Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
33 Magic
37 Ranged
37 Mining
37 Thieving
The ability to defeat 3 level 110 monsters.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Telekinetic grab runes (1 Law rune and 1 Air rune), Rope, Needle (toolbelt works), 2 Thread, Light source, melee weapons (with slash, crush, and stab attack styles), armour, food, any pickaxe, and any bow and arrows.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
8K Prayer XP, 1K Thieving XP, 1K Magic XP, use of the Nardah shrine for prayer, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
The village of Nardah, Southeast of Pollnivneach.
To Start:
Speak to Awusah the mayor of Nardah.
  1. Take a flying carpet to Nardah. Once there, head to the most eastern house and talk to Awusah the Mayor. He will tell you that some curse has fallen on their town and he needs your help.


  2. Head north of the mayor's house and talk to Ghaslor the Elder. He will tell you about Water spirits and give you a Ballad. Read it and you will learn that there is a cave at the river source, northwest of the Ruins of Uzer and west of the clay rocks.


  3. Go the temple southwest of Ghaslor's house. Use Telekenetic grab on the Ancestral key to get it. Then, search the nearby cupboards for a Torn robe (top) and Torn robe (bottom). Use a Needle and Thread on them to repair.


  4. Head over to the mouth of the river, northwest of the Ruins of Uzer and west of the clay rocks. Climb up the waterfall (Just north of the new tower, marked by an exclamation mark) to enter the cave.


  5. Once you have entered the cave, put on the repaired Robe of elidinis (top) and Robe of elidinis (bottom). Use the Ancestral key to open the first pair of double door.

    Double Doors

  6. At this point, you will have to open three doors that will each be guarded by a different Golem. For each Golem you will need a different attack style. First, try to open the southern door and kill the White golem using a stab attack. Now, enter the door and clear the blocked water channel using your Thieving skill.

    White Golem

  7. Try to open the southeastern door, and kill the Grey golem using a slash attack. Clear the blockage using a pickaxe.

    Grey Golem

  8. Continue to the northeastern, and kill the Black golem using a crush attack. Once it has been defeated, enter the door and shoot an arrow at the target to clear the last blockage.

    Black Golem

  9. When you have opened all the three doors and unblocked the water channels, the second pair of double doors will be unlocked. Pass through the door and you will find Water spirits to the east. They will tell you that the townspeople of Nardah threw away the Statuette of Elidinis. As a result of this, their town was cursed. To remove the curse, they have to retrieve the Statuette and put it back on its stand in the temple.

    Water Spirits

  10. Go back to Nardah and talk to Awusah the Mayor. He will tell you that the statue was thrown down a crevice to the west of Nardah. Before you leave for the crevice, pick up the nearby Shoes and cut the Soles off along the way. Note: This cannot be done in view of Awusah the Mayor.

  11. Head a little west of Nardah. Go down the crevice using the rope. Once down there, you will find a Genie to the north. He will exchange the sole of Awusah for the Statuette. Talk to him again and give him the Sole that you cut off from the Shoes.

    Crevice and Genie

  12. Take the Statuette back to the shrine, in the temple southwest of Ghaslor's house, and place it on the stand.

    Note: The Shrine can be prayed to recharge Prayer but it will also boosts your Life points. You get a boost of 1/10 of your Life points level.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Completed!

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