Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
30 Crafting
30 Runecrafting
30 Slayer
30 Thieving
Ability to kill a level 51 Slug Prince.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
10+ Rune/Pure essence Swamp paste Commorb
Armor A Melee weapon Talismans/Tiaras/Staffs to get to the 4 elemental runecrafting altars*

*Can also use an Elemental talisman, Mind talisman/Tiara/ Staff. Or have access to the Abyss, or a charged Wicked hood.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food Ardougne teleport method Varrock teleport method or Air altar teleport
Al Kharid teleport method or Fire altar teleport Varrock teleport method or Earth altar teleport Amulet of glory (4) or a Water and Mind altar teleport
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
3.5K Crafting XP, 3.5K Runecrafting XP, 3.5K Thieving XP, access to Proselyte melee armor, promotion to Proselyte, and 2 keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Falador Park.
To Start:
  1. Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park and ask him for a job. He will tell you to report to Col. O'Niall, a retired Templar Knight, in the Witchaven village. You will be told to remember the password, "In Falador, the geese fly backwards on Tuesdays." Before he permits you to leave, he will update your Commorb to a Commorb v2 for the new mission.

    Note: If you have previously lost or destroyed your Commorb, then Sir Tiffy Cashien will give you one.

    Sir Tiffy Cashien

  2. Make your way to the fishing village of Witchaven, east of Ardougne and head towards the fishing pier in the far northeast part of the village. Talk to Col. O'Niall about the mission. He will tell you that Mayor Hobb has been acting weird and that villagers are disappearing and then reappearing the next morning in a dazed state. Ask him who the important people in the village are and he will tell you to speak to Mayor Hobb, Brother Maledict, and Holgart the fisherman.

    Col. O'Niall

  3. Start off by speaking to Mayor Hobb in his house in the north-western part of the village. When you finish the conversation and begin to leave you will be contacted by Savant through your Commorb v2. She will ask you to scan Mayor Hobb. Do so and she will tell you that two lifeforms currently reside in his body.

    Mayor Hobb

  4. Next, go talk to Brother Maledict at the church in the center of Witchaven. He will inform you about his diminishing congregation and the renovation of the shrine.

    Brother Maledict

  5. Now, talk to Holgart the fisherman to the northwest of the village. He will complain his boat has been confiscated by Mayor Hobb and given to Jeb Wormwood, who is nearby.


  6. Head back to Col. O'Niall and tell him what you found out. He will tell you to investigate the shrine.


  7. Head towards the old ruin entrance to the west of the village.


    Once you have entered, look towards the East wall, and select the "Push Wall" option, revealing an hidden opening!


  8. Now, enter the tunnel. If you have 30 Agility, you can use the shortcut near the entrance on the east side, and then head north; or you can take the long way through the tunnel.

    Note: Watch out for aggressive Giant lobsters (level 45) in the tunnel.


  9. At the end of the tunnel, you will find a pair of imposing doors. As you approach them, Savant will contact you and ask you to scan them. She will then tell you that the markings on the door are ancient Saradomin runes and that you will need to take a Door transcription to Jorral at the Outpost northwest of West Ardougne. Before you leave, pick up the Dead sea slug from the ground. Savant will contact you and scan the Dead sea slug.

    Note: Do not touch the imposing doors or you will take 50 damage.

    Dead Sea Slug

  10. Speak to Jorral at the Outpost northwest of West Ardougne. (See inset map below.) With the help of Savant, you will learn that a powerful monster, Mother Mallum, was trapped by the Temple Knights long ago.


  11. Return to Col. O'Niall. He will tell you to talk to Brother Maledict again.


  12. As you walk toward the church a short cut scene will occur. Brother Maledict, who is now acting strangely, will tell you that you need to find three missing pages of a Saradomin text which will give the answer of how to renew the enchantment to the gates of Mother Mallum's prison.

    Oh Brother

  13. The first Page can be found by searching the study desk in Mayor Hobb's house.

    Study Desk

  14. To obtain the second Page, talk to Ezekial Lovecraft at his fishing store in the northeast part of Witchaven.

    Ezekial Lovecraft

  15. Speak with Col. O'Niall again and he will give you three fragments of Page 3. Try to glue the fragments together with Swamp paste. Upon trying this, you will be stopped and told to glue it together with a Dead sea slug.


  16. Talk to Jeb, to the northwest of the village, and have him take you to the Fishing Platform.


  17. Once there, speak with Bailey in the room located in the southwest corner of the platform. He will use the Dead sea slug to produce a Sea slug glue to piece the fragments together.


  18. Use the Sea slug glue on any of the fragments. Then, arrange them so they form a page.


    Read the pages and then, with a Rune/Pure essence in your inventory, right click the pages to shape 5 essence into a Blank earth rune, a Blank air rune, a Blank fire rune, a Blank water rune, and a Blank mind rune.

    Note: If you fail to create a particular rune, then simply right click to shape another blank rune.

  19. Visit each of the 4 elemental Runecrafting altars and the mind altar and use the blank runes on them to create an Air rune, Earth rune, Fire rune, Mind rune, and a Water rune.
    Alter Location Description Map Image
    Air The Air altar is to the west of Varrock Much Air
    Earth The Earth altar is located to the east of Varrock Earthy
    Fire The Fire altar is to the northwest of Het's Oasis Burn baby Burn
    Mind The Mind altar is northeast of the Goblin Village mind your head
    Water The Water altar is in the Lumbridge Swamp blub blub

    Note: If you fail to shape a particular rune, then simply produce the relevant blank rune and try again.

  20. Once you have the Earth rune, Air rune, Fire rune, Water rune, and Mind rune, it is now time for a battle! Make sure you have melee equipment and food. Return to the imposing doors in dungeon to the west of Witchaven. Use each of the runes on the door and a cut scene will occur during which Mayor Hobb tells you how you have been duped into releasing the enchantment on the gate. You will now have to kill the Slug Prince (level 51).

    Note: This creature can only be harmed with melee attacks. Magic and ranged attacks with not harm it.


  21. When you have successfully killed the Slug Prince, Mother Mallum will appear. Luckily Savant will teleport you to safety and you will appear in Falador Park. Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien and tell him what has happened. He will reward you and promote you to Proselyte.


Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Quest Complete

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