Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
8 Herblore
30 Ranged
4 Smithing
20 Strength
30 Fletching
Must be able to defeat a level 58 enemy
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Gear and food to fight Slash Bash (level 58). If you want to kill Slash Bash with Ranged and Brutal arrows (recommended for low leveled players) you will need 1 Nail (mithril or above recommended) and 1 Flighted ogre arrow (made with 4 Feathers and 1 arrow shaft cut from an Achey tree log) for each Brutal arrow you wish to make, about 100 should be enough for the fight. To make a Comp ogre bow during the quest you will need a Bow string (Achey tree logs and Wolf bones can be obtained during the quest). If you are making the Relicym's balm (3) (optional, see the bottom of this guide) you will need a Vial of water, the herbs are obtained during the quest.
Items Recommended for Quest:
A teleportation method to Yanille: an unlocked Yanille lodestone, Watchtower teleport, and/or a Ring of duelling.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Ability to make Brutal Arrows and Cure disease potions, 2K Ranged, Fletching XP, and 2K Herblore XP. Sell the Black prism to Zavistic Rarve for 2K gp, or 5K gp for selling it to Yanni Salika. Uglug Nar will buy the Relicym's balm (3) from the quest for 1K gp. You will also receive 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
West of the Gu'Tanoth, the Ogre city, and South of the Castle wars arena.
To Start:
Speak to Grish.
  1. Talk to the ogre Grish who can be found South of Castle wars and West of Gu'Tanoth, the Ogre city West of Yanille. He wants you to figure out why the Zogres have appeared. He will give you three Cooked chompy and two Super restore (3).

    Note: if you need Achey tree logs (for Flighted ogre arrows and/or the Comp ogre bow) you can cut them around and a bit to the South East of Grish. Wolf bones (for the Comp ogre bow) you can get by killing a Wolf (level 42) by going further South East to the Feldip Hills, beware of Ogre (level 67) in the area.

  2. Go a bit East and talk to the Ogre guard about letting you pass the barricades. You have to mention Grish's name and he'll smash the barricade for you to jump over.
    Ogre Guard
  3. Go past the Zogres (level 56) and then climb down the stairs, then head to the North West part of the caves. (See Zogre Dungeon Map). A small cut scene will occur.
  4. Search the broken lectern and you will find a Torn page. Next, search the nearby skeleton and you will get attacked by a Zombie (level 36). Kill it to obtain the Ruined backpack. Open the backpack to find a Knife, a Dragon inn tankard, and some Rotten food.
  5. Search the tomb directly West of you, then use your Knife on the tomb. Now try to open the coffin. Once opened, search it again to obtain a Black prism.

    Note: If you fail to open the coffin your Strength level will temporarily be lowered by 1.
    Ogre Coffin
  6. Go to Yanille then go to the Dragon Head Inn and show the tankard to the Bartender. He will tell you that it belongs to a man called Brentle Vahn who has been murdered, although he was last seen talking to a wizard.
  7. Go to the Magic Guild and you will find a bell outside. Ring it and Zavistic Rarve will appear. Show him the Torn page and Black prism. He will tell you that a curse has been inflicted and that the paper and Black prism are the cause of it.
  8. Next, go to the house North of the Magic Guild. Head upstairs and talk to Sithik Ints, located in the West room lying on his bed. After talking to him, search his room; you will find the Book of 'h.a.m', the Book of necromancy, the Book of portraiture, Charcoal, and Papyrus. Read all the books to learn more about Sithik Ints. Use the Papyrus on him and you will draw a Portrait of him.

    Note: There is a chance that the Portrait you draw does not look like a "classic realist interpretation" and therefore the Bartender will not accept it. It is advised to draw several portraits and examine each one until you acquired a realistic one.
    Sithik Ints
  9. Take this Portrait to the Bartender and he will identify him as the wizard talking to Brentle Vahn. He will sign the portrait. Take the Signed portrait and the rest of the evidence to Zavistic Rarve back at the Magic Guild. He will give you a Strange potion to use on Sithik. When you try to use it on Sithik, he will not take it. Therefore, you must use the potion on the Cup of tea on top of his drawers.
    Cup of Tea
  10. Go back and talk to Zavistic Rarve, he will tell you to check on Sithik. Then head back and talk to Sithik who has been transformed into an ogre. You are now able to get some answers from him. He will tell you that you have to make Brutal arrows and to find two rare herbs to make a potion, which can be found on the island of Karamja.

    Note: Higher leveled players (say combat level 80+) don't necessarily have to use the Brutal arrows at all later on in the quest, other weaponry will also suffice. The potion is also optional and will unlock Uglug Nar's store (see the bottom of this guide).

    Making Brutal arrows (optional)

    Head over to the bank if you haven't got the materials, then use Nails (any kind, though the higher the more damage they do) on Flighted ogre arrows whilst having a Hammer in your inventory, or by simply having a hammer in your toolbelt. About 100 arrows will be enough to defeat Slash Bash (level 58) for lower leveled players.

    Making Relicym's balm (3) (optional, see the bottom of this guide)

    Grab a Vial of water if you haven't got one already and head to Karamja (with the Karamja lodestone teleport or a Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport for example). For Rogue's Purse: once you are inside the dungeon pointed out on the map below (beware of Jogre level 57), look on your minimap and run to the nearest red colored bit of wall and "Search fungus covered Cavern wall" to obtain the grimy herb. Clean it to obtain a Clean rogue's purse. For the Clean snake weed you have to "Search Marshy jungle vine" on one of the locations pointed out on the map below and clean the grimy herb found. Note that the jungle vines/Snake weed are not marked on your minimap.

    Once you have both herbs, use the Clean rogue's purse on a Vial of water first, and then the Clean snake weed on the (unf) potion to make Relicym's balm (the other way around doesn't allow mixing them together anymore).
    Herb Locations

  11. Go back to Grish and tell him what you have learned. He will then tell you that in order to relocate the ceremonial grounds. He wants you to fetch an "artefact" for him and will give you the Ogre gate key that opens the doors in the Zogre Dungeon. If you complain to him about the Ogre bow being too slow to fire the Brutal arrows, he will teach you how to make a Comp ogre bow using an Achey tree log, Wolf bones, Knife, and a Bow string.
  12. Go down into the dungeon and head West. Use the Ogre gate key on the door. Go down the stairs and search the stand on the far (East) side of the room. You will get attacked by Slash Bash (level 58). Kill him to obtain the Ogre artefact.

    Note: Slash Bash (level 58) uses two attacks, melee and a ranged. It is recommended to use Protect from melee, as his melee will do more damage. You can use any type of combat to kill him, however ranging him with Brutal arrows is recommended. If you do not kill him fast enough, he will get bored and vanish, meaning you will have to start the fight again.
    Final battle
  13. Once you have killed him, grab the Ogre artefact and take it back to Grish. He will be very grateful to you.

    Congratulations, Quest Complete!
    Quest Complete!

Uglug's Shop:

If you give the Relicym's balm (3), to the ogre near Grish named Uglug Nar. He will buy it from you for 650 coins. You will then gain the ability to trade with him to buy the following items:

Uglug's Shop

You can sell the Black Prism to Zavistic Rarve for 2k coins or Yanni Salika for 5k upon completion of the quest.

Composite Bow and Ogre Arrows:

Items needed: Any type of Axe, Bow strings, Knife, Feathers, Hammer, Wolf bones, Achey tree logs, Food/Armor, and some type of Nails.

Requirements to make:

Item Fletching Level
Composite Bow 30
Bronze Brutal arrows 7
Iron Brutal arrows 18
Steel Brutal arrows 33
Black Brutal arrows 38
Mithril Brutal arrows 49
Adamant Brutal arrows 62
Rune Brutal arrows 77


To make the Comp ogre bow, you must first ask Grish the question, "Is there a stronger bow?" Using your axe cut down an Achey tree. Once you have some Achey tree logs go kill a wolf to get Wolf bones. Once you have the Achey tree logs along with Wolf bones use your Knife on the Achey tree log and a menu will come up onto your screen. Click on the bow option to make the unstrung bow then use a Bow string on it to make a Comp ogre bow.

Composite Ogre Bow


Cut down a Achey tree and then use your knife on the Achey tree logs. A menu will come up again but this time choose the arrow shafts option. (The number of shafts made is random each time.) Now use your feathers with the shafts (it takes about 4 feathers per shaft.) Finally use your nails on the headless arrows and you are done! The bow gives a +33 ranged bonus.



These bones are obtained by killing the Zombie and Skeleton Ogres, picklocking coffins, or using a key on them. Fayrg and above are only available through coffins. You need 20 Thieving to picklock them and if you fail you can lose up to 3 thieving points.

Bones Image Exp
Zogre bones Zogre bones 22.5
Fayrg bones Fayrg bones 87
Raurg bones Raurg bones 96
Ourg bones Ourg bones 140

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