Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
900 Construction XP; 1,850 Runecrafting XP; 2,300 Magic XP; a Rune guardian pet; and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
The basement of the Mage Training Arena, North East of Al Kharid.
To Start:
  1. Make your way to the Mage Training Arena, North East of Al Kharid, and climb down the ladder just West of the entrance. In the basement, talk to Apprentice Clerval. He will request that you build him a Rune guardian and wants you to speak to the wizards in the basement for help. The wizards to talk to are Wizard Shug, Wizard Edvin, and Wizard Dougal.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Mage Training Arena is via the Ring of duelling teleport option to the Duel Arena.

    Apprentice Clerval

  2. Before continuing, be sure you have obtained at least 5 Pizazz points or Wizard Shug will not tell you any of his knowledge. Head up the ladder and up a set of stairs to the top floor of the Mage Training Arena. Wandering around near the Rewards guardian, you will spot Wizard Shug. After a long conversation, he will explain to you how to enchant emeralds without runes.

    Wizard Shug

  3. Descend down into the basement again. Operate the workbench next to Apprentice Clerval to produce 2 Enchanted emeralds using the 2 Emeralds.

    Note: You may speak to Apprentice Clerval if you wish to store the acquired items.


  4. In the most Eastern room of the Mage Training Arena's basement, you will find Wizard Edvin. Ask him for help with resurrecting a Rune guardian. He will request that you test out a prototype puzzle in exchange for his tool, that will help you with the resurrection.

    Wizard Edvin

  5. Accept Wizard Edvin's challenge and you will be teleported to a maze. Take the portals from room to room in this direction and order: West, North, North, North. Once you have reached the final room, leave it by using the switch in one of its corners.

    Note: If you find yourself stuck in the maze, then escape using the switch in the corner of each one of rooms to appear back in the basement. Talk to Wizard Edvin again to start over.

    Prototype puzzle

  6. Talk to the Wizard Edvin again and he will explain that Rune guardians are based on Uzerian golem technology, with the key difference being that they are made using rune essence. The wizards also replaced the strict instructions of the golems with magic, thus allowing more free will. Edvin will tell you that his part in the resurrecting of the guardians was the rebuilding of the bodies. Finally, he will give you his tool, which you may use to shape a Rune guardian.

    Note: You may speak to Apprentice Clerval if you wish to store the acquired items.

  7. Speak to Wizard Dougal in the room next to the one with Apprentice Clerval. When given the option choose "massage his ego." He will tell you that you need 5 Body runes to animate the Rune guardian's limbs, 5 Steam runes to give it the ability to move its body, and 5 Mind runes to give it thoughts and free will. He will then give you some supplies for making combination runes; Fire talisman, Water talisman, 10 Pure essence (Noted), and a Binding necklace.

    Note: If you do not know how to make combination runes, then you may search the bookcases in the basement for a book on how to make combination runes.

    Wizard Dougal

  8. Unnote the 10 Pure essence at a bank and go to the Fire altar. The fastest way there is to use the Wicked hood teleport; this will also enable you to not need a Fire talisman. The next best way to reach the Fire altar is by using a Fire altar teleport tablet. Enter it by using the Fire talisman on it. Equip the Binding necklace and use the Water talisman on the altar to craft 5 Steam runes.

    Note: The closest bank is located in the nearby Duel Arena.

    Fire Altar

  9. Return to the the basement and show Wizard Dougal the 5 Steam runes, along with the 5 Mind runes and 5 Body runes.

    Note: You may speak to Apprentice Clerval if you wish to store the acquired items.

  10. Give all the acquired items and the 20 pieces of Pure essence to Apprentice Clerval. He will ask you for help with a circuit board. Click on the animation table and a puzzle will appear. You will see an interface with 9 pieces which you must move into order to create a circuit. Simply move the pieces found at your right to form a pattern on the left side. When you have finished the puzzle, click the green button at the bottom.

    Wires Puzzle

  11. Talk to Apprentice Clerval again to discover that he cannot craft the parts of the guardian himself. Tell him you will do it, and he will give you a pile of Rune essence. Use Edvin's tool with the essence to create a Guardian head, Guardian body, Guardian arms, and Guardian legs. Ask Apprentice Clerval how to resurrect the guardian and a cut scene will occur in which the Rune guardian is brought to life. Finally, ask him for a Rune guardian pet.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Quest Complete

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