Quest Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Lamps of joy, wonder, and laughter, as well as "[NAME] the Yeti" title, and 2 Treasure hunter keys and hearts
Start Point:
The portal to the Land of Snow on White Wolf Mountain, accessed from the Taverley side.
To Start:
Speaking to Violet.
  1. Travel to the Taverley lodestone. From here, walk South toward the bank and ascend the path up the mountain. To the West side you will see a blue portal with a small girl in front of it. Speak the her and she will rawr at you before disappearing into the portal. Concerned for her safety, follow her through it.


  2. On the other side of the portal, you will be hit with a snowball and then taunted by Violet. Not about to take her sass, begin to make your way up the hill. As you are climbing, huge snowballs will roll down at you. If you get hit 5 times, you will be given the option to slow the roll rate; making it easier to reach the top.

    It's A Battle

  3. When you finally make it to the top, speak to Violet. You will soon hear a loud roar before Violet runs off again. Once more concerned about her safety, you will follow her until you come across a cute cabin in the woods.

    Started From the Bottom, Now We Here

  4. Step to the door and knock on it. At first, you will just say "knock knock", choose to knock once again and a brief conversation will commence. You will be asked what you want, choose any option, and then invited in.

    Anyone Home?

  5. Inside the cabin you will encounter 2 Yeti, Betty and Trevor. Click either of them and you will be offered some fresh made stew, which will prompt you to accuse them of making it from the young girl you had been following. Shortly after threatening their lives, Violet will prance out of her room and tell them that she had seen a "hairless Yeti" – you. You will find that she had run off earlier and simply did so because she wanted to see mountains again and greatly wishes to attend the Yeti festival.

    Oh, You Live Here...

  6. After some begging, she will be asked to go to her room so that the adults can speak alone for a minute. A conversation will then begin where you can ask them about the festival before accusing them of capturing Violet. They will tell you that she was an orphan that they found and have raised, but they are concerned about introducing her to the yeti children who may make fun of her. You will offer to help make Violet’s dream of going to the festival come true. Accepting, they will suggest that you go tell her the good news.

    Feeling Welcome Yeti?

  7. Enter the single room to the North and speak to Violet. You will give her the good news and inform her that she needs to pack some warm clothes and anything she thinks she will need for the journey. She will initiate a game of I-spy where she will tell you the first letter of an item she desires and you must bring it to her – one at a time. These items will be random. Note that there are a few items that start with the same letter, this means that you may need to try both items on her before you find out what she wants.
    Wardrobe Toybox Under Bed
    Toy lion Wooden carving Spare sock
    'How to be a Witch' Iron figure Weapon gizmo
    Mittens Scarf Empty jar
    Fluffy unicorn Climbing boots Yo-yo
    I-Spy Bedroom Edition

  8. Once you have found all 5 items, return to the main room to inform her parents that you two are all ready for the adventure. Trevor will offer to show you the way to the festival and, once the conversations ends, click the front door for the 3 of you to step outside. You will then need to select that you are ready to "go on an adventure" to cue a cutscene of Violet, Trevor, and yourself leaving into the woods.

    We're Off!

  9. You will now reach the first puzzle found in the woods. Speak to either one of them to learn that Violet is afraid of going through the dark path a head so you must find a way to light it. Shake a bush to the South and catch the Firefly that escapes from it. Give the Firefly to Violet and she will eat it.

    Darkness Puzzle

  10. With plan A failed, you will need to move on to plan B. Ask Trevor if he has anything that will help and he will give you an Empty jar. Shake the bushes to the South again and catch 10 Firefly which you will place in the jar, creating a Jar of fireflies.

    Shake It Off

  11. Pick up the Empty bucket to the West of the bushes then investigate a Maple tree twice – you will need to go through the full conversation after the first investigation. The second time should cause you to chop the tree and obtain Maple logs.

    Seems Empty...

  12. Investigate the logs to create a Spile then investigate a Maple tree again. Investigate the tree once more to obtain a Bucket of syrup.

    What's Brown and Sticky?

  13. Walk North to the dark path and investigate the 4 trees that are leaning inward. There will be 2 on each side. As you investigate each one, you will coat it with syrup.

    Getting Sticky

  14. Once they are covered, return to Violet and give her the Jar of fireflies. You will instruct her to let fireflies out of the jar as you pass the trees. They will then fly to the trees to eat the syrup and light the way. A cutscene will show the 3 of you running to the other side of the passage which leads to the second puzzle.

    Light My Way

  15. Here you will find 15 Headless ice golems running about. Violet will feel bad for them and want to give them heads. Take some of the Icey snow slightly South of you. After protesting your media of choice, Violet will agree and begin to instruct you on what faces to make on them.


  16. To know if she is making a happy, sad, laughing, or angry face, you will need to look at the expression her chathead is making when she tells you to make a face like "THIS". Expressions will be random. You will need to select the expression 5 times to progress. Choosing the wrong face will cause her to say that isn’t the face she made, but she likes it and you’ll keep it.

    Don't Make Faces At Me

  17. Now that you have made the heads, you will need to attach them to the 15 bodies running around. To do this, Violet will be throwing the heads where you instruct her – done by clicking the area where the golems are. At first, in particular, it is easiest to just spam click. As you get to the last few remaining, you may need to aim a bit to hit the golem you’re seeking to hit.

    Pitch Perfect

  18. When all heads have been attached, Violet will begin the arduous task of naming them, but you’ll drag her along to the next puzzle before she becomes too attached to them. Here you will find some thin ice that needs to be crossed. During your conversation with Trevor about the ice, Violet will let out a mighty rawr which will cause snow to land on the ice and thicken it. Your new mission is to find something for her to growl at.

    Loud Puzzle

  19. Behind Trevor and to the South East, you will see 3 crates total. Search 1, or all of them, until you have obtained 21 Coal, 3 Top hats, and 3 Carrots. Collect 75 snow balls from the pile of snow directly South of Trevor, then prune one of the naked trees to the West to obtain 6 Branches.

    Gotta Collect Em All

  20. With your items, build up the 3 piles of snow along the lake shore. This will take 4 clicks, plus a 5th if you wish to admire your work. Speak to Violet once they are built and you will show her a snow man. She will then enthusiastically rawr at it and cause more snow to fall on the ice. Repeat this with the other 2 snowmen then run across.

    Admire Them!

  21. Once you reach the other shore, walk directly East and retrieve the barrel floating in the icey water. This will help you solve the next puzzle. Speak to Violet to begin it.

    This Will Help...

  22. The goal of this puzzle is to push Violet in the barrel safely to the other side. The problem is that you can only push her one direction and the holes, rocks, and piles of snow on the ice will stop the barrel’s progress forward. To successfully complete this puzzle, follow the directions below. If you become stuck due to a misclick, you can restart the puzzle with a Right-click option on Violet. When the 2 of you successfully reach the other side, speak to Violet and Trevor will make his own way across so your group will continue to the final puzzle. Be sure to push Violet when you start and when you reach the following spots: 4, 7, 10, 14, 17, and 22.

    Icey Puzzle

  23. Now you guys reach the point where you can see the festival in the distance. Speak to Violet and she will begin to hesitate, concerned that she won’t be able to make friends. You will reassure her how awesome she is before beginning to plan how to get her down the steep slope ahead. The answer to this is to build a sled – you will already see the building hotspot in the clearing ahead. Investigate the spot and you will confirm it is the perfect spot to build.

    What If...

  24. Walk to the West side of the clearing. Here you will chop down the Yeti village sign and check the nearby crate for a Rope.

    2 Birds, 1... Sign?

  25. From here head North past Trevor and Violet until you reach an abandoned camp. Search the firepit and you will obtain a piece of Charcoal.

    Hot In Here

  26. Return South to Violet then walk North East of her and investigate the ice. You will then reach into the frigid water and retrieve an Unlit lantern.

    Polar Opposite

  27. Finally, go South, to East of the sled hotspot, and investigate the rotten barrel to find Barrel parts.

    Last One

  28. With all the pieces, return to the hotspot and begin to build the sled. In total this will take 5 clicks as you will only partially build it each time. Once it is built, speak to Violet and you will tell her it is time to christen her new ride. Unable to think of one, she will ask you to name it. You will be given a list of 9 names to choose from. Pick whatever one strikes your fancy to continue the quest.

    Let's Get Down To Business

  29. You will then make your way to the town where all the Yeti kids want to be her best friend.

    We Made It!

Congratulations, you have completed the quest!


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