Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
14 free inventory spaces.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
First tower robes, 300 Magic and Runecrafting xp, Access to Archmage Sedridor personal rune essence chest, 2 free Treasure Hunter keys. After you finish the quest, and have at least 50 Magic and 50 Prayer, then ascend to the second floor of Wizards' Tower and speak to Lesser Demon to get either 10K Prayer or Magic XP.
Start Point:
Ruins underneath the Wizards' Tower.
To Start:
Speak to Ariane in the spellcasting chamber.

Note: This guide uses the English (US) based Numbering scheme, and not the English (UK/EU) Numbering scheme. An example: Second floor in English (US) Numbering scheme refers to First floor in the English (UK/EU) Numbering scheme, and likewise.

  1. Ariane will tell you that she wants to cast a spell on the beam to find out who released the vortices on the Wizards' Tower. She will get stuck and you will need to disrupt the power source of the beam to free her. She tells you that you will need to do the ritual that released the vortices, and gives you a Prepared fire rune and Prepared air rune.
  2. Use the Prepared fire rune on a Red vortex, and the Prepared air rune on a Grey vortex. It will capture the vortices in the runes, and make a Glowing fire rune and a Glowing air rune.
  3. She will tell you that you are holding the soul fragments of two types of wizards, and that if you put them in the proper places in the tower where the wizards once were, you can find out what happened and that you should start by using them on the chairs in the library.
  4. Head east from Ariane, and open the Library doors. Go down the steps and use the Glowing air rune on the Grey chair, and the Glowing fire rune on the Red chair.

    You will see Mei the Grey and Kelavan the Red talking in the chairs where you put down the runes. They are agruing about a spell Kelavan wants to do, and Mei thinks Kelavan solved the teleportation problem.
  5. Go back and talk to Ariane and tell her about the 'teleportation problem'. She will tell you that you are on the right track and that you need to capture the fragments of the rest of the basic runes, and will give you a Prepared water rune, Prepared earth rune, Prepared law rune, Prepared nature rune, Prepared chaos rune, and a Prepared cosmic rune.
  6. Use the Prepared water rune and Prepared law rune on the 2 Blue vortices, the Prepared earth rune and Prepared nature rune on the 2 Green vortices, the Prepared chaos rune on the remaining Red vortex, and the Prepared cosmic rune on the remaining Grey vortex to capture the soul fragments.
  7. Talk to Ariane and she will tell you to go upstairs to the Shrine room, where the leaders of the four orders held their meetings.
  8. Go west and head up the stairs to the Shrine room. Place the Glowing chaos rune in front of the statue to the Southwest. Chaos Statue

    Place the a Glowing cosmic rune in front of the statue to the Northwest. Cosmic Rune Statue

    Place the Glowing law rune in front of the statue to the Southeast. Law Rune Statue

    Place the Glowing nature rune in front of the statue to the Northeast. Nature Rune Statue

    A cutscene will happen with the head of the four Orders talking. Head back to Ariane and tell her that the Green master stole the Red apprentices idea. She will tell you to go to the Studies, and try to recover a memory from there.
  9. Head north to the Studies door, and go all the way to the back and into the room on the right, with the Zamorak flag on the side of the wall. Put the Glowing chaos rune in the chair facing towards the door, and the Glowing fire rune facing away from the door.
    Step 9
    It will trigger a cutscene with Kelavan the Red and Zanmaron the Red, in which he tells Kelavan that the Green Master stole his idea and he blew his chance and that he will complete Kelavan's work. He summons Azacorax, Keeper of the Key to the Abyss, a Lesser demon.
  10. Head back to Ariane and tell her the Red master summoned a demon. She tells you that after Zanmaron completed the ritual, the 4 heads of the order would have met in the Library and Zanmaron would distribute the the ritual to the others.
  11. Go east to the Library again, and head down the stairs to the chairs in the middle of the room.

    Place a Glowing earth rune on the Green chair, Glowing water rune on the Blue chair, Glowing air rune on the Grey chair, Glowing fire rune on the Red chair, and put the Glowing chaos rune on the table to trigger the memory.
    Step 11
    They will be arguing about what you should and shouldn't be able to do with the new spell, and then Zanmaron will walk in and tell them he has completed the spell. He gives a copy to each of the Order's masters, and that it requires 8 people to stand in a specific pattern.
  12. Go back to Ariane and tell her that the wizards were about to start the ritual. She will tell you that the ritual would have taken in place in the room you are currently in and that you need to figure out where each of the 8 wizards stood to place the runes. She will tell you that you should search the ruins for the ritual documents and that they would most likely be in the Library or the Studies.
  13. Head to the Library and search the shelves until you find Document fragment (1/5) and Document fragment (3/5), and then head out to the Studies.
    Step 13

    Search the crates in the first room on the right (Grey order) for Document fragment (2/5).
    Step 13 part 2

    Head to the Red order room and search the crates until you find Document fragment (5/5) and a Diary.
    Step 13 part 3

    Go across the way to the Blue order, and find the last of the documents, Document fragment (4/5), in one of the chests. Step 13 Part 4
  14. The Fragments, in order, say "...participants in the ritual are to be eight: one Master and one Apprentice from each of the four Orders. No two Masters may stand next to one another; neither may two apprentices. Neither, also may...two apprentice. Neither, also, may any two wizards of the same order stand next to one another, lest power be concentrated in one order's hands. The primary opposition...among the gods is between Saradomin and Zamorak: therefore the Masters of these gods' order must stand opposite one another across the spellcasting circle. The secondary...the Green Apprentice stands at the left hand of the Grey master, and at the right hand of the Blue Master...leader of the ritual (that is, the Red Master) must stand at the southernmost part of the circle; he begins by chanting..."

    Step 14

    The runes should be placed on the Floor as followed:
  15. Talk to Ariane. After you place all the runes the beam will disappear and Ariane will be free from it, causing the memory to start. It will show that once the ritual starts, the Master and Apprentice of the Blue order will leave the circle and Zanmaron is hit full force from the beam, which catches the tower on fire. The beam starts again, and Ariane pushes you out of the way, and the beam hits her.
  16. Investigate Ariane, and it will say she is in a magical coma. Head back to the Wizards' Tower and speak to Wizard Ellaron, who will be in the entrance to the tower. You will find out that he wrote the Diary, and that he planned this whole sequence of events, to gain revenge against the Blue order and Perien the Blue, who founded the Second tower, and blamed the fire on the Red order, and that he is secretly from the Red order, and the heir to the Sacred Tradition of the Staff of Fire.
    Step 16
  17. Ariane will arise from the power Beam. Wizard Ellaron tells Ariane that she is fulfilling her purpose and that she won't be able to contain her power, which will tear her apart and level the tower. Talk to Ariane and Wizard Ellaron will tell you not to interfere, and Ariane will attack him.
    Step 17
  18. Ariane tells you someone wants to talk to you and Temrin the Grey will start speaking to you and say you need to draw each personality out before it overwhelms Ariane.

    You will need to use the Prepared runes on Ariane when the correct colors come up. The master's beams look much stronger than the apprentices.

    First you will have to use the Prepared cosmic rune to draw out Temrin, then one by one the other 7 will speak to you, and you will have to draw them out with the correct runes.
  19. Perien the Blue will be next and you will need to use the Prepared water rune when the beam turns blue.

    Ariane will ascend the beam and you will need to follow, and then will be talked to by Sland the Green. Use a Prepared earth rune when the beam turns green.
  20. Kelavan will talk to you right after you do that, and Wizard Ellaron will tell him his plan, as he is his master. Kelavan tells him that he doesn't care what happened, and doesn't want the tower destroyed, and that he just wants to get out.

    Use the Prepared fire rune when the beam turns red. Ariane will ascend the beam again, and you will need to follow her again, and this time Unaia the Blue will talk to you.

    Use the Prepared law rune on Ariane when the beam turns blue, and then Azris the Green will talk to you.

    Use the Prepared nature rune on Ariane when the beam turns green. She will once again ascend the beam, and you will need to follow.
  21. Zanmoran will talk once you reach the top, and you will need to use a Prepared chaos rune on Ariane when the beam turns red. Mei the Grey will be the last one left. Draw her out by using the Prepared air rune on Ariane. You won't have to wait for the beam to turn colors because it is the last one left.
  22. After they are all drawn out, all the Wizards transfer their soul fragments from the runes, into Wizard Ellaron, and he will be trapped in the power beam at the top of the Tower. He tells them to overwhelm him with power, but instead they use the beam to teleport to the Abyss.
  23. Talk to Ariane one last time to finish the quest. Quest complete!

    Note: After the quest, you can talk to the Lesser Demon on the second floor if you have at least 50 Magic and 50 Prayer, who will grant you 10K Magic XP if you give him a drop of blood. If you refuse, you will be granted 10K Prayer XP.

    Quest Completed

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