Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
25K Thieving XP, 25K Smithing XP, 25K Agility XP, 25K Crafting XP, free access to Brimhaven Agility Arena, ability to catch Pirate implings, the ability to steal from Custom's lockers, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to Bill Teach.
  1. Speak with Bill Teach in the pub in Port Phasmatys or on the ship on the way to Mos Le'Harmless and talk about Rocking Out. Ask him about the infamous Rabid Jack. He will refuse to tell you, but will instead direct you to Young Ralph, who has locked himself up in the Customs and Excise prison.


  2. Put on your Pirate clothes and head over to the Customs and Excise office in Rimmington. Once there, talk to the Customs Sergeant and try different options until he believes you are a pirate. When he is convinced, he will arrest you. Store all your items in the locker (including equipped ones) to have them sent to the bank, then talk to the sergeant again.

    Note: If you teleport off the island you will need to go back to the Customs Sergeant to get back on the island again.


  3. You will then appear at 'The Rock', a prison for pirates. Heavy-Handed Harry will put you in a cell, which happens to have a hole in the wall, and will order you not to escape. Shouting through the barred window will not get Young Ralph's attention, so you will need to find another way.


  4. Search the rubble just outside the hole in the wall to find an accordion. Shout through the door of your cell and Heavy-Handed Harry will give you a quill, some paper, and an ink bottle.


  5. Take the tin cup from the floor of your cell and tap at the pipes near Ralph's barred window. Keep the pipe you obtain. Then use your cup with the door of the cell three times to get a Fishy prison uniform top.

    Tap Pipes

  6. Use the bottle of ink with the paper, then smash the empty bottle on the sharp rock, which is along the Eastern outside wall. Now use the smashed bottle with the accordion. Finally, use the pipe and the inky paper with it to make a vacuum pump.


  7. A few squares northeast of your cell is a perch rock. Use the Fishy prison uniform top on it to attract a seagull, then use the vacuum pump with the seagull to catch it. Now use your new vacuum pump and gull with Ralph's barred window to get him to turn around.

    Perch rock

  8. Shout through the window at Ralph and he will inform you that you need the Captain's Marks before he can tell you about Rabid Jack. The Captains you need marks from are Izzy No-Beard, Bill Teach, Brass Hand Harry, One-Eyed Hector, and Braindeath. Because Hector is dead you will have to see his boson, Frank. Leave the cell, head east, and dive off the pier to escape to Karamja. You can take the gnome glider from there to return to the mainland (must have completed The Grand Tree quest).

    Captain Izzy No-Beard

    1. Captain Izzy can be found in Brimhaven at the entrance to the Agility arena. Talk to him about the Rocking Out quest and he will ask you to bring him the brooch of Wanda the Fish, which is back in the Rock Island prison.

    2. Return to the prison by speaking to the Customs Sergeant back in Rimmington, then search the bed to find a crude lockpick. Use it on the door to open it.

    3. Now kill the Customs Officer (level 35) standing outside. Put on the clothes and wield the scimitar he drops. None of the other officers will attack you.

    4. Climb two sets of stairs to reach the top floor of the prison, then try entering the evidence room. After a short conversation with the Locker Officer, he will let you in. Search through the cabinets until you find the file for Wanda the Fish.


    5. Use the file on the Locker Officer and he will give you the Brooch. Go back downstairs, enter your cell, and escape off the pier the same way as before. Return to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard and give him the Brooch to receive his mark.

    Captain Bill Teach and Captain Brass Hand Harry

    1. Captain Bill is at the quest starting point, on board the ship between Port Phasmatys and Mos Le'Harmless or at the Port Phasmatys pub. He will tell you to bring him the Idol of many heads from a pirate called 50 Ships Mufassah. At this point, Bill will also give you a letter of introduction that you will later need to talk to Brass Hand Harry.

    2. Grab your Book o' piracy if you haven't already, then take the boat from Port Phasmatys to Mos Le'Harmless. Upon landing, head northwest to the northern pub (Harpoon Joe's House of Rum), go upstairs, and talk to 50 Ships Mufassah.


    3. In order to see the idol, you will have to join Mufassah's crew. Once you do, he will explain that it is on the sea floor off Dragontooth island. You will eventually have to dive to get it, but first speak to Captain Brass Hand Harry nearby.

    4. Harry will agree to give you his mark, if you will fix his artificial hands. Get 2 spools of Bronze wire and a hammer, then take apart the broken hands. Use the pieces on each other to open up a window, then move the pieces into their correct spots. Once you assemble it, give it to Harry.


    5. He will then give you an ink pad and some paper. Use the Brass hand on the ink pad and then use it on the paper to make Harry's mark. Show this mark to Harry.

    6. Now it's time to go find the Idol of many heads. Return to Port Phasmatys, get your Fishbowl helmet and Diving apparatus, then talk to the Ghost Captain at the docks and travel to Dragontooth Island.

      Ghost Captain

    7. Once there, head northeast until you come to a chain in the water. Put on your Diving apparatus and Fishbowl helmet then dive down into the water.

      Dive chain

    8. Once down, swim east and catch the swimming Karamthulhu to get a key.

      Catch karamthulhu

    9. Next swim over to the ship to the west and climb up the stairs. Then open the chest with your key to obtain a crowbar.


    10. Now go back down the stairs and down the ladder in the middle of the ship. Use your crowbar to lever away the debris. Then dig away the mess to uncover the idol. Take the Idol of many heads and return to the surface via the anchor to the south.


    11. Return to Port Phasmatys via the Ghost Captain. Give the idol to Bill Teach in the pub to obtain his mark.

    Bosun Redbeard Frank and Captain Braindeath

    1. Redbeard Frank is just south of the Port Sarim pub. Talk to him and he will agree to give you his mark if you bring him proof from the monks on Braindeath Island that Rabid Jack has returned.

      Redbeard Frank

    2. Return to Mos Le'Harmless on Bill Teach's ship and talk to Brother Tranquility near the dock about the letter for Frank.

      Brother Tranquility

    3. Once you have the letter, return to Port Sarim and give the letter to Frank. Unfortunately he will want more proof, so you must go speak to Captain Donnie on Braindeath Island.

    4. Return to Port Phasmatys and grab your Pirate clothing, some Charcoal, and at least 20 coins. Next, head north to Pirate Pete and ask him to take you to Braindeath Island.

      Pirate Pete

    5. While you are here, talk to Captain Braindeath nearby to the west and he will give you some disguises that you will need later.

      Captain Braindeath

    6. Now head south and down the wooden stairs over to where the zombies are protesting. Speak to Captain Donnie while wearing your Pirate clothing and he will give you some plans. The bottom half of the plans are unreadable, so you will have to get them from a carving on 50% Luke's leg.

      Captain Donnie

    7. Head northwest to 50% Luke and use the Charcoal on him to obtain a Charcoal rubbing of Rabid Jack's signature.

      50% Luke

    8. Return to Redbeard Frank at Port Sarim and show him the rubbing. He will believe that Rabid Jack has returned and will give you his mark.

    9. Next talk to the Bartender just north of Frank and ask about 'rum'. He will tell you that if 5 other people ask him for it, he will order some.


    10. Speak to him again and tell him "I'll have a drink...and you have one too!" Repeat this five times and the Bartender will become drunk. After the 5th beer go outside and put on a disguise, then go back and talk to him about the rum. Repeat this with each of the 5 disguises and the Bartender will give you an order. Take his order to Captain Braindeath to receive his mark.

  9. Once you have all 5 marks, return to Rimmington and speak with the Customs Sergeant to obtain a file. Use the marks with the file. Then speak to the Customs Sergeant twice more to return to 'The Rock'.

  10. Once there, search the bed again to get the crude lockpick, open the door and kill the Customs Officer, wear the Customs clothing and scimitar, and then go to the evidence room on the top floor.

  11. Talk to the Locker Officer and he will give you your file. Return to your cell and show the file to Young Ralph and you will see an awesome cutscene.


    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

    Note: You can ransack the cabinets in the top floor of the Customs Office on 'The Rock' for Thieving XP and items.

    After the quest, you can make an Ex-ex-parrot pet if you have at least 71 Summoning. To do this:
    1. Talk to Bill Teach to receive a Magical cage.
    2. Travel to Mos Le'Harmless (if that is not where you found Bill). Climb to the 2nd floor of Harpoon Joe's House of 'Rum' and talk to 50 Ships Mufassah to receive an Ex-parrot.
    3. Use the Ex-parrot on the Magical cage to create an Ex-parrot in a magic cage.
    4. Use the Ex-parrot in a magic cage on the slab (with the black skull) West of the Cave horror dungeon entrance. This will create an Ex-ex-parrot in a magic cage.
    5. Remove the Ex-ex-parrot from the cage and drop it to follow you.
    It is not required to feed your new pet, however, if you would like to, you will need to chip some Rock fragments from the slab.

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