Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
19 Summoning
26 Farming
35 Prayer
40 Construction
Ability to survive in the Wilderness
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Bucket*, Button mushrooms*, 4 Steel nails*, 2 Planks*, Limpwurt seed*, Rake*, Seed dibber*, 5 Normal Bones*, Skull*, Ghostspeak amulet, Hammer (Toolbelt works), several Spirit wolf pouches, several Desert wyrm pouches, and several Spirit scorpion pouches.

* Although these items can be obtained during the quest, but it is best to gather these before starting the quest. Trying to acquire them during can be rather difficult.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Quest Points:
7,500 Construction XP, 5,000 Prayer XP, 2,000 Farming XP, 1,000 Summoning XP, Jennica's ring, access to a new realm, a new area for Combat, an area for Woodcutting with a Cursed magic tree, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Just off the path outside of Varrock's northern gate.
To Start:
Seek the spirit of a little girl.
  1. Equip your Ghostspeak amulet and then Speak to the little Spirit at the entrance to the Wilderness and say yes you will go with her. When you are at the ruins, walk to the spirit and follow her into a building. You will then see a cut scene and end up in a spirit world.
    Quest Start
  2. You will see that the little girl has rings around her, preventing her from speaking with you. The father will perform emotes in an attempt to try and communicate with you. These emotes are random. Watch the two spirits to the north-east to learn which emotes are appropriate responses. Perform the opposite emote to what the man does.
    Emote Response
    No Wave
    Yes No
    Angry Bow
    Bow Shrug
    Cheer Wave
    Shrug Cheer
    Wave Angry

    Doing the 'Think' emote makes the father repeat his last emote.
    Ghost Communications
  3. When you finally got all the rings off of her, speak with her. She will ask you to go to the village west of the farm near some mountains. The location she is referring to are the Ruins west of the Bandit Camp and you will automatically be teleported there. Speak with the little Spirit east of the farming patch to find out about a beast, something that needs washing, and a barrel.
    Farm Ruins
  4. Speak to the spirit and go back to the real world. If you do not have a bucket, you can find one in the house west of the farming patch. Use your bucket on the barrel which the girl was standing next to. When you enter the spirit world you will see a cut scene of her washing her face from the now full barrel of water.
  5. Go to the center of the village, speak to the spirit, and discover that she is now hungry. Speak with her to return to the real world. Pick some Button mushrooms from the hollow log that's next to the statue. Enter the spirit world you will see a cut scene of her eating.
    Pick Mushrooms
  6. Go find the little spirit. She will be next to her wardrobe which needs to be fixed. Head back to the real world to fix it using a Hammer, 4 Steel nails and 2 Planks (Planks are found in the north ruin, and the Hammer and the Steel nails can be found in the southeast ruins).
    Repair Wardrobe
  7. Now head back to the spirit world and talk to her once again. She now wants you to retrieve her doll from underneath an overgrown Limpwurt Plant. Search the crates just south of the farming patch (in the real world) to get a Limpwurt seed (do not drop it or you'll need to obtain it again). Plant it in the farming patch using a Rake and Seed dibber (These items can be found in the northeastern ruin). It will take approximately 20 minutes to grow.
    Limpwurt Plant
  8. Once the Limpwurt plant is fully grown head back to the Spirit World and you will see a cut scene of the girl picking up her doll. She can now speak properly to you. Follow her back to the farm and talk to her. She will tell you about a beast that has been taunting the village for hundreds of years.
    Summer Bonde
  9. After she has finished talking, follow her down the ladder to the altar and speak to her. She wants you to wake the discs. Head back up the ladder and leave the spirit world. Pick up a Skull east of the farm and 5 Normal Bones scattered around the farm. Enter the spirit world and use them all on the altar. You then will see a cut scene of a disc rising.

    Note: You must be in the spirit world when you use the Skull and Normal Bones on the altar, otherwise they will crumble to ashes and you will have to get another Skull and 5 Normal Bones.
    Disc Altar
  10. The disc is located north of the Ruins. To kill the Spirit beast (level 412) you need to summon a certain follower and then dismiss it while your familiar and the beast are touching the discs. When you have successfully dismissed a familiar on one disc the next disc will appear.

    Note: The trick is to lure the beast towards the discs, and summon your familiar when you are facing the beast. This stops the beast from devouring your follower. If you fail to dismiss your familiar on the appropriate moment and are still standing on the disc the beast will damage you and push you off the disc.

    Summoning Disc
  11. After successfully dismissing your familiar on the third disc, 3 Elders of the village will appear and trap it. Speak to one of them and go through all of the conversations. You will receive your reward and be send back to the real world.
    Captured Beast
    Quest Completed!
    Quest complete scroll

Jennica's ring:

After completing the quest you receive Jennica's ring. This ring can be used to access different portals across the Wilderness. To access a portal, you stand on it, equip the ring and then operate it. It also makes Revenants more generous when it comes to drops.

  • The portal at the Forgotten Cemetery will grant you 15,000 Prayer XP when you enter that portal.
  • The portal at Ruins on the west side of the Wilderness will grant you 15,000 Farming XP when you enter that portal.
  • The portal at the Axe Hut (level 55 Wilderness; north-east of the Ardougne wilderness lever) will grant you 11,250 Attack XP when you enter that portal.

You cannot receive the above XP rewards unless you have a level of 50 or higher in that skill. From the moment you enter in the Spirit world you are no longer considered to be in the wilderness, and can therefor teleport from there out of the the Wilderness.

If you lost or destroyed the ring, you can get another one by searching through the rubble where you started the quest.

Cursed magic tree:

By chopping down the Cursed magic tree you receive a Cursed magic log, and 275 Woodcutting experience. These logs turn into normal Magic logs the moment you leave the spirit world. Cutting down the cursed tree will make a normal magic tree spawn in wilderness (and vice-versa). It is pretty much like two magic trees, without ever having to wait for them to spawn. The only unfortunate part is that it is located in the wilderness and far from a bank.

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