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Requirements and Skill Recommendations:

85 Slayer
71 Agility (For best location for maximum experience/hour)
90+ Magic (If maging)
90+ Attack/Strength (If meleeing)
90+ Strength
95+ Prayer (For Turmoil, Torment(Maging), Soul Split (MUST HAVE), and Demon Horn Necklace)
90 Dungeoneering (For Demon Horn Necklace)
Also, 55,000 Dungeoneering Tokens needed for Demon Horn Necklace/Gem Bag upgrade)


Top Floor of the Slayer Tower located in Canifis (Need to cross the plank right before the steps, requires 71 Agility)


Head - Virtus/Tectonic, Torva/Malevolent, Mask of the Abyss
Necklace - Demon Horn Necklace (MUST HAVE)
Arrows - Tirannwn quiver 4(Not essential)
Mainhand - Augmented Noxious Staff, Augmented Staff of Sliske, Augmented Noxious Scythe, Augmented Dragon Rider Lance, Augmented Chaotic Staff, all with appropriate perks
Gloves - Any would work, I use Dom Tower or Virtus/Torva.
Ring - Sixth Aged Circuit, Asylum surgeon's ring, Ring of Death
Aura - Vampyrism, any DPS aura such as Runic Accuracy
Cape - Skillcapes, Kiln capes, Maxed/Comp capes (Be sure to have the Invention skillcape perk in your Maxed/Comp cape = slower drain rate)
Chest - Augmented Virtus/Torva Top, all with appropriate perks
Bottom - Augmented Virtus/Torva Legs, all with appropriate perks
Feet - Any would work, I use Glacor ones or Virtus/Torva
Pocket - Attuned Ectoplasmator (Make sure it has around ~1.4k charges for 1 hour's worth, I always have more.)(MUST HAVE)

Note: It is UNADVISABLE that you go if you don't at least have the lower-level of the above gear. Also, keep in mind to maintain your Divine charges in your gear so your gear doesn't stop working.
Ranging is not recommended due to the lack of consistent AoE damage.

Melee Magic


  • 2 Aggression Flasks(6)
  • 2 Overload Flasks(6)
  • Gem Bag (Upgrade if possible, you got A LOT of gems)
  • Enhanced Excalibur, just incase
  • A few food, just incase
  • Spring Cleaner
  • Not shown: Pack Yak familiar with a couple hundred scrolls. If you can't use a yak, just bring a DPS familiar, Equipment Siphons (only bring if a piece of gear is at least level 9 or 10 when starting trip.), runes for Surge spells if maging. Any surge spells work, but Fire Surge is best.



Depending on how attentive you are, roughly 800-900k Magic/Melee xp/hour, 250-300k HP xp/hour, and roughly 800k Invention xp/hour. Depending on luck, 4-6m gp/hour

This Special Report was written by Uncle Si. Thanks to Rooskii for corrections.
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