Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
14 Herblore
14 Magic
15 Thieving
25 Agility
40 Mining
Must be able to defeat monsters with a combat level of over 100.
Items Needed at Quest Start:
20+ Coins, Gold bar, Death rune, Pickaxe (any kind), Dragon bones, Jangerberries (can be obtained during quest), Bat bones, 2 Ropes, Clean guam, Vial of water, Pestle and mortar, Anti-dragon shield or Antifire potion, Tinderbox, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
5K Coins, 15250 Magic XP, ability to use Watchtower teleport spell (level 58 Magic), and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Watchtower, North of the Western city gate of Yanille.
To Start:
  1. Make your way to the small tower to the North of Yanille's Western city gate. Look around its walls for a trellis. Climb up the trellis and up another set of stairs to the top floor of the watchtower.

    Note: If you try to use the stairs instead of the trellis to reach the second floor, then the Tower guards will deny you the access and attack you. The easiest way to reach Yanille is via the lodestone network (if unlocked). If not, then use the ring of duelling teleport to Castle Wars and walk East to the city.


  2. Once you have reached the top floor of the watchtower, talk to to the Watchtower Wizard, who will start complaining. Choose the option "What's the matter?" and he'll tell you that the watchtower is not working and therefore the people of Yanille are not protected against the Ogres. Ask him what he means and the wizard will explain that the tower uses a magical spell to ward off the Ogres. He will then tell you that they no longer have the knowledge about the spell, but that the essence of the spell been kept in 4 crystals that power the shield. Ask way why the spell is not working and he will inform you that the crystals have been stolen. Offer your help and he will tell you to search for clues in the surrounding area.

    Watchtower wizard

  3. Climb down the ladders to the first floor and pick up the Lit candle from the table then search the bushes around the watchtower for Fingernails, a Tattered eye patch, a Damaged dagger, an Unusual armour, and an Old robe. Once you have found them all, head back to the Watchtower Wizard, using the ladders, and show him the items. He will take the Fingernails and tell you that the creature that took the crystals is a Skavid, a servant of the Ogres who lives in the caves. Ask what you can do about it and he will you that it would be useless to search the caves without a map. He will suggest that you talk to the surrounding tribes and sends you on a mission to recover the 4 crystals.

    Note: You may drop the remaining items as they have no further use.

  4. Leave Yanille through the Western city gate and head North West until you come to a small ogre settlement. Talk to Og and tell him that you seek entrance to the Ogre city. He will reply that you have no business there. Ask him if he will help you if you help him. He will give you Toban's key and ask you to retrieve his Gold that was stolen by Toban.


  5. Just South East of Og, you will see a small island. Use one of the Ropes with the branch on the long branched tree West of the island. You will now swing over to the island. Talk to Grew tell him that you can help him and that you are a mighty adventurer. He will ask for a tooth of his enemy, Gorad. Before you swing back across, pick up some Jangerberries nearby if you forgot to bring your own; You will need them later in the quest.

    Note: If you pick the wrong options during the conversations, the Ogres on the island will attack you.


  6. To get to Toban and Gorad, you will need to gain access to the small island East of Gu'Tanoth. You will not be able to access the island above ground via the bridge because it is broken. Head to the cave entrance to the South West of Gu'Tanoth and descend down into to the caves.

    Toban and Gorad Entrance

  7. You will appear on the island. Tell Toban that you seek entrance to the Ogre city and he will laugh. Ask him if he would help you if you help him. He will say that he will only help you if bring him some Dragon bones. Give him the bones and, in exchange, he will give you the Relic part 3. Now, open Toban's chest nearby using Toban's key to obtain Og's Gold


  8. On that same island you will find Gorad. Attack him and upon his death an Ogre tooth will automatically appear in your inventory.


  9. Leave the island through the cave entrance and head back to Og. Give him his Gold and he will give you the Relic part 1.

  10. Now, use your second Rope on the branch to swing across to the island with Grew. Give him the Ogre tooth and he will give you the Relic part 2 along with a yellow Crystal.

  11. Swing back to the mainland and return to the Watchtower Wizard. Use the Relic parts with him and he will give you an Ogre relic. With this relic, you will be able to enter Gu'Tanoth.

  12. Leave Yanille through its Western city gate and follow the path to the South up the hill. Then, take the West fork until you reach a gate guarded by 2 Ogre guards. Use the Ogre relic with one of them and they will allow you to pass through the gates.

    Note: If you talk to them instead of using the Ogre relic with them, they will throw you back down the hill causing you to lose 300 Life points. When this happens, head back up the hill. This time you may talk to them and they will accept the Ogre relic.

    Ogre Guard

  13. Follow the path to the South and then East to gain access to Gu'Tanoth's market area. Now, steal a Rock cake from the counter in the South Western corner.

    Note: Do not eat the Rock cake or you will lose a fairly large amount of your Life points

    Rock cake stall

  14. Leave the market area and follow the path to the South until you see 2 Ogre guards and a battlement. Try to climb the battlement and you will be stopped by one of the guards. He will allow you to climb battlement if you fetch him a Rock cake. Give him the cake and climb over the battlement.


  15. Cross the bridge and walk South East until you come to your next obstacle. Try to jump over the gap in the bridge and you will be stopped by an Ogre guard. They will only allow you to jump the bridge if you pay them 20 Coins. Give them the money and try to jump across the gap. If you jump successfully, you will end up on the other side.

    Note: If you fail to jump across the gap, you will have to pay the Ogre guard another 20 Coins.

    Jump Gap

  16. Walk South across another bridge and tell to one of City guards that you seek passage into the Skavid caves. They will give you a riddle to answer. The answer is death rune. Use a Death rune with one of them and they will give you a Skavid map

    City Guards

  17. Retrace you steps to leave the city. Once you are out of the city, follow the path to the South East until you see a cave entrance. Make sure that you have the Skavid map, Lit candle, and Tinderbox on you. Enter the cave and talk to the Scared skavid. It will ask you not to hurt it. Tell him that you will not hurt him; it will tell you that what you seek is in possession of the Mad skavid and that you will need to learn the language of the Skavids. It will teach a few words and tell you to talk to the other Skavids as well.

    Note: If you enter of the Skavid caves without a light source you will end up in a large empty cave. Simply climb up the rope to appear back on the surface.

    Scared skavid

  18. Exit the cave and search the borders of Gu'Tanoth for some caves. Enter cave 1 and talk to the Skavid. Give him the right response. Visit the other 3 caves and give each of the Skavids the correct answer. If you have chosen the correct answer, you will get a message that they understood you. If you picked the wrong answer, simply leave the cave, re-enter, and talk to that one again. In some of the caves you can pick up a Cave nightshade from the ground.
    • Bidith Ig - response is Cur
    • Gor Cur - response is Ar
    • Cur Bidith - response is Ig
    • Tanath Gor - response is Nod
    • Bidith Tanath - response is Cur
    Note: If you have not gathered a Clean guam or Bat bones prior to starting the quest, pick up a Clean guam and kill a Bat for its Bat bones in one of the caves.


  19. Head back to the Scared skavid. He will tell you that you have learned enough of their language and that you should try to talk to the Mad skavid.

  20. Leave the cave and use the Gold bar with one of the Ogre guards watching the gate to the South. They will now allow you to pass through the gate. Go through the gate and across the bridge to a cave entrance. Enter the cave and talk to the Mad skavid. Answer using:
    • Ar Cur - response is Gor
    • Bidith Ig - response is Cur
    • Gor Nod - response is Tanath
    • Cur Tanath - response is Bidith
    He will give you a purple Crystal. Before you leave, pick up the a Cave nightshade from the ground.

    Note: If you talk to them instead of using the Gold bar with them, they will throw you back down the hill causing you to lose 300 Life points. When this happens, head back up the hill. This time you may talk to them and they will accept the Gold bar.

    Mad Skavid

  21. If you do not have an Anti-dragon shield or Antifire potion on you, visit the bank in Yanille or at the Castle Wars arena. Make your way to the Western part of Gu'Tanoth's market area and use a Cave nightshade with one of the Enclave guards in front of a cave entrance to distract them. Run past them and enter the cave. Inside the Ogre Enclave you'll see a short cutscene where an unfortunate dragon is killed by an ogre shaman. You will find Ogre shamans, Blue dragons, Ogre chieftains, and many other creatures.

    Note: Do not eat the Cave nightshade or you will lose 150 Life points. DO NOT attack or talk to the Ogre shamans or you will lose most of your Life points.


  22. After the cutscene, run North and leave the cave. You will appear near one of the cave entrances to the North of Gu'Tanoth.

    Enclave Exit

  23. Head back to the Watchtower Wizard. He will tell you about a potion that will kill the Ogre shamans. Use the Clean guam with a Vial of water to make a Guam potion (unf). Add the Jangerberries to it to produce a mixture. Grind up Bat bones using the Pestle and mortar. Now, add the Ground bat bones to the mixture to produce a Potion. Give this to the Watchtower Wizard and he will enchant it into a Magic ogre potion.

    Note: If you do not mix the ingredients in the order mentioned above, your Vial will explode and deal you 50 damage.

  24. Return to Gu'Tanoth's market area and use the last Cave nightshade with one of the Enclave guards. Enter the cave and use the Magic ogre potion with all 6 of the Ogre shamans to kill them. Killing the last one will drop a Crystal (Blue). Pick it up.

    Note: Remember not to attack or talk to the Ogre shamans or you will lose a lot of your Life points. And, should you lose the crystal due to any reason, you will need to search the old robe on the South Eastern area of the enclave to retrieve it.

    Ogre Shaman

  25. Now go to the rock of Dalgroth in the center of the cave. Mine the rock and to receive the last Crystal (Green).

    Rock of Dalgroth

  26. Return to the Watchtower Wizard and talk to him. Place the purple Crystal on the North Eastern pillar, the blue Crystal on the North Western pillar, the yellow Crystal on the South Western pillar, and the green Crystal on the South Eastern pillar. Now pull the lever on the Western wall to complete the quest.

    Note: Read the Spell scroll you receive as reward to unlock the ability to use the Watchtower teleport spell (level 58 Magic).


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