Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
You must have one of the following skills to gather support during the quest: 35 Herblore
45 Woodcutting
30 Mining
35 Fishing
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Flowers (can be obtained during the quest), Iron bar, Unenchanted ring (any kind except a 'perfect ring' or Clay ring), Logs (any kind) and a Hatchet/Rake/Harpoon/Lobster pot/Pickaxe (The Inferno adze will not work). Male players will also need a Bow (any kind except a Training bow, Ogre bow, Crystal bow, Magic longbow, Chargebow, or Composite bow). While Female players need a Cake.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Spirit terrorbird pouch and Tireless run scrolls as you'll be running alot.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Ability to manage Miscellania, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Miscellania, take the ship from Rellekka.
To Start:
Speak to King Vargas.
  1. Travel to the island of Miscellania and speak with King Vargas in the throne room on the second floor of the castle. He will tell you that due to his curse he is unable to perform his duties as ruler and is looking for someone who is competent to become the regent of his kingdom. Offer to take on the duties as regent. He then will inform you that you must demonstrate your worth by making peace with the neighboring Etceteria. You will also have to convince his daughter/son to marry you as only a member of the royal family can rule Miscellania. King Vargas then will suggest that you talk to Advisor Ghrim for advice.

    Note: To reach Miscellania, ask the Sailor on the docks of Rellekka to take you to the island. The easiest way to reach Miscellania is via the Fairy Ring code CIP.

    King Vargas

  2. Speak to Advisor Ghrim, just behind the king, and ask him how you can make peace with Etceteria. He will say that to negotiate peace with Etceteria you must talk to Queen Sigrid. Ask him how you are supposed to get the princess/prince to marry you and he will simply suggest that you talk to her/him.

    Advisor Ghrim

  3. If you are a male player, talk to Princess Astrid in the room to the north of King Vargas and agree with everything she says. Give her the Flowers (you can buy them from the Flower Girl in the castle courtyard for 15gp if you don't already some), and use a dance emote to dance for the her. Continue talking to find out about her archery and give her the bow. When she calls you "dear," blow her a kiss using the emote and give her the ring. She will agree to marry you and tell you to report back to her father King Vargas.

    If you are a female player, talk to Prince Brand in the room to the south of King Vargas and choose the most flattering options. Listen to the poem and say 'No one understands his poetry like you' and 'Be still my heart'. After he recites his poem, use the cheer emote. He'll thank you for appreciating him. After flattering him a little more, give him some flowers and cake. When he asks you if you write poetry, tell him you do not have the talent for it. When he starts calling you darling, use the Blow Kiss emote on him and then use the unenchanted ring on him. (if he says he cannot accept it, continue to flatter him, and eventually he'll take the ring and agree to marry you).

    Princes Astrid and Prince Brand

  4. Head to Etceteria, the other side of the island, and talk to Queen Sigrid on the second floor of the castle. Tell her that you have been sent by King Vargas to negotiate a treaty and she will agree to a peace deal if the king will accept Etceteria officially as a sovereign nation. Report back to King Vargas, who will request that queen changes the Etceteria national anthem. Return to Queen Sigrid and she will ask you to find her a new national anthem.

    Queen Sigrid

  5. Proceed to the castle on Miscellania and talk to Prince Brand, in the room to the south of King Vargas. Ask him to compose a new anthem for Etceteria and he will give you an Awful anthem. Hand it over to Advisor Ghrim, who will turn it into a Good anthem Take this new anthem to Queen Sigrid and she will give you a Treaty for King Vargas to sign.

    Prince Brand

  6. Return to King Vargas, who will tell you that he cannot sign the Treaty with an ordinary pen and needs a pen large enough for him to hold. Leave the castle grounds and tell Derrik, near the anvil to the northeast, that you have a slightly strange request. Give him the Iron bar and he will give you a Giant nib. Use the logs with the nib to create a Giant pen.


  7. Give the Giant pen to King Vargas and he will sign the Treaty. However, he will then tell you that population do not accept you as their ruler yet and suggests you try to gain their support by performing various tasks for them. For each task, you receive a certain approval rating. Talk to Advisor Ghrim or any of the citizens to check your approval rating.

    • Weeding - 0.1% per weed
    • Cutting Maples - 0.6% per log
    • Fishing - 0.8% per fish
    • Mining Coal - 0.8% per rock
  8. Once you have achieved 75% approval rating, talk to King Vargas to claim your reward.

    Note: For more information on how to manage your kingdom, please check the Kingdom of Miscellania activity guide.

    Quest complete!

Ring of wealth Teleport:

When you have completed the quest the Ring of wealth will teleport you to Miscellania.

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