Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Oyster pearls, 7175 Fishing XP, access to the Fishing Platform, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter..
Start Point:
The village of Witchaven, east of Ardougne
To Start:
Speak to Caroline
  1. Talk to Caroline, who is worried about her husband and son. After you agree to help her out, she will direct you to her friend Holgart, who can take you to the Fishing Platform.

    Caroline and Holgart

  2. Talk to Holgart, and find out that his rowboat is not seaworthy. He will need Swamp paste to fix it. Give him the Swamp paste, and he will take you to the Fishing Platform.

  3. Once you have arrived on the platform, head west and talk to Bailey. He will tell you about Kennith, the son who is hiding upstairs, and Kent, her husband who left to find help a few days ago.


  4. Go upstairs using the ladder on the northeastern part of the platform. Then, head west to the small building where Kennith is hiding in behind a bunch of crates. Shout across the crates to inform him about the situation. He will tell you that he will not go anywhere until you have found his father.


  5. Go back downstairs, and tell Holgart to set sail in search of Kent. You will arrive on a small island. There, talk to Kent and learn the history of what happened 5 days ago. Kent suddenly spots a sea slug and saves you from its control. You thank him and return to the platform via Holgart to save Kennith.


  6. Upon arriving the fishermen will not let you go up the ladder. Talk to Bailey to learn that the weakness of the slugs is Heat. He will give you an Unlit torch, but you have to light it yourself.

  7. Pick up the Broken glass and Damp sticks scattered around the platform. Use the glass with the damp sticks to produce Dry sticks, rub them together and your torch should light.

  8. Now, climb up the ladder with your torch and talk to Kennith. Then, kick the loose panels on the outside of the building he is in. Talk to him again and explain your plan to him. Leave the building and rotate the crane. Kennith will jump on and into the rowboat below.

    Walll and Crane

  9. Return to the mainland with Holgart. There, talk to Caroline to claim your reward.

    Sea Slug Completed

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