Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Tier 9 Menaphos city Reputation.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Food and Combat gear (Ranged or Magic recommended).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
Access to the Soul Altar, Passage between Sophanem and Menaphos via the bridge, Pharaohs Mask and Sceptre cosmetic overrides, Relic of Tumeken, 2x the base Menaphos Reputation gain, as well as 2 Treasure Hunter keys and Hearts of ice.
Start Point:
Merchant District of Menaphos.
To Start:
Speak with Hassan.
  1. Travel to Grand Vizier Ehsan's house in the Merchant District and talk to Hassan. He will ask her to give you two a moment of privacy, as you have important matters to discuss. She will agree and plug her hears so she can't hear you.


  2. After she plugs her ears, Osman will come out of hiding. It seems that he has been there for a while now and has seen the way his people have been being treated. He is ready to stage the coup to reclaim the throne for Senliten's bloodline, but first he needs your help getting the faction leaders on board.

    I Cant Hear Youuuuu

  3. As your conversation with Osman comes to a close, you discover that it seems Ehsan could hear better than she initially let on. Regardless of this fact, she will act as if she heard nothing and you must "court" her to gain her favor for the coup. In order to have her partake in the rebellion, she requires you to resolve a strike that is currently occurring in the Ports district causing her goods to not be delivered.


  4. Step out of Ehsan's home and walk East to the Shifting Tombs entrance. Fast travel to the Port district and walk into the Pub just north of the Shifting Tombs entrance. Once inside, speak with 'Admiral' Wadud. It seems that while he is aware of what Osman has in mind, he is unaware of what is wanted of him. You will explain that he wishes to unite the four factions against the Pharaoh and restore the Senliten bloodline. Considering the current alternative, Wadud says he's in. But on one condition. The sailors do not want to bother themselves with the menial labor of loading and unloading their cargo; they just want to be able to live their lives on the ocean, thus they need workers who are willing to do these tasks for them.

    Menial Labor

  5. Walk South of the Pub and use the Shifting Tombs quick travel to the Worker district. Speak to Batal, North East of the Tombs. Like Wadud, he is concerned about the welfare of the people in his district. It seems that the Pharaoh has ceased the formality of what was essentially a retirement ceremony that granted the workers a signet that was in thanks of all their hard work and enabled them access to better things.


  6. Once again use the Shifting Tomb quick travel option, this time heading for the Imperial district. Speak with Commander Akhomet, North West of the Tombs and just outside the Golden Pyramid. Despite her shock of such outright treason, she agrees that the Pharaoh is not fit to rule. She has seen him slide farther unto psychosis and lose complete touch with his people, but she insists it needs to be a bloodless victory. You will inform her that Osman has already intended for it to be that way so she need not worry. However, before she is willing to join the coup, she seeks justice upon the Jack of Spades. She wishes to use him as an example for the people so that they know that sedation and insurrection will not be tolerated.

    Pay For Your Crimes

  7. Luckily, you know the Jack of Spades. Travel into the Shifting Tombs and speak with Ozan. Unfortunately, it seems he doesn't want to play captive and while he doesn't really want to give up that persona, he suggests that you give Akhomet his bloodstained cowl and tell her you killed him.

    Prisoner Jack?

  8. Take Ozan's mask and exit the Shifting Tombs via the Merchant staircase (to the East). Once in the Merchant district, walk West to the Fishing Stall and dip the mask into the barrel of fish blood.

    Bloody Massacre

  9. Return to Akhomet in the Imperial district and give her Ozan's blood-covered mask. She will question what was done with the body and be impressed that you honored their customs and dealt with the Jack of Spades so brutally. In exchange for your work taking care of the deviant, Akhomet will give you some Imperial signets to take to Batal.

    Reverse, Reverse

  10. Return to Batal in the Worker district. You will inform him that the current Pharaoh will not be willing to give the ceremony as per custom, since he refuses to make public appearances, however, he is free to hand out the signets that you have been given to those most deserving of them. Batal will now gladly join in on the coup and is willing to send his best workers to the Port district to assist; he will give you Employment certification to ensure this.

    Returning to The Start

  11. Return to 'Admiral' Wadud in the Ports district. You will give him the certificates and he will inform you that not only have the strikes ended, but he is also more than willing to participate in the coup.

    Almost There

  12. Return to where it all began, Ehsan in the Merchant district. Not too surprisingly, it seems she is already aware that the strike has come to an end and is now willing to assist in the coup.

    Full Circle

  13. Now that you have achieved getting all 4 faction leaders on board, it is time to gear up; the closest bank is the one South East of the Shifting Tombs entrance. It is suggested to use Magic or Ranged style attacks, bringing Overload potion(s), and (Super) Restore or (Super ) Prayer potion, as well as a beast of burden carrying sharks or better healing.

    Stocking Up for a Fight

  14. Return to Hassan and inform him that you are ready for the coup to begin. He will transport you to the golden pyramid where you will confront the Pharaoh.

    Let's Go!

  15. Note that this is not a safe death. Should you die, your gravestone will be found West of the Shifting Tombs entrance in the Imperial district. You will first be fighting 4 Menaphite palace guards that have no weaknesses - 2 Melee (20,000 health) and 2 Magic (25,000 health). It is possible to line up the guards so that you are not fighting everyone at once, however, there is no safe spot to attack them from. Once you have defeated all four, you will have reached a check point, making it unnecessary to kill the guards a second time.

    Guards, Fight!

  16. Next you will face the Pharaoh. He also has no weaknesses and will attack you using Magic. Throughout the fight you will collect corruption (like in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon), bringing Feather of Ma'at to cleanse yourself is advised. During the fight, he has 3 special attacks that he will use one of after every 3 auto attacks.
    • Corrupted fire - He will yell "There is no where you can run!" and create corrupted fire that spreads across parts of the floor. Standing in this fire will cause 1,000 damage per tick. He likes to use this move particularly when you do not move around a lot. This special can make it difficult to Melee him, as the fire can surround him as well.
    • Stun - He will yell "Kneel", "Kneel before your Pharaoh!", or "Usurpers!", stun you, and cause rapid 100 damages that increase by 100 per hit (100, 200, 300, etc) until you break free. You can escape by using Freedom or it can be blocked by using Anticipation after his third auto attack.
    • Power of the gods - He will yell "Feel the wrath of the gods!", "The gods have given me incredible power - behold!", or "Witness my power!" and hit you with 3 rapid Magic attacks that will hit you for 1,000 - 2,000 damage unless you use Protect/Deflect Magic.
    When he is at approximately half of his 150,000 health, a short cutscene will occur and he will remove his mask. After the cutscene the Pharaoh will surround himself in the corrupted fire (thus making Melee a difficult attack style choice) and for the remainder of the fight, you will notice that he will hit just a bit harder.

    Boss Man Fight

  17. When you have defeated the Pharaoh, he will yield and, with the corruption now gone, he is able to see more clearly. He asks that you have mercy upon him so that he may repay his debt to the city and her people. You will ask the faction leaders what should be done with him. Merchants want death, Imperial wants imprisonment, Ports say to exile him, and Worker wants to enslave him. You will be asked to make a decision about his fate but, ultimately, it is a moot choice as Osman will appear and execute him.


  18. A cutscene will then occur at the soul altar with Jabari, Amascut, and Thrall talking and then performing a ritual.


  19. When the cutscene ends, congratulations. You have completed the quest!


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