterington Blend #102 Fertiliser in your inventory and return to the Storm Barn to refill it. Run South West to the Rooty trough, burn any Potterington Blend #102 Fertiliser, restock at the Storm Barn, and repeat the rotation.

Visiting the Storm Barn each time you pass it is advised to ensure you are continually on the move and refilling whenever possible. Note, however, that this is not required and you can choose to skip visiting the Storm Barn if you don't have any empty places or too few for it to seem worth visiting.

Making Dinarrows

Requires: 95 Fletching


As previously stated, it is not necessary to create Dinarrows on Anachronia. Regardless of where you create the Dinoarrows, it is suggested to do so on a Portable fletcher for the chance to save items. Like Fletching other arrows, Dinarrows are created in batches of 15. Steps to create a batch of Dinarrows are as follows:

  1. Combine 15 Tempered fungal shaft and 15 Dinosaur 'propellant' to make 15 Headless dinarrow
  2. Combine 15 Headless dinarrow and 15 Sharp shell shard to make 15 Dinarrow

Once you have Dinarrow (made or purchased) you can imbue them with tradeable or untradeable Resonant anima (3 per arrow) to give them passive effects. Note that when using imbued dinarrows (Elder God arrows), all attacks have a 1 in 3 chance to consume an arrow.

Elder God Arrow Resonant Anima Used Effect GE Value
Bik arrow Resonant anima of Bik All abilities apply a stack (max 200) of Evolving Toxin on hit. Target takes +2% poison damage for each stack of Evolving Toxin they have. After 30 seconds without an ability using a Bik arrow hitting the target, all stacks are removed. 1,420 Coins
Jas dragonbane arrow* Resonant anima of Jas While fighting dragons, all attacks deal +30% damage and have +20% hit chance. 3,195 Coins
Jas demonbane arrow* Resonant anima of Jas While fighting demons, all attacks deal +30% damage and have +20% hit chance. 3,195 Coins
Ful arrow Resonant anima of Ful All attacks do +15% damage with -10% accuracy. 1,630 Coins
Wen arrow Resonant anima of Wen All basic abilities generate a stack (max 200) of Icy Chill on hit. After 30 seconds without a basic ability using a Wen arrow hitting the target, all stacks are removed.
Threshold and ultimate abilites consume these stacks and convert them to 0.6 seconds and one stack of Icy Precision per stack.
Icy Precision blocks consumption of Icy Chill and gives threshold abilities +2% damage and accuracy per stack. Ultimates gain +3% base damage (+3% damage in PVP) and accuracy per stack.
The consuming ultimate or threshold ability benefits from this damage buff. Buff only works on abilities that use Wen arrows.
1,689 Coins

*The type of Jas arrow created is chosen within the arrow creation window. There is no difference in creating them. They can be changed to the opposite type of Jas arrow by casting the "Tune Banite Ore" spell on them (Lunar)

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