Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Spells to cast air strike, and be on normal spell book.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Wizards' tower mindspike, First tower hat, Air talisman, 70 Mind runes, 250 Magic xp lamp and Runecrafting xp, 1 of 4 titles, 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Lobby of the Wizard's Tower.
To Start:
Speak to Ariane.
  1. Speak with Ariane at the entrance of the Wizards tower and you'll find she is trying to persuade Wizard Valina to allow her into the tower. However it is revealed that Archmage Sedridor has banned her from the tower and Valina will not allow her to enter. Ariane will ask you to take a message to Sedridor for her, but before she can relay the message a cutscene will occur in which Wizard Borann is attacked by a Magical vortex.

    step 1 image

  2. Once the cutscene has ended, Ariane will tell you to pick up the Tower mindspike (air) and lure the Magical vortex into the central beam by casting Air strike on it (Note: You may not be able to lure the Magical Vortex into the central beam if you are wearing melee armor). Position the beam between you and the vortex to lure it into the beam with each attack.

    step 2 image

  3. Next, go outside of the tower to the bridge and talk to Ariane again. Ask her each option and she'll tell you about herself and the events that lead to her being banished from the tower. She'll also provide some information about history of the Wizards' Tower and the Old Tower that lies beneath the current tower. Finally, she'll tell you that she has had a premonition of the tower in flames and asks to warn Sedridor and speak to Wizard Ellaron and Traiborn.

    step 3 image

  4. Ascend the central beam twice by right-clicking it to get to the third floor and speak with Wizard Traiborn about the vortex, Wizard Ellaron about Ariane, and Archmage Sedridor about the tower being in danger.

    step 4 image

  5. Descend the beam in the middle again and speak with Ariane and tell her what you have learned. She will request that you go back into the tower to search for a key to get into the old tower.

  6. Head back into the tower and speak with Wizard Ellaron again about getting into the old tower. Wizard Ellaron will inform you that only Archmage Sedridor knows the secret of entry to the ruins. He will inform you that the secret may be in the books.

  7. Descend back to the library, main floor, and search the eastern most bookcase to receive The Harmony of the Runes and The Runes of the Spells of Water. Read both books and right click on them to view their diagrams.

    step 7 image

    Head to the organ and follow the diagrams. (Head to the organ and play the following on the lower end (left side): B(x10), A#(x7) G#, and G.) Take the Basement key that appears on screen.

    Organ Keybord with Diagrams

  8. Go speak to Ariane and tell her you have obtained the key to the old ruins, then head to the east side of the island to find a staircase and door cut into the cliff. Open the door to access the Old Tower.

    step 8 image

  9. Inside, Ariane will inform you that that you are in the Chamber of Shrines, a place that was once used by wizard apprentices to pledge allegiance to one of the four orders of the Old Tower. Next speak with the Rune guardian and it will ask a series of questions that will determine which of the four orders (Blue, Green, Red, Grey) you are best suited for, if you don't like which order you were picked for you can test again.

    step 9 image

    First question:
    You are behind in your studies due to illness, and a test is coming up. Your place at the tower is safe, but if you fail you will lose some respect. Another apprentice offers you an opportunity to cheat.

    • Cheat only enough to make up for my illness and catch up.
    • Cheat as much as I can.
    • Don't cheat, as I wouldn't learn anything.
    • Don't cheat, as it would be wrong.
    Second question:
    An elderly wizard - the last practitioner of a unique branch of magic - dies. Her diary might contain details about her unique magic, but her will states that the diary should be destroyed on her death.

    • Destroy the diary without reading it.
    • Copy out the most important information, then destroy it.
    • Pretend to destroy the diary but actually keep it for myself.
    • Put the diary in the library so all wizards can study it.
    Third question:
    A rival wizard is spreading lies about you and has made you the laughing stock of a nearby village. They believe you are of low intelligence and poor moral character, and throw vegetables at you when you visit. What do you do?

    • Challenge the wizard to a magical duel in front of the village.
    • Try to reason with the villagers and convince them he's lying.
    • Appeal to the wizard's better nature and ask him to stop.
    • Play practical jokes to knock him down a peg in return.
    Fourth question:
    You have become a senior wizard and are asked to take on an apprentice. The boy is talented but undisciplined and does not apply himself outside his areas of interest. What is your approach?

    • Constantly challenge him, forcing him to learn discipline.
    • Show patience and compassion so he has a safe place to grow.
    • Concentrate on his weaknesses so he receives a balanced education.
    • Give him the resources to develop his areas of interest.
    Fifth question:
    A senior wizard asks you to take part in a ritual that will greatly benefit the tower. Before the ritual starts, you discover that he learned part of it from a demon. The ritual appears safe, but demons are expert liars.

    • Study the ritual and make up my own mind about its safety.
    • Stop the ritual: it may be corrupt in a way I can't detect.
    • Make sure the demonic influence is balanced by other influences.
    • Go ahead with the ritual but focus on my personal safety.
    All of the first options make you a Red Wizard.
    All of the second options make you a Blue Wizard.
    All of the third options make you a Green Wizard.
    All of the fourth options make you a Grey Wizard.

    If you are tied between two orders, you will be asked a further question: You are balanced between two orders. A final question: which of these do you value most?

    • Compassion
    • Power
    • Balance
    • Knowledge
    After all of the questions you will receive a First tower hat, which changes colors as you put it on to reflect the order you belong to.

  10. Go through the door and you'll find yourself on a broken staircase. Click on the statue built into the wall and you'll push it over, allowing Ariane to use it to bridge the gap. Cross the statue and climb down the next staircase at the bottom.

    step 10 image

  11. You'll now find yourself in the heart of the Old Tower and see a number of colored vortices moving around the base of the tower's central beam. Ariane will now ask you to lure one of them onto the glowing circle so that she can examine it. Attack one of the vortices as before and lure it into the circle, then keep it there until Ariane has finished studying it. Once done, she will inform you that the vortices are actually fragments of the souls of wizards and that the enchantment that kept them in the Old Tower must have been removed. She'll then ask you to delay Archmage Sedridor from casting the Icyenic Purge while she replaces the enchantment.

    step 11 image

  12. Head back up to the organ in the Wizards' Tower and begin playing random keys. Archmage Sedridor will have to stop the Icyenic purge three times to demand that you stop playing, giving Ariane time to successfully cast her enchantment and seal the vortices in the Old Tower, which you'll see in a short cutscene. Once done, Sedridor will cast the purge and believe that it was successful without your help.

    Step 12

  13. Head to the eastern side of the island and speak with Ariane and she will inform you that the vortices are trapped in the ruins again. She will give you 70 mind runes and an air talisman that she had found in the ruins.

    Quest Complete

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