Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
35 Attack 42 Strength
Must be able to defeat two level 42 pests
Optional: at least one game of Pest Control
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
4.9K Strength XP, 4K Attack XP, a Void seal (8), and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Falador park.
To Start:
  1. Make your way to Falador park and talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien about the Void Knights. He will tell you that a strange pest-like creature has been spotted south of Falador. Tiffy will then send you off to the Void Knight Outpost to speak with Commodore Matthias.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Falador is by using the Falador teleport spell (requires 37 Magic) or the Home teleport spell to the lodestone.

    Sir Tiffy Cashien

  2. Travel south to the docks of Port Sarim and ask the Squire to take you to the Void Knight Outpost.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Void Knight Outpost is by summoning a void creature and using its special move "Call to Arms" to teleport you to the Pest Control docks on the island (requires 34 Summoning).


  3. Once you have reached the island, leave the ship and talk to Commodore Matthias at the most northeastern building. After mentioning the pest problem in Falador that might have originated from the outpost, the commodore will tell you to talk to Captain Tyr, who might be able to assist you in the investigation.

    Commodore Mattias

  4. Just outside of Commodore Matthias' residence, you will find Captain Tyr. He will ask you to talk to 9 people on the outpost to see if they saw anything suspicious. Once you have spoken to all of them return to Captain Tyr. He will ask you to figure out who the culprit might be and talk to him or her.

    The persons you must talk to are:
    • Knight Ami
    • Knight Bernard
    • Knight Diana
    • Knight Mikhal
    • Jessika
    • Mariah
    • Mrs Gord
    • Squire Sam
    • Terry Gord
    Captain Tyr

  5. All the evidence will point to Jessika, so speak to her again to confront her. Accuse her of letting the pests out, and she will weakly deny it.


  6. Report back to Captain Tyr, who will agree with you and tell you to present the evidence to Commodore Matthias. After talking to the Commodore a cut scene will occur with Commodore Matthias, Captain Tyr, Commander Korasi, and you interrogating Jessika. Agree to enter Jessika's mind when given the option to find out more about the situation.


  7. Upon entering her mind, you will notice a placement of memory blocks that you must slide to form a complete picture in order to move on. When you have finished the puzzle (see image below), you will notice that Jessika mentions something about Professor Melville taking care of the pest she let out.

    Note: The middle piece of the puzzle will be missing until you have completed the rest of the puzzle. If you wish to leave Jessika's mind, then enter the yellow exit portal.

    Finished puzzle

  8. You will then blank out of her mind and Matthias will ask you what you found out. After you tell him what you unscrambled and heard, he will sentence Jessika to house arrest on the Outpost until further notice. Her research will be confiscated and she will be guarded at all times. As Commander Korasi takes Jessika back to her house Matthias will call the highest ranking knights to come to the headquarters to formulate a plan. The meeting will be called off while further arrangements are made. You will be asked to return to Sir Tiffy in Falador park to seek help from the Temple Knights.


  9. Return to Falador park and speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien. You both will then embark for Port Sarim to meet up with the contingent of Void Knights. Upon arrival at Port Sarim you will find Commander Korasi in a gaze. Trouble is afoot, therefore Sir Tiffy will contact Savant and have her summon Lady Table to escort Korasi to the headquarters.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Falador is by using the Falador teleport spell (requires 37 Magic).

    Lady Table

  10. You will then find yourself back in Falador Park. Ask Sir Tiffy Cashien if you can meet with Commander Korasi. He will refuse it and request that you first remove and bank everything you have. Once taken care of, return to Sir Tiffy and he will take you to Korasi. Speak with her and you will eventually be given the option of going inside her head to figure out what really happened using the same method you used for Jessika.

    Commander Korasi

  11. Upon entering her mind you will notice 4 people, a counter of 0/15 on the screen, and Korasi's sword in your hand. Talk to the Toll booth to start another puzzle. For this puzzle, you must figure out how to get all three knights and yourself across the bridge without going over the 15 toll mark. Toll is determined by the highest "weight" of the person's memory. Your memory weighs 1, Bernard's 2, Ami's 5, and Diana's memory weighs 8. You send up to 2 persons across the bridge at a time. At least one person crossing the bridge must be holding the sword. To send someone across the bridge either talk to that person or to the Toll booth.

    The puzzle is solved as follows:

    Command 1: Send Bernard and yourself across the bridge
    Command 2: Send yourself back alone
    Command 3: Send Ami and Diana across the bridge
    Command 4: Send Bernard across the bridge
    Command 5: Finally send Bernard and yourself back over

    Note: If you make a mistake, you can talk to the Toll booth to reset the puzzle. If you wish to leave Korasi's mind, then enter the yellow exit portal.

    Puzzle two

  12. Upon appearing in the second puzzle room, talk to the Toll booth to get started. For this puzzle, you must assign to each of the void knights a position on the ship along with what they saw and thought.

    Note: If you make a mistake, you can talk to the Toll booth to reset the puzzle. If you wish to leave Korasi's mind, then enter the yellow exit portal.
    Name of person Ship position Thinking Saw
    Commodore Mattias Helm Jessika Clouds
    Korasi Hold Promotion Pest
    Diana Main deck Fighting Seagull
    Bernard Crow's nest Lunch Seaweed
    Ami Rigging Sister Shark

    Puzzle three

  13. When all the puzzles inside Korasi's mind have been finished, you will be thrown into a fight scene, in which you control Korasi. After you go up to the main deck and fight off a Torcher (level 42) and Shifter (level 42), everyone around you will suddenly die. You will then run to the Commodore on the upper level and see him fighting a mysterious figure. He will use his last breath to teleport Korasi to the Port Sarim docks, where you and Sir Tiffy Cashien found her. After a swift talk with Sir Tiffy and Korasi, you will be sent off to inform Captain Tyr of the news.

    Note: As of 19th January 2015, it's been reported that there's a glitch in this step. The Korasi will not automatically walk to the upper deck and watch the Commodore die. The way around this glitch is to turn auto retaliate on, turn momentum off (if you're playing on Evolution of Combat), and click or try to walk away once you take the potion going into Korasi's mind.


  14. Return to the Void Knight Outpost and talk to Captain Tyr to claim your reward.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest completed!

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