Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Crystal trinket, New key, Tarnished key, and 2 complete Mourner's outfits (Boots, Cloak, Gloves, Top, Gas Mask and Trousers).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ardougne and Lletya teleport methods, Colour wheel, Prayer potions, Wicked hood (with a Death talisman), Food, Armor, and a Weapon (only for killing Mourners in Step 2 if you don't have the Mourner sets already).
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
35k Agility XP, 20k Woodcutting XP, 20k Fletching XP, 20k Ranged XP, and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Eastern side of Lletya, just north of the bank.
To Start:
Speak to Arianwyn.
  1. Start by speaking to Arianwyn in the main hall of Lletya. He will warn you of a new threat and request you to get a mourner's outfit for himself as well as yourself to get to the Temple of Light. He will also want a teleport crystal bound to the Temple, and will give you a Blank teleport crystal.


  2. Note: This step is only needed if you do not already have the mourner's gear.

    Go to Arandar Pass southwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold and attack a Mourner (level 84) to obtain the mourner's gear.

  3. Next, put on the mourner's gear and head to the Mourner' HQ in the northeastern part of West Ardougne. Go into the building and open the trap door in the northwest corner and climb down.

    Mourner HQ

  4. Once downstairs, head south and search the desk of the Head Mourner. Choose to take both the New key and a Tarnished key. Use the Tarnished key on the prison door and speak to the Gnome. Talk about the quest and he will agree to a diversion on the condition that you help him get his freedom.

  5. Go through the entrance to the Temple of Light tunnel and make your way west, past the Dark beasts. Just before you get to the temple, take off your Gas mask and right click on the Blank teleport crystal to chant to it. You will see a cut scene and the crystal will now become an Enchanted teleport crystal.


  6. Go back to Arianwyn in Lletya with the extra Mourner's outfit and Enchanted teleport crystal. He will take them from you and offer to teleport you to the temple. Before you are ready to teleport back, be sure that you have the Crystal trinket and lots of food as you will be attacked by Shadows (level 95) throughout your time in the temple. You will need both for your journey through the temple. When you're ready, talk to him again to teleport.

  7. Enter the temple of light and go up the collector stairs to the middle floor, then go south to the ladder and go to the top floor. Go north and go down the double stairs, then instead of going up the other double stair, go down the steps to the west. The red beam should enable you to go through the cyan door. Enter it and then rotate the mirror in the pillar to make the red beam go west. The door to the altar located west of the pillar will now be open. Go through the door and speak with Thorgel.

    Note: If the red beam does not enable you to go through, you left the mirror rotated to the west the previous time you were there. If this has happened, then you can use a Wicked hood with a Death talisman to teleport to the altar or The Abyss.

    Step 7 Map

  8. Thorgel will request you to speak to Arianwyn again. Talk to Arianwyn, and he will then ask you to check the energised pillar just outside the chamber. Inspect the energised pillar and go back and talk to Arianwyn again. He will ask you to try and use the Crystal trinket on the pillar. Do so, and you will see a surge of power.


  9. Go back to Arianwyn and let him know what happened. He will then ask you to go into the Death Altar. If you don't have a Death talisman speak to Arianwyn and he will give you one. Use the talisman on the ruins and you will be teleported to the Death altar. Speak to Thorgel at the Death altar and he will give you a leg up to get on the altar. The lights from pillars around the altar will then start to energize you.

    Death altar
  10. From this point you have to do the next steps pretty fast. Run out of the death altar through the teleport spot. Run through chamber door, rotate the mirror on the red pillar, run upstairs turn north, go up the set of double stairs to the north, turn east, then south to find the white crystal, investigate it, retrace your steps north, west, down the double stairs to the south, turn west and down the stairs to the cyan door, rotate the red mirror again and investigate the energized pillar (see map for route). These steps must all be done before the energized effect from death altar vanishes. The energizing effect can be seen from a set of tiny lights rotating around you.


  11. If you finish the steps before the effects wear off, you will see a cut scene and be teleported to a place with a closed door. Search the dead slave within to get notes and a Colour wheel. You will see a blue light emitting from the far wall. On the crystal tree west of the blue light choose the option "chop crystal tree" to reveal the core and "fix crystal tree" to bore a hole for the blue light. You can now rotate the light to change its directions.

    Note: If lost, to re-obtain the Colour wheel you must search the dead guard slumped against the wall outside the temple of light. Also, the cores can be rotated, but trees only allow the light to be shone through them.


  12. On the east wall there are three light emitters, blue, red and green. On the west wall there are four light recievers, yellow, green, red and black. Once you shine the correct light into the activated reciever you will be able to activate the four light switches in turn. The layout of the crystal cores and trees for each player will be slightly different so you will need to discover each light path for yourself.

    Remember crystal cores can be rotated 90 degrees at a time (rotating four times will bring you back to your starting point) and crystal trees will only allow the light to shine through in a straight line. Follow the light from the emitter to the first core it comes to and rotate the core until the light travels in the direction you wish it to go. You will either want it to go straight on and travel closer to the west wall or else move it north or south if the reciever is more northerly or southerly than the current light path.

    The blue beam of light must be guided into the yellow light receiver. When you successfully do this a short cut scene will activate the red light emitter and the green light receiver.

    Both the red and blue beams of light must be guided into the green light receiver. A short cut scene shows the green light emitter and the red light receiver activated.

    Both the green and blue beams of light must be guided into the red light receiver. This activates the black light receiver (example below).

    Step 12

    No further light sources were turned on so to activate the final switch direct all the beams into the black light receiver. This causes a ladder to appear along the south wall.

  13. Climb up the ladder. Go to the end of the maze by jumping the gaps and shoot the crystal ballista at the right time to hit the target. The maze path will be marked out on the minimap. It is also filled with spike traps that move around and will damage you if you run into them. To find out when to jump, watch the spikes and jump when they move to a safe area. Once you hit the target this causes the door in the West wall in the previous room to open.

    Crystal Ballista

    Note: If you run low in health during the maze you can teleport out. Make your way back to the death altar (via Wicked hood teleport is easiest or the Abyss if you have no teleports remaining) and repeat steps 10 and 11 to return to the place with the crystal cores.

  14. Follow the maze back to the beginning and climb down the ladder. Go through the now open door, and run along the path until you come across an Elf Messenger. Search the Elf to find a report. This report explains that you are in a 'corridor of light' that, before it partially collapsed, lead from the temple to an 'under-city', under Prifddinas, which has been reverted to crystal.


  15. Go back through the door and use the portal to return to Thorgel. He will tell you that Arianwyn has returned to Lletya.

    Note: Before leaving, turn the red beam mirror east so that you can access the Death altar from the temple in future. You may also want to talk to the Head Mourner in the Mourner HQ and ask him to release the Gnome.

  16. Teleport or travel back to Lletya and speak to Arianwyn, who will tell you that Thorgel and the other dwarves will try to gain access to the 'under-city'.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!


    Note: After the quest is finished you can go to Elund, near the magic tree location, and have her enchant the teleport crystals to add the cave location (dark beasts) to the crystal. You may have to ask her 2 times to enchant my crystals before she adds the 2nd teleport.

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