Quest Requirements:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Start Point:
The portal to the Land of Snow on White Wolf Mountain (West of Taverley).
To Start:
Talking to Postie Pete.
  1. After speaking with Postie Pete outside of the Land of Snow, enter the portal and you will see an imp named Posty surrounded by stacks of letters. Talk to him and you'll find out that the snow imp responsible for transporting the letters has gone missing and he is trying to sort through the letters to get the job done. How is he supposed to deliver letters to [your username] when he doesn't know who that is? Upon discovering you're one of the people he is looking for, he will give you Letters from Violet which will trigger a cutscene where you read the letter Violet sent you, complete with drawings (don't worry, you can skip it if you like). In the end, Posty will ask for you to keep an eye out for the missing snow imp, who for the purposes of this guide will be called "MIA" (Missing in action) as the name is chosen at random from a list of about 20 different names.

    Just a few

  2. Walk North up the hill a short distance and you will jumpcut to arriving at Violet's house. Knock on the door and Violet will answer, leading to you picking her up in a big hug. Pause to absorb the good feels as she peppers you with questions fast enough that you don't get to answer them and the Yetis remark that you've grown... sure. Sure you have.

    Get the Squishin's

  3. After this, walk to her room (North West - the only other room on the ground floor) and speak to Violet. She will show you her Christmas tree drawing and wish that she could have a real one this year, but her parents are too old to cut one down.As can be expected, you will volunteer yourself to go get one and Violet will tell you that you'll need a map to the enchanted Christmas tree farm. But, oh no! The map is missing from the book (that she clearly made herself)! She decides to give you clues on where to find pieces of the map, because not only is it missing, but she has some idea of where it is, even though she's clearly surprised by it not being in the book. SeemsLegit.png.

    the story begins

  4. Violet will then proceed to give you four clues to find the map. The first three don't get you anything but some interesting character development, and we know that's not why you're reading this quest guide. Click map images below to see the locations as they appear in game.
    Clue Location Image Items
    Dusty Chest Chest along the East wall of the main room, South East of Trevor. thumbnail Dried up vegetables
    Under big monster Bear rug in the center of Violet's room thumbnail Dust and broken crayons
    HOT Fireplace along the West wall in the main room, South West of Betty thumbnail HEAT (no items, too hot)
    Smelly Barrel of fish under the stairs in the main room, just behind Betty thumbnail Carrot and Coal
    With the items found at the final location, Violet will be certain that the Snowman king had some of his underlings steal the map. In a Christmas themed quest. Plot twist? Ask what you should do and Violet will insist that you go stop the snowmen before they get away before running out the front door. Her parents put on their "here we go again" faces and the game is afoot.

  5. Follow Violet outside and talk to her for the cuscene to begin. You have the option to peek through your closed eyes, but it doesn't matter if you do or not as you won't see anything. Once you are told to open your eyes, you will see two snowmen there who definitely weren't there before you closed your eyes. What a mystery this is. It gets weird when the snowmen start talking, reading from what is definitely the wrong script. Violet will put a bucket of carrots on her head as a helmet and attack the snowmen, revealing two snow imps beneath all the snow, thus ending the cutscene.

    wrong script

  6. Talk to the snow imps and you will ask about MIA you learned about from Posty. As it turns out, they were playing Hide and Don't Peek about two weeks back, but never managed to find him. They were playing around an abandoned farm South of the house.

    having fun

  7. Walk South down the path and you'll arrive at the farm. MIA can be found in a chest located in the Southern corner formed by the exterior walls of the house. Talk to MIA, mention that it's almost Christmas and the snow imp will start worrying because he hasn't decorated Yeti Town yet. Continue through the dialogue and a large bang will sound in the distance. The scene will fade out and then back in at Yeti Town where the tree is on fire, the snow imps and yetis are playing the blame game, and even when the missing imp arrives on the scene, it doesn't do anything to calm everything down. Violet will roar loudly to make them all shut up and then will tell everyone that you are here to help fix up Yeti Town into Christmas Town.

    found you!

  8. MIA will tell you that his assistants in the town will know what is left to be done to fix up the town, so you should talk to them. There are 4 tasks that you will need to perform, 1 from each of MIA's 3 assistants and one from him. These tasks can be done in any order, but here we will cover them alphabetically.
    1. Assistant Brad - Replacement Tree
      1. Assistant Brad can be found on the North East side of the burning tree, which apparently was the result of a fireworks accident, because the best ornaments are the ones that destroy what they are trying to decorate. Asking him how you can help will have him send you in his stead to get a replacement tree from a yeti lass named Taylor. The tree on fire was a big deal to her and MIA, so Brad doesn't think he'd be getting on her best side asking for a replacement himself.

        Assistant Brad

      2. Cross the bridge to the North and follow the path West to the tree farm. Talk to Taylor and, after some amusing conversation, she will agree to give you a replacement tree.

        new tree time

      3. Inspect the wonky tree in the North West corner of the yard and Violet will tell you it's the perfect tree for the town.

        straight as an arrow

      4. Finish the dialogue then return to Yeti Town and talk to Assistant Brad to complete the task and ensure that he doesn't burn it down. Also, if you like, you can take the time to insult the wonky tree.

        Mission complete

    2. Assistant Susi - Decorations
      1. Assistant Susi is located on the South East side of the tree. Talk to her and she will remark about how Christmas is stressful this year and tell you that she needs help decorating the town. Unfortunately, there aren't any decorations anymore, because they burned down with the tree. As such, Susi suggests asking the town's residents for anything they can spare. There are four residents who will help and they can be talked to in any order - See map image below for locations (doors circled in Blue).

        Assistant Susi

      2. Once you have gotten all the decorations, talk to Susi again and she will tell you that you will now need to, well, decorate. This will involve decorating the door of each house you just received decorations from as well as 5 lamp posts found throughout Yeti Town. The map image below shows all of their locations - doors circled in Blue and lamp posts in Red. Once you have finished doing all of Susi's work for her, go talk to her to complete this task.

        Decor and Doors

    3. Assistant Timothy - Return the list
      1. Begin by speaking with Assistant Timothy (1) found North West of the tree. While talking to him, Posty (2) will come running into town calling for help. Talk to him and he'll inform you that the naughty/nice list is missing and he thinks one of the kids took it.

        assistant timothy

      2. At this point, it basically becomes a game of "who had it last". Use the map below to speak with each of the children in order: Elizabeth (3), Peter (4), Mozzie (5), Neal (6).

        follow the numbers

      3. Once you've talked to Neal, he will tell you that he threw the list out the window when he saw that you were investigating. Walk out the door, grab the list from the ground on the East side of the house (7) and return to Posty (8) with it.

        disregard the crayon
      With all the work of the assistants done (poor Timothy...), return to MIA directly North of the tree.
  9. Talk to MIA and he will inform you that he wants "that thing in the middle" (the tree) decorated, but is sure that if he did it himself, he'd mess it up. Click the tree and Violet will volunteer your help at this point. She will tell you that you will need Snow implings to reach the tree to decorate it.

    mission: decorate the thing

  10. Walk to the South West corner of the tree and talk to Hal the snowimpling. After a long string of distrusting dialogue, he will agree to help and you will suddenly have a Snow impling in your inventory. In order for him reach the tree to decorate, you will need to stand on the top of the hill just South of the tree, to the South East on the path is fine. In your inventory, click on the Snow impling and you will toss him at the tree where several decorations will be added. Do this a total of 3 times and the tree will be fully decorated. No, you won't get to keep the Snow impling, sorry.

    we have lift off

  11. At this point, all the decorations have been taken care of and the town looks kind of festive. Either talk to MIA or admire the wonky tree in the center of town to enter a cutscene. When the cutscene ends, speak with MIA to begin the second cutscene. When it ends, you will have returned to Violet's house.

    all pretty

  12. Knock on the door to open it and you can then complete the quest by talking to either Betty or Trevor.

    christmas miracle

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

The End

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