Quest Requirements:
Eyes in Their Stars
Broken Home
Meet Naressa in Senntisten
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Archaeology journal/Master Archaeologist outfit *1 Invitation box Divination Colony Teleport *2
Memorial to Guthix Teleport *3 Black Knights' Fortress Teleport *4 Lost Grove Teleport *5

  1. Either option works for quick access to White Knight Castle [Sir Atcha], Black Knights' Base [Isaura], Infernal Source Dig Site, and Archaeology Campus
  2. Step 22, teleport options include:
  3. Step 23, teleport options include:
  4. Step 26, teleport options include:
  5. Step 27, teleport options include:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Key Instructions Chain of keys Syringe (Twilight of the Gods) Break Curse scroll (Twilight of the Gods)
Vial of vile water Experimental Potion #6 SIPD cure Cultist robe top
Cultist robe bottom Cultist robe hood Cast iron key Spare cultist robes
Energy scanner Crate of birds Guide to Guthixian Runes Stone circle building kits
Guthixian energy Me?
Quest Points:
Divination XP Lamp (30k); Magic XP Lamp (30k); Ring of the Abyss; Order of Dis robes override; 5 Chaos die reroll tokens; Ability to gain chaos die rerolls as drops from bosses in Senntisten; 10% damage reduction in the Zamorak: Lord of Chaos encounter; 2 Treasure hunter keys
Start Point:
Surface entrance to Senntisten.
To Start:
Speaking with Sir Cadien.
  1. Talk to Sir Cadien and receive a request for help, accepting the quest. He will tell you his patrol was ambushed by demons, but something else tore the demons apart before he could be killed. He will give you a very basic description and you will promise to look into it.


  2. For this next section you will be in an area with aggressive demons, but you can choose to not to kill them if you like as their attacks are fairly weak. As they respawn, it's not worth wasting time killing them over and over. Note that if you leave the Senntisten dungeon at any point during the quest you will need to enter it from the surface to continue: teleporting in with any other method will place you in the standard dungeon rather than the quest instance of the dungeon.

    Enter Senntisten and continue the quest when prompted. Head South down the steps and on the West side of the entrance to the Tzekhaar Front you will find a trail of blood. Inspect it and then follow the trail. This will take you through the cathedral and toward the Nodon Front. Continue down the stairs and follow the trail of blood South West to Naressa's House. Naressa will be talking to Gregorovic.

    Blood Trail

  3. Talk to either of them and you will discover that Naressa isn't talking to Gregorovic... technically. Apparently he is actually Erasinus Gaius Saturninus, a Chthonian demon who lived in Senntisten long ago. When the Shadow voice speaks, Gregorovic hears it and it will come to light that things even more complicated. It seems that Erasinus is suffering from SIPD, or Superimposed Personality Disorder; he once ate Gregorovic and has now taken on his personality. You will suggest that it might be possible to cure Erasinus, thus destroying Gregorovic. The emerging consensus will be to meet at the Asylum. You will be given the options to either meet them there, or go with them now. If you go with them now, the screen will fade to black and fade back in at the Asylum, saving you the walk. Otherwise, walk to the North East corner of the Tzekhaar Front and enter the building with the Asylum Elevator.

    Is He Though?

  4. Talk to Naressa and you will find that the entrance to the Asylum has been locked. You will say your lock-pick is too small for the lock and suggest Naressa try to pick it using her claws; she will unfortunately fail. Erasinus/Gregorovic will try as well to just as little effect. Talk to Naressa again, then pull the crane lever under the desk on the West side of the room. Naressa will hear a clank from upstairs.

    Pull The Lever
    Click the above image to view hidden lever.

  5. Climb the stairs to the upper floor. Search the notes at the foot of the bookcase on the East wall to receive some Key Instructions. Next search the Drawer on the South wall to get a Chain of keys.

    Grab Me!

  6. Reading the key instructions presents a logic puzzle to figure out which key will open the asylum door. If you want to figure it out yourself, you can. However, the answer should be either the Long purple key or the Short purple key. Walk back down the stairs and click the door to pick the correct key and open it.

    Open Sesame

  7. Click the gate to walk through it then operate the elevator to enter the asylum. Walk a bit North and talk to Naressa again. When the dialog ends, run into the room to the East. Here the Abyssal savages will capture the three of you and bring you to their masters: Dahaka, Yk'Lagor, and Cyrillus.

    Welcome to the Dungeon

  8. Talk to any of the demon masters and Dahaka will recognize Gregorovic, Naressa will recognize Yk'Lagor as Yakla, and it will be revealed that the demons are actually dragonkin in the bodies of demons, which Naressa refers to as Aughra dragonkin. Like Gregorovic, they too are suffering from Superimposed Personality Disorder and are seeking a cure. You may choose to comfort Naressa however you like when prompted. With the completion of the conversation, you will be free to venture off to obtain a cure in exchange for information the Masters have.

    More SIPD

  9. Head South East towards the door and you will encounter Rowena... then she vanishes. Continue to follow her along the path below, picking up a Syringe from a crate and Infernal ashes from a spiky chair on the way. Once you reach the final destination, talk to what you thought was Rowena, but will discover is actually Senecianus, who you met in the Broken Home quest. Senecianus will tell you that your "cure" wasn't permanent, so he is looking for a more permanent solution. That's right, he's here for the same reason too! How unlikely. He will give you a Break Curse scroll (Twilight of the Gods) which covers the mental portion of the curse, but you will still need more to cover the physical aspect.


  10. Use the Syringe on Senecianus to obtain a Syringe of Chthonian blood. Grab a Vial from the room North East of Senecianus. Go to the room with the Abyssal beasts to the South and fill the vial on the sink to obtain a Vial of vile water. Use the Infernal ashes on the Vial of vile water to create Experimental potion #6. Finally, use the Syringe of Chthonian blood on the Experimental potion #6 to create a SIPD cure.

    For The Cure

  11. Return to the Abyssal Lords room and click any one of them to hand over the cure. Speak with them again to discover that they are rather skeptical of it. You will voluntell Erasinus and Senecianus to be the first test subjects. You have the choice of comforting or sassing Erasinus, but it doesn't make any difference which you choose. Once the dialog concludes, you will enter a cutscene in which you pour the cure over each of them and then use the Break Curse scroll to finish their restorations.


  12. After the cures have been applied, the demons will stiffly acknowledge your assistance and, as promised, will give you information about the progression of Zamorak's forces. He has apparently been pulling demons from the Abyss onto Gielinor.

    They've Been Restored

  13. Head to Saradomin's Throne Room in the White Knight Castle of Falador. Talk to Saradomin and continue the quest when prompted, then talk to him again. Duke Horacio and Adrasteia will hold him accountable for the damage caused by the Battle of Lumbridge and Saradomin will ask you to step forward. Talk to him again. After you share the new intelligence, he will tell you that there has been red-robed activity near the Star Lodge of the Infernal Source Dig Site and ask you to look into it by meeting up at the Jolly Boar in with his knights.

    First Visit

  14. Make your way to the Jolly Boar Inn, immediately East of the Infernal Source Dig Site. Once there, speak with each of the 4 Knights present: Sir Cull, Sir Dated, Sir Berus, and Sir Plus. After you have spoken to all of them you will have all the information you need to progress.

    Or is it Sir Prising?

  15. Exit the Inn and enter the Infernal Source, continuing the quest when prompted. Talk to Blythe who is convinced she doesn't have what it takes to join the cult and will quiz you a little. The answers in order are: "Growth through Chaos," "Philippa Wharton," and "Dagon." Note that selecting a wrong answer will just allow you to pick again until you get it right. Once you answer the questions correctly, she will be sure that you'd be better among the cult's ranks than her and give you a Cultist robe top, Cultist robe bottom, and Cultist robe hood.

    POP Quiz

  16. Equip all three cultist robe items and climb down the secret passage through the fireplace. You will be greeted by Vala as you enter. She will insist that [Your Username] will not do and will call you by a name chosen for you by Dagon. Once you finish talking to her, pick her pockets until you receive a Cast iron key. This may take a few tries and will award 5 Thieving experience each time.

    Born Again

  17. To get all the necessary information you will need to talk to 5 people, see map below. The order isn't important, but a few will require additional work to get your intel. The recommended order is listed below along with any additional information/actions.
    • Wilona - requires you to join their ritual circle briefly. Pay close attention to what she says as you will have to repeat it back as part of the ritual.
    • Audrey
    • Ridley
    • Edda - Collect Spare cultist robes from the nearby chest while you are here (requires Cast iron key from Vala).
    • Tyne - Speak directly to him and you will tell the guard, Wayland, that you are there to convert the prisoner. You will tell Tyne that you aren't actually a cultist and suggest trying to sneak him out. He says there is no way to sneak him out and instead suggests tricking them into thinking he converted but needs a set of robes to do such. If you already have the robes, you will give them to him and he will make his escape.

    Much Facts

  18. Once you have finished gathering intel, return to Saradomin in his Throne Room. Talk to him and continue the quest when prompted, then talk to Saradomin again to find that you have arrived into some conflict: An attempt by Adrasteia to make reparations with Garlandia. Unfortunately, it happens to be making no progress whatsoever. The only thing she thinks would be enough to make amends would be a full restoration of the Edicts. After Saradomin gives up on fixing the past, he will address you, and you will have to speak with him again. If you were still wearing the cultist robes, you will find they suddenly disappear - apparently Saradomin didn't like them too much. You will relay what you have discovered before there is a sudden interruption. Sir Alvin will burst into the room to report that Misthalin is under attack by demons, followed by Sir Simon who also bursts in to report the same for Burthorpe.

    You will asked if you will aid in fighting off the demons, though your response is irrelevant as both options you are given confirm you will assist. After you pick, Bilrach will teleport in and trigger a cutscene in which he demands that Saradomin admit his defeat and stand down. If he doesn't surrender, Zamorak will "consume all lands." You will be given three dialog options, all of which will be rejected, but you need to talk through all of them to progress. Once you complete the last one, the Shadow Voice will suggest that Garlandia's request to restore the Edicts of Guthix is the best chance you have of stopping Zamorak's invasion. Finish the dialog to progress.

    Second Visit

  19. Descend the stairs and meet up with Adrasteia. She will either be in the library (the oddly shaped room directly South of the room with the stairs) or just outside it in the hallway to the West. If for some reason she isn't present, Lobby and sign back in to make her appear. Talk to her and she will suggest that you show up uninvited to the meeting of the Guardians of Guthix. To do this, you'll need to speak with the Tree of Balance.


  20. Proceed to the Tree of Balance, found directly South of the Archaeology Guild along the border to the desert. Talk to the Tree of Balance and continue the quest when prompted. The screen will fade out and then back in with the arrival of Juna, Death, Valluta, Ocellus, and Fiara. They agree with your assessment of the situation, but none of them have the means to "execute" the Edicts. Ocellus will suggest that the power of Guthix that you carry may be capable of such a feat and they will test your ability to manage such power in a little cutscene. You will suggest that some experiments be made to make sure you can cast the Edicts properly. Juna will suggest asking Saradomin where they might perform such tests.

    Sorry To Interrupt

  21. Return to Saradomin and talk to him. After some bickering, he will give you an Energy scanner that you can use to locate a good place to try casting the Edicts. Use the Energy scanner's "Scan" option to open up a compass interface, much like the one used when using a Tetracompass (powered) or some Elite clue scrolls. You can figure out the locations yourself if you like... or you can just follow the directions here.

    Third Visit

  22. The first place the Energy scanner will direct you is the Hall of Memories. Make sure you have the compass window open and The Archivist will be just outside the pool. Talk to it to learn that energy capacity of the hall isn't enough for the experiment. Onto the next location!

    Hall O' Memories

  23. Next, the scanner will take you to the wisp colony just North of Shilo Village. Make sure you have the compass window open and there will be a Mystical wisp (green) by the crater. Interact with it and you will be put into a Guthixian Cache. The Confused Automaton will tell you that the power of the cache is enough, but it wouldn't be stable enough to work. You suggest trying anyway and the Automaton essentially tells you that you'd explode. Onto the next location!

    Gleaming Cache

  24. Finally, head to the Lost Grove (Fastest method is using the Fairy ring code B-J-S) and talk to Merethiel, continuing the quest when prompted. She will agree to let you test out the Edicts there. If you are ready to continue, say yes when she asks if she should send you in.

    Blow What

  25. Once inside, talk to any of the Guardians and you will discover that there are some items that you will need in order to start the ritual. These items can be found with Ocellus' contact in the Black Knights, Isaura.

    Site Acquired

  26. Make your way to Isaura, who can be found in the Black Knight's Base at the Southern end of the Taverley dungeon. The fastest method is to use the teleport directly to her from the Master Archaeologist outfit, followed by the Dungeoneering cape's teleport to the Blue dragon or the Hellhound dungeon, and then walking from the Taverley lodestone. When you arrive, talk to Isaura and continue the quest when prompted to obtain a Crate of birds. Return to The Lost Grove with the Crate of birds and talk to Merethiel again, continuing the quest when prompted.

    Got What I need

  27. Note for this series of puzzles: If you leave at any time, you can continue by talking to Merethiel and continuing the quest when prompted.

    Talk to any of the Guardians present and Juna will give you a brief walk through of the process before giving you a Guide to Guthixian Runes. When the dialog ends, collect from the material cart North of Juna to receive 4 Stone circle building kits. You will then need to "construct empty stone circle" starting with the Western most ring (1-4 in the image below) until you have used all 4 kits. This will create platforms where you will place Guthixian runes as letters to create words. You will begin with creating three 4-letter words and will increase to three 6-letter words as the ritual experiments progress. Note that the words WILL change if you are playing in French, German, or Portuguese; Please see the list at the bottom of the quest.

    1. With the first 4 platforms constructed, gather 32 Guthixian energy from the Energy spring (moves every 10 seconds or so) and weave it into the following letters on the Offering Cradle: A, B, D, E, G, H, I, L, M, N, O, R, S, T, V, and W. The remaining letters of the alphabet are unnecessary. Note that these will not be physical items used.

      ABC Make

    2. Click the Westernmost stone circle and choose a letter; continue adding a letter in each of the circles moving East. Clicking a stone circle will enable you to add a rune to it based on the letter it represents. When placed, you can check what letter the rune represents with the right click option "check rune" or remove it with "remove rune". You will need to spell the words: Gods, Halt, and Ward. Note that the order in which they must be given is random.

      Add Rune

    3. With a Guthixian rune (letter) in each circle, click the stone circle South of the offering cradle to place an effigy (or rather, a bird) there, then click again to start the ritual. Once you have attempted the ritual, your chatbox will display your success. Any letter not used in the necessary word will turn grey. Any letters in the word, but in the wrong position will turn orange. And any letters in the correct position will turn green. In addition the the letters appearing green in your chatbox if the word is successful, the letters and the bird in the stone circles will all vanish.


    4. With all 3 words successfully spelled, you will get a nice little chat with the Guardians. When the dialog completes, collect another Stone circle building kit from the cart and build the 5th platform. You will now repeat steps B and C creating 5-letter words: Aegis, Anima, and Leave.

    5. Once you have successfully completed the second set of words for the ritual, the group will tell you that for the final casting they will need an effigy of Guthix and the closest thing they have is you. After a moment, Ocellus will present you with a voodoo doll of yourself. Once you receive Me? you will be able to start the final puzzle. Collect a Stone circle building kit from the cart once again and build the 6th platform. You will now repeat steps B and C creating 6-letter words: Banish, Divine, and Shield.

    Upon completing your final word, it will become clear that by completing the ritual and reinstating the Guthixian Edicts you will banish all the gods, not just Zamorak. To top it all off, you will also lose all the powers that came with your position as the Wordle Guardian, err I mean as the World Guardian.


  28. Report back to the throne room of the White Knight Castle in Falador and you will find that Saradomin is conspicuously absent. Talk to Adrasteia instead, continuing the quest when prompted, then talk to her again. Saradomin is working with Azzanadra and Armadyl to hold off the demons, but he appears after you say you need to speak with him. You will tell him about how you can't prevent the Edicts from banishing him, which will make him upset, but Garlandia will step in an chastise him for not seeing it as an opportunity for redemption and that he should do what is necessary and live up to his word. Adrasteia will try to defend Saradomin, but he will admit that Garlandia is right.

    Fourth Visit

  29. Open the Invitation box to visit the Empyreal citadel, then continue the quest when prompted. Once there, run North a short distance and speak to any of the gods present to progress. Icthlarin throws a little shade at Azzanadra, but outside that they will all agree to the plan.

    We DOin' This Or Nah

  30. The Light and Shadow voices will break the fourth wall a bit, proclaiming the quest completed... You will get trolled by Jagex in the form of a quest complete window containing no rewards. Click continue a bunch to see the voices bicker about the release of the new boss, then they will return to the dialog window. After the dialog ends, you'll see your actual rewards.

    Where Are They?

Congratulations, Quest complete!

The End

Non-English Puzzle Words

Click here to return to step 27.

Language French German Portuguese
Letters Needed A, B, D, E, G, I, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, X A, B, C, D, E, G, H, I, L, N, O, S, T, U, W A, C, D, E, G, I, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, X
4-letter Words Dieu - Exil - Stop Gott - Halt - Welt Deus - Guia - Pare
5-letter Words Anima - Egide - Exode Gehen - Obhut - Seele Anima - Egide - Parta
6-letter Words Armure - Bannir - Divine Bannen - Heilig - Schild Divino - Escudo - Exilar

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