Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
A Broomstick, access to 10 portions of experience-giving Goulash, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter..
Start Point:
Maggie's encampment, North of Draynor Village.
To Start:
Speak to Maggie the witch.


  1. Talk to Maggie the witch about Swept Away at her encampment, North West of Draynor Village. Maggie needs to stir her potion with a broom that has been specially enchanted by three witches: Aggie, Betty, and Hetty. After the discussion, she will give you a Broomstick. The order in which you visit the witches is up to your choice.

    Note: The easiest way to get to Maggie is to use the home teleport to the Draynor lodestone, or Draynor Village teleport on the Amulet of Glory, and then run directly West to the quest start.


  2. Take the Broomstick to Aggie in Draynor Village, and talk with her about Swept Away. She will teleport you to a puzzle. You must use Maggie's broom to sweep away four lines from the pattern in the sand to end up with four small triangles. Sweep away the lines which are not in image below. Once your broom has been infused by the magic, talk to Aggie again to return to Draynor Village.


  3. Head over to the Magic Store in Port Sarim and talk to Betty about Swept Away. She will only enchanted your broom if you help her in retrieving her wand.

    Note: The easiest way to get there is to use the home teleport to the Port Sarim lodestone.


  4. Talk to Betty about 'Swept Away'. Then, talk to Lottie in the basement of Betty's Magic Store. She will tell you that the chest containing the wand has a special lock on it, which can only be opened by solving the puzzle about animals in the cellar. These animals are all in the wrong pen and must be moved until they are happy with their location. As the animals are shy, you are not allowed to move one animal next to another one. Therefore, you must use a spare cell to move all the animals to until they are happy. Use the magic slate she gives you to keep track of where you have put each animal.


    Transfer the animals to their correct pens using these steps:

    1. Take the Blackbird and put it in the Holding Pen.
    2. Move the Rat from the Spider Pen into the Blackbird Pen.
    3. Move the Spider from the Reptile Pen into the Spider Pen.
    4. Move the Reptile from the Rat Pen into the reptile Pen.
    5. Move the Rat from the Blackbird Pen into the Rat Pen.
    6. Finally, take the Blackbird back to Blackbird Pen.

    Pens Map

  5. Once puzzle has been solved, open the chest by the ladder to receive Betty's wand. Take it to Betty and in exchange she will enchant the Broomstick.

  6. Head to Rimmington and talk to Hetty. She is willing to enchant the Broomstick, but she needs a Newt for her to do that. The good news is that she has just received a new delivery.


  7. Go down into the basement of Hetty's house trough the trapdoor outside and talk to Gus. He will inform you that the crates are all labeled incorrectly, and he will give you three new labels. It is up to you to find out what each crate contains and to label them correctly. Search the crate labeled with the picture of both toads and newts. Whatever you pull out is the label for that crate. The crates' actual identities will be opposite of what is originally posted, so simply replace the old label with a different one. When the crates have been labeled correctly, you will be able to take Newt out of the newt crate.

    Note: The order in which the crates are placed is random.


  8. Take the Newt to Hetty and she will give you a vial of Broom ointment. Use it on the Broomstick to enchant it.

  9. Return to Maggie and tell her that you have had all three witches enchant the Broom. She will ask you to stir the potion with it. Stir the potion with the Broom and speak to Maggie to receive your reward. Maggie will give you a Bowl. Use this on the cauldron to receive some Goulash. Once this is eaten, it will bring up the experience reward menu. The experience is given according to your chosen skill level times 10.

    For example: A level 75 skill is chosen, 75 X 10 = 750 experience gained. Repeat this 9 more times.

    Note: If you completed Sheep Shearer or Witch's Potion before they were removed as quests, you will only receive 1 Quest Point.

    Quest Completed


After the quest, you may take your Broomstick to several other witches to have them enchant it. You may use magic boosting items, such as potions, to get the required Magic level. However, using the Assist System is not allowed and not all witches are accessible to F2P users.

Person Location Requirements Reward
Apprentice Entrance to the Sorceress's Garden mini-game 33 Magic, Must have started
the Sorceress's Garden mini-game
Ability to teleport to the
Sorceress's Garden mini-game
Ali the Hag In a house on the mountain just west of Pollnivneach 33 Magic 1,997 Magic experience
The Old Crone Near the Slayer Tower in Canifis 53 Magic 7,139 Magic experience
Baba Yaga Lunar Isle 73 Magic and the Lunar Diplomacy quest 10,338 Magic experience
Kardia The Underground Pass 93 Magic and the Underground Pass quest 14,977 Magic experience

Purple cats:

If you have also completed Gertrude's Cat, you will now be able to dye your cats purple. Please see the Purple Cat guide on how to accomplish this.

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