Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
10 Fletching
20 Smithing
The ability to defeat a Mercenary captain (level 47)
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Knife, Waterskins (4), and Food.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
4350 XP in two skills (Agility, Fletching, Thieving, or Smithing), ability to making throwing darts, a Wrought iron key to access the Desert Mining Camp's mithril and adamantite rocks, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
The Shantay Pass south of Al Kharid.
To Start:
Speak with Irena.
  1. Talk to Irena near the Shantay Pass. After Irena tells you about her daughter Ana, she leaves you to find her yourself.


  2. Travel south and search the footprints. These steps lead you to the Desert Mining Camp.


  3. Outside the camp, "Watch" the Mercenary captain to find out that he does not like to fight his own battles. Compliment him and agree to do him a favor. He will order you to kill Al Zaba Bhasim.

    Note: If you pick the wrong sentences during the conversations with the Mercenaries or the Captain, you will get busted and will be taken to the desert and lose all but one Waterskin.


    Chat Options: Wow! A real captain!......I'd love to work for a tough guy like you!........Can't I do something for a strong Captain like you?.........Consider it done.
  4. Do not go to the Desert Bandit Camp, instead head west to the Bedabin Camp. There, talk to the leader, Al Shabim, and tell him that you have come to kill Al Zaba Bhasim. The leader will send you back to the Mercenary captain with the message that this bandit does not exist.

    Al Shabim

  5. Before you talk to the Mercenary captain, talk to all of the Mercenaries guarding the captain until you get them to admit that they do not like the captain. This will cost you 5 coins per bribe. Now, talk to the Captain and insult him for not knowing about the nonexistence of the bandit Al Zaba Bhasim. He will challenge you to a duel. Since you bribed his guards, he will have to deal with you all by himself. Once he is dead, a Metal key will appear in your inventory.

    Note: If you lose the key, you can retrieve it by killing the Mercenary captain again without all the hassle of the dialogue.

  6. Un-equip any armor or weapon, and enter the camp using the Metal key. Go upstairs in the only building in the camp and search the table for a Cell door key. If you get caught inside the camp by the guards, you will be thrown in jail. Use this key to open the jail door. If you get caught and did not grab the Cell door key, then you may escape by bending and crawling through the cell window. Then you must climb up the hillside to the west to escape the camp. Note that you will take some damage from failing these agility obstacles.

  7. Talk to the Male Slave who is not mining and tell him that you have just arrived. When he tells of a plan to escape, tell him, "That's interesting." Help him to remove his handcuffs and he will give you his Slave shirt, Robe, and Boots in exchange for your desert robes and boots. It may take several attempts to successfully unlock his handcuffs.

    Male Slave

  8. Put on the slave outfit and go through the large doors to the north. Follow the path until you come to two Guards. Ask one of them if you can change mining spots. He will only grant you access to the next section of the mine if you bring him a Tenti pineapple.

    Note: Make sure you are not wearing any armor or weapon or you will end up in jail on the surface. Keep the Slave shirt, robe, and boots on during the remaining steps of the quest.

    Underground Mine

  9. Leave the camp for the Bedabin Camp. Ask Al Shabim for a Tenti pineapple. He will only give you one if you do him the favor of acquiring some Technical plans from Captain Siad at the Desert Mining Camp. Before you leave, he will give you a Bedabin key to unlock the chest containing the plans.

  10. Head back to the the Mining Camp. Go upstairs in the building and search the bookcases to find Captain Siad's big collection of books about sailing. Now, talk to him and ask him if he wants to chat. He will insist that you leave. Reply with, "You seem to have a lot of books!" and he will agree that he does. Ask him, "So you're interested in Sailing?" and he will perk up and say that it has been a passion of his for most of his life. Finally, reply with, "I could tell by the cut of your jib." Saying this will flatter him and he will begin rambling on about sailing stories and will be distracted enough for you to unlock his chest with the Bedabin key and steal the Technical plans.

    Captain Siad

  11. Return the Technical plans to Al Shabim and he will ask you to make a new weapon. Enter the small tent to the north and use a Bronze bar with the experimental anvil. You will be asked whether you want to follow the plans or not. Select "Yes" and you will smith a Prototype dart tip. Once the tip is made, use Feathers with it to fletch a Prototype dart.

    Note: You may fail once or twice smithing the Prototype dart tip or attaching the Feathers.

    Experimental Anvil

  12. Take this back to Al Shabim and he will give you the Tenti pineapple and six Bronze darts. You will also acquire the ability to make darts. Go back to the Desert Mining Camp, and descend into the mines. Give the Tenti pineapple to the guard and go through the Mine cave.

  13. Search the barrels close to the mining cart until you find an an empty Barrel. Pick it up and "Search" the mining cart to ride it to the other side.

    Note: This may take a few tries depending on your Agility level. If you fail you will take around 40 damage.

    Mine Cart and Barrel

  14. Once the cart arrives on the other side, follow the northwestern pathway until you find Ana. Tell her, "I want to get you out of here." She will tell you that you are brave. Then say to her, "Lets sneak out of here." She will ask how you got into the mines. Reply with, "I snuck past the guards." She will compliment you and ask you how you are going to get out. Tell her that it is a secret. Use the Barrel on Ana and you will hide her in it. Use Ana in a barrel with the mining cart, then get in it yourself.

    Note: If you tell or ask Ana the wrong options, the guards will notice something is wrong and lock you up in an underground prison. The guard will only let you out if you mine him 15 Rocks. Pick up one of the Bronze pickaxes and mine the rocks. If you need to, drop items in order to hold the 15 rocks, keeping in mind that you will not be able to pick your items up once have given the guard the 15 Rocks.


  15. When you have made it back to the other side of the mines, search the barrels till you find Ana in a barrel. You will automatically pick it up. Place it on the Winch bucket. Let the nearby Guard help you when he offers. Ana will start complaining but you have to cover for her. Pick the statements that will compliment the Guard.

    Note: Do not attempt to walk through the Mine cave without first hoisting up Ana in a barrel or you will end up in prison again and will again have to rescue Ana.

    Winch Bucket

  16. Leave the mines and go over to the Winch above ground. This is located in the southwest corner of the camp. Use it and then search the barrels for the one containing Ana.


  17. Walk over to the mine cart and use Ana in a barrel with the cart. Start a conversation with the nearby Mine cart driver saying, "Nice cart." After he replies, say, "One wagon wheel says to the other, I'll see you around." He will smirk. You then reply with the option, "One good turn deserves another." He will laugh and ask if you are trying to get him fired. Say, "Fired...no, shot maybe!" At this point he will start laughing a lot and ask you what you are in for. Reply with, "In for a penny in for a pound." Next, choose the option, "Well, you see, it's like this..." Tell him there is going to be a prison riot in ten minutes and to get his cart out of there. Then say, "You can't leave me here, I'll get killed," and get into his cart by searching it.

    Mine Cart

  18. Once outside of the Desert Mining Camp, Ana in a barrel will be in your inventory. Head back to Irena to claim your reward.
    Note: Do not teleport away as you will drop Ana and will have to rescue her all over again. You may, however, use the magic carpets.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Quest Complete Scroll

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