Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
65 Necromancy
3,000 souls in your Well of Souls
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Necromancy gear
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food and Potions for combat
Quest Points:
45k Necromancy Experience lamp; Hermodic plate; Access to the Hermod, the Spirit of War boss encounter; Access to Kharen's ferry system around Um; Ability to learn further Death Skull and Deathwarden equipment upgrades from Kili (available after completion of Kili Row); 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
City of Um, North West of Lupe's shop on the dock.
To Start:
Speak with Kharen.
  1. Talk to Kharen and accept the quest. After accepting, Kharen will ask for 4 Obols, which are things placed on the eyes of the deceased to aid in their passing. She doesn't really need them, but wants something to collect. After some dialog, Kharen will tell you about the souls lost in the water then will mention the boat tours shed near by.


  2. Ensure that both of your hands are empty and head North East to the boat Tour building. Once there, speak with Ed to rent a boat.

    We're Shipping Off to..... the Lake

  3. Once you are in the boat you will have to track down the Wayward Souls on the lake. One can be found in each corner of the map and can be "collected" in any order. If you start with the North West one, you can travel around the map Clockwise to find the final 3. Once you have the 4th one from the South West, you can use the boat dock near Sostratus on the South end of the city. Alternatively, you can boat back around to Kharen and disembark next to her.

    Note: Movement abilities (Surge, Bladed dive, Dive, and Escape) work while you are in the boat and using a Powerburst of acceleration can assist you in making this trek even faster.

    Location, Location, Location
    Click image for map.

  4. After you collect the Obols, head back Kharen and speak with her. When you hand the Obols, you will earn 25 souls to your Well of Souls and can now travel to Rasial's Citadel whenever you would like. Kharen will tell you to be prepared for a fight, so prepare yourself with your Necromancy gear, potions, and food.

    Take EM

  5. Once you are prepared, talk to Kharen and travel to the Citadel. When you arrive, you will see Rasial standing inside with Hermod at his back. Speak with him and he will tell you your timing needs improvement. After some dialog, you will have to fight Hermod, the spirit of war.

    Big Talk, No Game

  6. Just as the dialog with Rasial ends, he will disappear and you will need to fight Hermod. This will be completed in "Story Mode" so Hermod and his summons will only be at half health and shouldn't be too difficult. Key things to know about the fight:
    • He IS affected by undead slayer effects (ie Salve amulet and Undead Slayer perk).
    • He is NOT affected by ghost hunter equipment.
    • Hermod's attacks will cycle through 4 basic attacks, 1 smash attack, 1 basic attack, 1 smash attack, 3 basic attacks, and finally a Armoured phantom before repeating.
    • Smash attack is a 3x3 AoE that can be avoided by Walking/Surging/Diving/Escaping 2+ tiles out of the area covered in Green smoke. You can tell this attack by Hermod drawing back his sword and swinging it around at you. Getting hit by this attack will remove any Protect/Deflect Prayers you have active.
    • When a spirit is summoned, Hermod CANNOT be damaged. Take the Armoured phantom out before continuing to beat Hermod.
    Fight, Fight, Fight

  7. With Hermod defeated, speak with Rasial once more. After more mockery, you will see Hermod respawn and Rasial will tell you to leave. You will then appear near Kharen on the docks. Speak with her to finish up.

    Ze End
Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Quest Complete

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