Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Level 85 in one of the following:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Effigy casing Enriched anima nugget* Enriched dragonflesh* Enriched nicknacks*
Enriched scrap metal* Erratic effigy (uncharged)+ Volatile effigy (uncharged)+ Unstable effigy (uncharged)+
Explosive effigy (uncharged)+ Erratic effigy (empty)- Volatile effigy (empty)- Unstable effigy (empty)-
Explosive effigy (empty)-

*You will only be able to obtain one of these types of materials, the choice is yours.
+Only one type of these will be created, based upon your material selection.
-Only one type of these will be created, based upon the uncharged version.

Quest Points:
Access to the Effigy Incubator.
Start Point:
  1. Travel to the Base Camp and speak with Mr. Mordaut in the Town Hall. He will inform you that the Archaeologists have been seeing a suspicious figure whom they believe is Kerapac.


  2. Walk to the near by lodestone to talk with Eliza and Alpheus (begin with either person). They will begin to relive their "traumatic" experiences before telling you where they have seen "Kerapac" over the last few weeks.

    Traumatic Exp

  3. Return to the area where you met Charos and Thok during Desperate Measures. As you near the area (remember to NOT use the Agility course), you will make a comment about not seeing anything out of place.

    Normal Here

  4. Continue to the Dragonkin statue just North West of the door to Kerapac's decimated lab. You will notice that something about the statue seems different. Investigate it and you will discover a door.

    Something Off

  5. Enter the door and speak with the Dragonkin to the East. You will learn that he is Kerapac's son, Vicendithas. Continue talking with him and you will be given the option to learn how to use the Effigy Incubator.

    Hey Kiddo

  6. After you accept to play the tutorial, the screen will darken and you will find yourself in an instanced version of the room. Speak with Vicendithas and he will tell you about the items you need. These are an Effigy casing and 20 of any of the following materials: Enriched anima nugget (85 Runecrafting), Enriched dragonflesh (85 Crafting), Enriched nicknacks (85 Invention), or Enriched scrap metal (85 Smithing). As you harvest the material, you will earn a small amount of experience in the associated skill.
    Note that you will only be able to collect one type of material at a time. If you choose the wrong one by mistake, you can destroy what you are holding and begin to collect another type.

    Harvest Here

  7. While you are harvesting your desired material, an effigy remnant will spawn. If possible, click this as it will provide you with materials more efficiently. Don't worry if you miss it though, simply keep collecting materials until you have 20 and Vicendithas tells you that you have enough.

    Harvest Me!

  8. With your materials in hand, walk to one of the workbenches just East of Vicendithas and create your uncharged effigy; you will earn 2.5k experience in the same skill as before. Note that the type of effigy you can make will vary depending on the materials you collected.
    Effigy Material
    Erratic Enriched anima nugget
    Volatile Enriched dragonflesh
    Unstable Enriched nicknacks
    Explosive Enriched scrap metal

    Making Things Now

  9. Once you have you effigy, speak to Vicendithas. He will inform you that you will need to place it into the incubator next to him and then operate the valves as he calls them out. Note that the valves used as well as the order will differ for everyone. When you have turned 3 valves, the machine will be calibrated. Speak to Vicendithas again and he will tell you more about the incubator before telling you to add your uncharged effigy.

    Turn Me Right Round

  10. Add your effigy to the incubator via the Incubator hatch and wait for the bar above Vicendithas' head to fill. Once it is full, the effigy will be complete and you will need to interact with the incubator again to obtain the empty effigy. Speak with Vicendithas to end the tutorial. Note that you will not keep the effigy you created.

    Put Your Bun In The Oven

  11. After the room reappears, speak with him again and he will have a mini-panic attack about needing more to save the Ilujanka. You will ask if you could just create more and he will explain that the machine will need to recharge. He will then ask if you are willing to continue helping.


Congratulations Miniquest complete!


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