Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
32 Necromancy (to start)
65 Necromancy (full completion)
51 Archaeology (full completion)
Quest Points:
My One And Only Lute: 5k Necromancy xp lamp and 10 Vessel souls
Skelly By Everlight: 7.5k Necromancy xp lamp and 25 Vessel souls
Flesh And Bone: 12.5k Necromancy xp lamp and 25 Vessel souls
Hermy And Bass: 20k Necromancy xp lamp and 25 Vessel souls
Full Completion: Good vibes only and 2 TH keys
Start Point:
City of Um's bandstand.

Table of Contents


This quest consists of 4 separate Subquests to complete. Each Subquest has a specific set of requirements and rewards. They can be completed in any order you choose after you have completed My One And Only Lute, however, all 4 must be completed to finish "That Old Black Magic".

My One And Only Lute

Requirements: 32 Necromancy

Items Needed: Necromancy gear (level 26 opponent)

Reward: 5k Necromancy xp lamp and 10 Vessel souls

Start Point: City of Um bandstand

To Start: Speak to Lady Grey

  1. Talk to Lady Grey and accept the Quest. She will ask you to get her guitar from Dragith nurn. In order to obtain it, you will need to defeat him using Necromancy.

    Very First

  2. Gear up and head to the end of the Lumbridge Catacombs to kill Dragith nurn. Once he is defeated, pick up Lady Grey's guitar and head back to Um.

  3. Speak to Lady Grey and give her the lute. She will be thrilled that you found her guitar and ask you to talk to the other band members to see what help they need.


Congratulations, Subquest Complete!

Lute Quest complete

Skelly By Everlight

Requirements: 45 Necromancy and 51 Archaeology

Items Needed: Everlight trumpet (can be made/obtained during quest with Everlight trumpet (damaged), 28 Everlight silvthril, and 24 Goldrune)

Reward: 7.5k Necromancy xp lamp and 25 Vessel souls

Start Point: City of Um bandstand

To Start: Speak to Lady Grey or 'No Gums" Murray

  1. If you do not see 'No Gums' Murray, talk to Lady Grey and choose the "Trumpeter" option. She will inform you that she last saw Murry diving off the edge of the ritual site to escape Rasial and suggests that completing a ritual with a Speed alteration glyph (any tier) may call him back. Note that if you have used this glyph previously, Murray will already be present and you can skip to the next step.

    Second Start

  2. Head to the Ritual site and perform ANY ritual with a Speed glyph included and Murray will appear at the bandstand. Note that the perk from the Necromancy cape will also work for this requirement.

    Much Fast

  3. Return to the bandstand and speak to 'No Gums' Murray, he will ask for some brass. Accept the subquest and he will tell you that he's looking for a new trumpet and always liked the ones that were found at Everlight.


  4. Speak to Murray again and try to give him the Everlight trumpet. He will be unable to use it as it has no soul; an Ensoul Trumpet Ritual should do the trick!

    How Is This

  5. Head to the Ritual Site and replace the focus on your pedestal with the Everlight trumpet to perform the Ensoul Trumpet Ritual. This ritual uses: After completing the ritual, make sure you have collected the 'No Gums' Murray's trumpet from the Ritual chest.

    Now It Has Vibes

  6. Return to Murray and give him the trumpet. He will be delighted with it and will start playing right away.

    Here Ya Go

Congratulations, Subquest Complete!

Quest complete

Flesh And Bone

Requirements: 50 Necromancy

Items Needed: 520 Bone runes and 360 Flesh runes

Reward: 12.5k Necromancy xp lamp and 25 Vessel souls

Start Point: City of Um bandstand

To Start: Speak to Zommy 'Brains' Walker

  1. If you do not see Zommy 'Brains' Walker, talk to Lady Grey and choose the "Pianist" option. She will inform you that you will need level 50 Necromancy for him to show up.

    Third Start

  2. Continue progressing in the skill until he shows. Once he arrives to the bandstand, speak to Zommy 'Brains' Walker and Lady Gray will have to interpret for you as he cannot speak. She will inform you that he wants a piano. Unfortunately, as pianos are kinda big, it wouldn't fit in our backpack. But not to worry! He will "summon" a piano, but it will not have any keys. Noticing this, Lady Gray will suggest going to the Former Master Crafter in the City of Um Pottery, North-East of the bandstand (look for the pottery wheel on the map).

    Something Is Missing

  3. Make your way to the Pottery and speak with the Former Master Crafter (this will award you with 25 Vessel souls). He will be very willing to make some piano keys for Zommy if you are willing to provide the materials: 520 Bone runes (white keys) and 360 Flesh runes (black keys) - each key requires 10 of the correct rune. You can bring these in batches if you want, however, as they stack it isn't really necessary. If you brought them with you, he should automatically ask if you want to use the runes to create each type of key, simply choose yes. If you forgot to bring them, or didn't bring enough, fetch them then return to the Crafter and speak with him so he will ask if you want to make them.

    Key Man

  4. Once you have the keys, make your way back to Zommy and speak with him. Like before, Lady Gray will speak for him and accept the keys before thanking you.


Congratulations, Subquest Complete!

Quest complete

Hermy And Bass

Requirements: 65 Necromancy and completion of The Spirit of War

Items Needed: Animated drumsticks (can be obtained during quest)

Reward: 20k Necromancy xp lamp and 25 Vessel souls

Start Point: City of Um bandstand

To Start: Speak to Lady Grey

  1. As you will not see The Spirit of Rhythm, talk to Lady Grey and choose the "drummer" option. Depending on if you have or have not yet obtained Animated drumsticks, her specific wording will change. If you have not obtained the drop, Lady Gray will tell you that Rhythm is hiding inside Hermod, the Spirit of War. She will task you with fighting him until he drops Rhythm's drumsticks. There is bad luck mitigation for this drop so you SHOULD receive it by the time you complete 60 kills.

    Once you have obtained the Animated drumsticks (before or after starting the Subquest), speak to Lady Grey with them in your inventory and The Spirit of Rhythm will appear.

    Last Start

  2. Speak to The Spirit of Rhythm and Lady Grey will once again act as interpreter. Accept the Subquest and they will explain that Hermod disassembled Rhythm's drum set and scattered it around the lake. They will explain that if you hop into a boat with the Animated drumsticks that Rhythm will be able to work with you to locate all the pieces.

    Spirit Is Here

  3. Head over to Ed to the North and rent a boat. While paddling around, you can click "manifest" on the drumsticks to get a hint about how many paces you are away from a drum along with a visual hint of a splash in the water. Drums are best found in the order listed on the table below.

    All Aboard
    Location Map
    North of the Gondola station near bridge thumbnail
    North of the Island, about 10-20 tiles east of Tavia thumbnail
    South East of Farm plot area, near the cave opening thumbnail
    West of Spirit troll cave entrance, close to coast thumbnail

  4. Once you have all the drums, disembark on the dock on the Southernmost pier and return to the bandstand. Speak to Rhythm and you will setup the drums.

    Bang It

Congratulations, Subquest Complete!

Quest complete


With all the band members now present and set up, they will all thank you for your assistance and welcome you to jam with them any time.

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Quest complete

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