Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Dramen staff (for fairy ring teleport) and a teleport to Rellekka.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Access to a new Balthazar's Circus event, 40k Crafting and Fishing XP, 10k Construction and Thieving XP, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Ardougne Zoo, near the Polar Bears.
To Start:
Speak to Chuck.
  1. Speak with Chuck once and he'll tell you that he has an agent on the iceberg that will help you spy on the penguins. Speak to him again and ask him about "Some Like It Cold" Quest and you'll receive a copy of the Ransom Letter. Speak to him a third time and he will teleport you to Rellekka.
  2. Make your way to where the Keldagrim Entrance is northeast of Rellekka. A little west of the dock you'll see a bunch of seals laying on the ground. Use the Wake-up option on the only one that you can. Choose the dance option and dance for the seal. You will find out it didn't entertain the seal. Go through the chat options and then take Larry's old boat (just north of the seals) on the nearby dock to the Iceberg.
    Wake up Seal
    Note: The fastest way to get there would be using the fairy ring teleport code "DKS".
  3. Once on the iceberg speak with Ping or Pong. They will require you to make them some attire with the items Strip of cloth, Crushed gem, Yellow dye, and Black mushroom ink. Make sure you have your hands and your cape slot free and head northeast, near the Destroyed bird hide, and speak with Jim about Tuxedo-Time to transform into a penguin.
    Ping or Pong
    Note: If you lose any of the items, you will have to reobtain them yourself.
  4. Make your way to the Avalanche northwest of Ping and Pong. Investigate the Avalanche to go inside of the Iceberg.
    Step 4
  5. Head north until you get to a door, speak with the KGP Agent in the booth, and continue northeast to a room with a workbench in it. Take a right once inside the door and go into the Workroom. Go to the Workbench that has the option to 'Craft' the rock costumes. You should now have a "Rock costume" and a "Pop costume". Go back to door with the booth guard and press the Big button on the west side. Now continue south and out of the iceberg back to Ping and Pong.
    Step 5
  6. Go back to Ping and Pong to talk to them about the costumes, then do Tuxedo-time on Jim again to exit the suit. Once you're out of the suit, take the boat back to Rellekka.
    Step 6
  7. Speak with Ping or Pong and a short cut scene will occur. Ping and Pong will get a gig at the Seals camp and require assistance. The seals will agree and ask you to bank everything and after you do, you will be taken to their camp. A short cut scene will occur.
    Seal PArty
    Note: You cannot take any items with you into the Seal camp, so you must deposit everything before entering.
  8. Head north to Teddy the Polar bear in the camp to find out that Larry is also at the camp. Head a bit more north to Larry to find out he thinks he is a Penguin. Head back to Teddy and talk to him, and you will come to the conclusion you need an egg for Larry.
  9. Talk to Noodle who is located in the southwestern part of the camp. He will inform you that the Walrus eats them and should check out his hut to the east of where you entered the camp.
  10. Try to open the door and Walrus will speak. Take the Bat-in-the-box to monitor sound. Encourage Ping and Pong, Teddy, the Bouncer to make lots of noise. Keep running between the 3 to fill up the noise meters above their heads. Try to keep it in the blue as much as possible.

    Once Walrus is outside go inside and take the egg from the table. Head back to Larry and give him the egg then talk to Teddy to devise an Escape plan.
    Stealing the Egg
  11. Speak with all of the penguins in the camp. 4 are in the middle, 1 is in the alley west of Larry, and the last one is north east of Larry next to the Fishing Hole. Once all of the penguins are spoken to head back and speak with Teddy. Ping and Pong will eventually join in the conversation and come up with an idea. Once you are finished, talk to Teddy again.
  12. Go east and speak with Plaza who is with Astoria. And they will require a battlefish Game board. You will receive a List of battlefish supplies to make the board.
  13. Go in the house east and search the shelves and you will receive a bottle of Olive oil, a Cube of sugar, a Popsicle tray, and a Carving hammer. Go north of the house and take from the wood scrap pile. You will receive a Board. Head north and fish from the fishing hole to receive a Squid, Seaweed, Leather boots, and a Shark tooth. Head over to Teddy and tear off some fabric to receive Ripped fabric. Use the Ripped fabric with the Board to create a Game board. Go to the house next to Noodle and search the shelves to get Lye and a Cork screw. Use the Lye and the Olive oil to make Unmoulded soap. Use the newly formed Unmoulded soap on the Popsicle tray and then the Squid on the new Popsicle tray to get Soap. Use the Carving hammer on the Soap to get Carved soap.
  14. After getting all the items, head back over to Plaza and exchange the Game board and pieces to get some Blueprints then go talk to Teddy and hand over the Blueprints.
  15. Go back to Teddy and give him the Blueprints, he will tell you that the engine is in a bad state and he does not know how to repair it.
    Teddy tells you to go speak to Astoria.
    Step 15
  16. Head east to where Astoria is playing Battlefish with Plaze and talk to him. He tells you he will only help you if you can beat him in a game of Battlefish.
    Once you win he will unlock the door to the hut to the south, go inside and search box of circus props.
    Circus Props
  17. Go and talk to Teddy to have a go at repairing the engine.
    • Select the balloon and use it on the metal wire in your supply box creating an insulated wire
    • Use the insulated wire on the wire box
    • Select the Circus plate and use it on the Pressure Gauge
    • Select the Foam finger and use it on the Pressure Gauge
    • Select the Bowling pin and use it on the lever opening
    • Select the Hula hoop and use it on the broken valve wheel
    • Use the Purple Handkerchief on the Broken Pipe

    Step 17
  18. After a short cut scene you will find yourself on the submarine. Here you need to win another game of Battlefish, whilst keeping the submarine health up. To repair the submarine, you need to assign the roles to workers, but it does not matter who gets what role. If the health bar empties, you die and have to restart. When you die you appear at the Grim Reaper with Ping and Pong. After you leave through the portal you will find yourself back near the boat. Do not take the Boat - instead, to return to the submarine go north a bit and wake the seal again.

    The below image is the correct path.


    One strategy is to ignore the repairing and just focus on the battleship game, as the ships appear to stay in the same position every time you die. If you restart, you can find them, make note of their locations, and carry on from where you left off before you died.
  19. You will arrive back at Ardougne zoo and tell Chuck what has happened in a cut scene.

    Quest Complete!

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