Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
30 Crafting
Ability to beat a level 84 demon
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
A black outfit of at least three pieces, Silverlight, Silver bar, Vial, Pestle and mortar.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Darklight and 10K XP in 1 of the 6 combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic, or Ranged), and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to Father Reen.

Note: For the black outfit, you can wear any combination of Black melee armor, Black dragonhide, Black mystic robes, Dark wizard robes, Ghostly robes, and Desert robes dyed black using the Black mushroom ink.

  1. Speak with Father Reen, wandering around to the south of Al Kharid. He will then tell you that evil wizards are trying to summon a demon, and will send you to Father Badden at the Ruins of Uzer.

    Note: If you do not have a regular undyed Silverlight he will give you one.

    Father Reen

  2. Talk to Father Badden at the Ruins of Uzer. When the conversation is over pick up a Black mushroom near the entrance to the ruin and use it with the Pestle and mortar. You will now have a vial filled with Black mushroom ink. Use this with the Silverlight to dye it black.

    Father Badden

  3. Show the Silverlight (Black) to Evil Dave. Evil Dave is located at the entrance of the demon portal that you visited during the quest The Golem quest. If he thinks you are evil enough, meaning you are wearing 3 pieces of black clothing, he will open the portal for you and bring you to Denath.

    Evil Dave

  4. Denath will accept you into his team. He will tell you an incantation and ask you to craft a Demonic sigil. Remember the incantation as you will need it later on. Before you leave for the real world, speak to one his team members to obtain a Demonic sigil mould.

    Note: The incantation spell is different for each player.


  5. Teleport back to Al Kharid and use a Silver bar with the furnace to smith the Demonic sigil.

  6. Head back to the demon realm at the Ruins of Uzer and talk to Matthew, who will tell you to find a book.


  7. Ask the Broken Clay Golem outside the temple if he saw something last night. He will tell you that a man put a book into one of the broken kilns. Look into the kilns scattered around the ruins until you find a Demonic tome.

    Clay Golem and Kiln

  8. Take the Demonic tome back to Matthew. The ritual will now start. You have to say the words by chanting with your Demonic sigil. Denath will step into the portal and disappear. Matthew will realize that Denath deceived them and that all this time Denath was the demon. The room will begin to tremble, and some of the members will run for shelter.

    Pick up Denath's sigil and head after them.


  9. As you walk out, one of the members will be killed by Ghosts. Pick up their sigil and talk to Evil Dave. Evil Dave will tell you what happened to Eric and give you Eric's sigil. Tell Evil Dave to head back inside the portal. You should have 4 Demonic sigils now.

  10. Grab the Strange implement in the northwestern corner and head outside. Convince both Father Reen and Father Badden to go the demon realm and give each a Demonic sigil. Now, speak with the Broken Clay Golem. He will refuse to help you, so you will have to reprogram him. Use the Strange implement on him then give him a sigil.

    Note: As long as the trembling of the ruins and the sandstorms keep dragging on, you will take damage randomly throughout the following steps.

    Strange Implement

  11. Important Note: Before proceeding further, please note that you will be confronting Agrith-Naar. The fight is not safe and you will lose your items in case you die. Therefore, it is advised not to bring any items you are not willing to lose!

    Head back through the portal, and then talk to Matthew again. Read the Demonic tome to find a chant that looks like the backwards version of the one you used earlier. Now, take your place and use the chant from the Demonic tome. The demon Agrith-Naar (level 84) will appear and kill Matthew. You will tell him that you were the one who betrayed him.

  12. Agrith-Naar (level 84) will now start to attack you. He uses both range and melee attacks, so the protection from magic prayer is recommended. You may use any weapon against the Agrith-Naar, but you have to deal the final blow with the Silverlight (Black).

    Agrith Naar

  13. Once the demon has been defeated, your Silverlight (Black) will begin to feel weird. Un-equip the sword and it will turn into the Darklight.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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