Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
A pet kitten/cat (Overgrown cats do NOT work).
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Catspeak amulet or Catspeak amulet(e), Clean kwuarm, Red spiders' eggs, Vial, 4 Cheeses, Bucket of milk, Clean marrentill, Unicorn horn dust, Empty pot, Weeds, Tinderbox, 500 Coins, and sufficient amount of Raw fish to heal your cat or kitten during the fight.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ring of charos (a), and teleport methods to Varrock, Ardougne, and Al Kharid.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
4.5K Thieving XP, Wiley and Lazy cat stages, access to the Rat Pits, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Gertrude's house.
To Start:
Have a cat/kitten and talk to Gertrude.
  1. Speak to Gertrude at her house, south of the Cooks' Guild. She will tell you about two ladies who apparently know a lot about catching rats.


  2. Go down the Varrock Sewers and talk to either Grimesquit or Phingspet. They will tell you that your kitten/cat has to catch 8 of the nearby rats. When you have completed your rat chasing task, talk to the sisters again and they will give you a Rat pole and tell you to speak to Jimmy Dazzler.

    Note: Have the Catspeak amulet or Catspeak amulet(e) unequipped while catching rats because it will go much faster. If you get a message saying that your cat cannot get to its prey, just try again. Using a Ball of wool with it also helps.


  3. Make your way to East Ardougne and talk to Jimmy Dazzler at his house northwest of the castle. He will give you some Directions and tell you to follow them to a mansion, where you need to get rid of rats without the guards noticing you. He will also cast a spell on you so that, if seen by the guards, you will be teleported outside of the manor.

    Jimmy Dazzler

  4. Read the Directions and you will be sent to the mansion. Pick up your kitten/cat and place it in your inventory. Start by sneaking past the gardens with guards to the left or right. You then need to find your way north to the back of the mansion. Once at the back, hide behind the hedges (see the image below). This spot will now function as a save point, if you get caught inside of the mansion. Climb up the trellis and stand as close as possible to one of the potted plants. Equip the Rat pole and sneak into the western bedroom to catch a rat. Now wait until both guards are on the balcony, then make your way to the southeastern bathroom to catch another rat. Once all rats are caught upstairs head down the ladder in the southeastern bathroom. Once you are on the first floor, you will no longer run the risk of getting caught by guards. Catch the last few rats and retrace your steps to the gate or teleport out of the mansion.

    Note: If you get caught by the guards, you will be teleported back to the start or the save point and will have to start over. One of the rooms contains 2 rats. Be sure to have your Rat pole equipped to collect the rats you catch.

    Trellis and Map

  5. Return to Jimmy Dazzler. He will give you a Book and ask you to talk to Hooknosed Jack in Varrock.

  6. Hooknosed Jack, in the southeasten corner of Varrock next to the mini-game symbol, needs your help with getting rid of rats at a warehouse. He will make you a bottle of Rat poison if you bring him Clean kwuarm, Red spiders' eggs, and a Vial.


  7. Head south of Hooknosed Jack to a area with a ladder. Go up the ladder into the warehouse. Use the Rat poison you got from Hooknosed Jack with all of the pieces of Cheese to poison them. Use a Poisoned cheese with each rat hole (four in all).


  8. When you are finished, go speak to Hooknosed Jack again. He will tell you that his cat must have eaten one of the poisoned rats and that you will need to speak to the Apothecary to get a cure.

  9. The Apothecary, northwest of the Varrock swordshop, will tell you that he needs a Bucket of milk, Clean marrentill, and Unicorn horn dust to make the Cat antipoison.


  10. Take the cure back to Hooknosed Jack. He will tell you that one rat has survived and that you will have to kill it. Go back to the warehouse and use your kitten/cat with the hole. The king rat and your kitten/cat will start fighting! You must heal your pet by using the raw food on the hole. If your kitten/cat dies during the fight, then you'll have get another one from Gertrude.

    King Rat

  11. Once the rat is dead, talk to Hooknosed Jack again. He will open the rat sewers for you and will then tell you to go to Keldagrim.

  12. Head to the eastern part of Keldagrim and speak with Smokin' Joe, east of the mining shop. He will ask you to help smoke out the rats in his house. Use the Weeds with the Empty pot to get a Pot of weeds. Light the Pot of weeds with the Tinderbox to produce a Smouldering pot. Now, use the Smouldering pot with the rat hole. It will not work the first time but equip your Catspeak amulet, try it again and your cat/kitten will offer to help you. A cutscene occurs after your cat/kitten stops and tells you that you're doing it wrong. Try it once more after this for another cutscene.

    Smokin' Joe

  13. Talk to Smokin' Joe and he will tell you to go to the center of Port Sarim to look for The Face. She tells you to speak to Felkrash. Speak to Felkrash about teaching your cat how to kill rats quicker.

    The Face

  14. Talk to The Face again. She will tell you a story about charming the rats in Pollnivneach.

  15. Make your way to southern part of Pollnivneach and put 1 Coin in Ali the Snake Charmer's money pot. Ask him about charming other animals and he will complain about Felkrash. He will offer some advice to kill the rats for one more coin than you have. Tell him you do not care about his offer and walk away slowly. Click "Stop" and he will give you a Snake charm and a Music scroll for 100 Coins.

    Note: You can use the Ring of charos (a) to only pay the Snake Charmer 50 instead of 100 Coins.

    Snake Charmer

  16. Head back to Port Sarim, and stand beside Felkrash, and play the Snake charm. Read the Music scroll and transfer all the notes from the scroll to the pages of the Snake charm. You will notice a red symbol above one of the 8 notes. On the page where you select that particular note, you also need to click on the black symbol in upper left corner of the page making it red. Once you are finished copying the notes, play the Snake charm and watch as you drown all the rats.

    Music Scroll

  17. Speak with Felkrash to claim your reward. Now you can train Overgrown cats into Wiley cats, and you get to name your Wiley or Lazy cats.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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