Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
A weapon and armour.
Quest Points:
Ability to build all three tiers of the Fort Forinthry guardhouse, The Raptor will operate as a Slayer master inside Fort Forinthry, Access to the crypt North of Fort Forinthry, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Fort Forinthry Command Center.
To Start:
Talk to Overseer Siv in the Command center at Fort Forinthry.
  1. Speak with Siv in the Command center, she will tell you that we need to improve the security of the Fort. Accept the quest and continue the dialog.


  2. Once you have finished speaking with Siv head West to The Raptor and speak with him. He will tell you about the threat coming from the undead just North of the Fort and tell you it must be dealt with. Head to the Northern gate and enter the Wilderness, continuing the quest when prompted."


  3. Once you have entered the Wilderness, The Raptor will tell you to deal with the West undead, whilst he handles the North. You must kill the 10 Fetid zombies. After you have defeated the 10 zombies, you will spawn back in the Fort.


  4. Go speak with The Raptor about the attack. He will direct you to speak with Bill.

    Dinosaur? No, Slayer Master

  5. Go speak with Bill at the Workshop about Unwelcome Guests to see what can be done.


  6. Bill will mention the new foundations at the Front gate, but will provide the resources to build spikes on the outer walls to help protect the Fort. You must enter the Wilderness and build the 6 sets of spikes on the outside of the Fort. Beware of the Fetid zombies, they are aggressive..


  7. Return to Siv and talk to her. She will tell you that she has found some guards, but we need a place for them, perhaps a new building?


  8. Go to the Workshop and speak with Bill about the quest again. He will be sad about not being able to build his inn, but it's for the greater good! He will tell you to check the Blueprint table to check what materials are required. This is where you will need your 14 Maple frames and 6 Stone wall segments. It's time to build another building in the Fort, this one being a Guardhouse. Once you have started the blueprint, head to the Front gate and start building on any of the 5 building hotspots.

    Hammer time

  9. Once you have built the guardhouse, speak with The Raptor or Overseer Siv to begin a cutscene. During the cutscene, Siv's guards will show up. It turns out they're Dark warriors?! No, their gang name is the dark warriors, but they're just bandits. Their leader was killed by a Zamorakian. Once Siv has explained this all, you will welcome them to Fort Forinthry. The Raptor will tell you to meet him by the Northern gate, to find the source of the undead...

    Take 1

  10. Pass through the North gate, continuing the quest when prompted. You will need to defeat the 10 Fetid zombies once more. After they're defeated, a cutscene will occur showing you running back to The Raptor, when a armored phantom will spawn and be cut down by The Raptor. The Raptor will tell you to follow him, leading you to a ancient crypt that just happened to appear. The cutscene will lead you to an underground area, with Zemouregal trying to break down an ancient door. After some dialog, he will spawn some armored phantoms and teleport away.

    Scury guy

  11. You and The Raptor will retreat back to the safety of the Fort, leaving you wondering how powerful these foes really are. Head back to The Raptor and speak with him. He will tell you he is staying at the Fort, due to the high level of the threat from Zemouregal.

    Big worry

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Quest complete

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