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Note: It is recommended that only you use the Abyss to craft the following runes. For others using the traditional way is safer and faster.

  • Cosmic
  • Chaos
  • Nature
  • Law
  • Death
  • Blood

Location Map

How To Get There:

The entrance to the Abyss is in Wilderness (level 5), directly north of Edgeville. To use the Abyss, you must have completed the Mage of Zamorak miniquest.

Head north of the Edgeville bank and straight into the Wilderness (level 4 to 6). Use the 'Teleport' option on the Mage of Zamorak to access the Abyss. Once you are inside you will have to look for a way out. You will be able to distract the eyes, squeeze through gaps, cut the tendrils, or mine the rocks. Once you are inside the inner ring, locate and enter the desired rift. The rift will teleport you to the altar. There you may craft your runes. Empty your pouch(es) and turn the remaining essence in runes. Then, use a manner of teleport (tablets, runes, or jewelery) to teleport to a bank. If you are planning on crafting Law runes, you cannot carry any armor or weapons with you.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Pouches (Filled with essence, use as many pouches as you can)
  • Pure/Rune essence
  • Boots of lightness
  • Spotted or Spottier cape
  • (Super) Energy potions
  • Amulet of glory, Ring of duelling, or a one-click teleport (Ectophial, Varrock teleport tablet)
  • Bearhead (Optional)
  • Elemental shield or Holy book (Optional)
  • Dragonhide armor (Optional)

Abyss Map:

Abyss Map

How To Reach The Center:

Once you have made it into the Abyss, you will need to find a way to access the inner ring. There are a variety of tunnels that offer access to the center. However, these tunnels are blocked-off by obstacles that require a certain skill to be opened up.

The Rocks:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to click "Mine Rocks". You receive 25 Mining experience for successfully breaking the rocks.


Rocks Before and After

The Tendrils:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to click "Chop Tendrils". You receive 25 Woodcutting experience for successfully cutting down the tendrils.


Tendrils Before and After

The Boil:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to click "Burn Boil". You receive 25 Firemaking experience for successfully burning the boil.


Boil Before and After

The Eyes:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to "Distract eyes". You receive 25 Thieving experience for successfully distracting the eyes.


Eyes Before and After

The Gap:

To get to the center through this way, you will need to click "Squeeze through gap". You receive 25 Agility experience for successfully squeezing through the gap.



The Center:

In the inner ring, you will find rifts that give access to all runecrafting altars and the Abyssal rift connecting Gielinor to the Abyss. Refer to the map above for locations of each rift. In the very center, the Dark mage is keeping the rifts open. He says that if he loses concentration, the rift fails. If we are lucky, everyone within a mile will get their heads blown off or will be eaten by the abyssal monsters. If we are unlucky, the rifts will collapse and make the universe implode upon itself.

Dark mage


There are a few requirements to enter some of the rune portals:
  • The Cosmic rift requires completion of the Lost City quest.
  • The Law rift is on Entrana. Becasue of this no weapons may be equipped or in the inventory to enter.
  • The Death rift requires completion of the Mourning's End Part II quest.
  • The Blood rift requires completion of the Legacy of Seergaze quest.
  • The Soul rift requires completion of the 'Phite Club quest and discovery of the Soul altar using a Soul talisman.

Each rift can be recognized by the symbol of the rune it represents. These rifts give access to the runecrafting altars and allow you to craft runes without a talisman.



Many abyssal monsters wander about in the outer ring, a multi-combat zone. These monsters are capable of hitting over 275 (with the exception of the leeches, which are capable of hitting a maximum of 208). Player with a decent Defence level (65+) and equipped with adequate Armour such as Dragonhide will likely not receive any hits from these monsters.

Abyssal leech (Level 72)

Abyssal leech

Abyssal guardian (Level 79)

Abyssal guardian

Abyssal walker (Level 77)

Abyssal walker

All these monsters can drop:

  • Pure essence (Noted)
  • Talismans (up to Law)
  • Binding necklace
  • Charms (Including Abyssal charms)
  • Pouches (Small, Medium, Large, Giant)
  • Clue scroll (Medium)


The above-mentioned monsters drop pouches that range in size - small, medium, large, and giant - and can be used to carry extra essence in. Therefore, they increase the amount that you can carry to the altars. Pouches large and above degrade from use, as they degrade they will carry less essence. However, only the highest level pouch you own will degrade.

Pouch Image Level To Use # Of Essence Held Degrades How to replace
or repair
Small Small pouch 1 3 No Replaced by
Dark mage (Abyss)
Medium Medium pouch 25 6 No Replaced by
Wizard Korvak
Large Large pouch 50 9 Yes Repaired by:
Giant Giant pouch 75 12 Yes Repaired by:
Massive pouch Massive pouch 90 18 Yes
to dust
Degrades to dust Wizard Finix: New 1,000
Runespan points

Elemental Talisman:

Elemental Talisman

One of the items dropped by the abyssal monsters is the Elemental talisman. This talisman counts as a talisman for the four elemental runes (fire, water, air, and earth). It can only be obtained from these monsters and cannot be made by players.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: I saw someone using protect prayers inside of the abyss. How is this possible?
A: Prayer potions may be used to replenish your prayer points

Q: Why can't I find any more pouches? I have one of each.
A: You may only have one of each (even if one of them is in your bank).

Q: Are there other ways for carrying more essence than using the pouches?
A: You may use your Summoning skills to summon an Abyssal parasite (54 Summoning), an Abyssal lurker (62 Summoning), or a Abyssal titan (93 Summoning). Each of these creature will carry an additional 7 essence.

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